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Attracting Lasting Love Academy shows you how to go from out of options and alone, to holding the love of your life every day

Melannie has helped tens of thousands of men across the globe as a Certified Life Coach, Confidence Coach, and Relationship Workshop Facilitator.

She is the creator of the online program Attracting Lasting Love Academy and specializes in teaching Christian men how to have a loving, lifelong relationship.

Known for her Christian-based and science-backed methods, her Attractive By Default strategy is what sets her apart. Melannie helps you make your dream relationship a reality without playing mind games so you can finally have love that lasts.

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11 Masculine Traits Girls Ache For!

11 Masculine Traits Girls Ache For! 😍 (Make her head spin FAST~) Feminine energy CRAVES masculine energy. The more masculine you are, the more she can't resist you! If you're wondering how to attract women, then knowing how to be masculine is the perfect place to start. Masculine traits are some of the most attractive traits you can have. And...

How to make her think about you obsessively!

How to make her think about you obsessively! 😍 (5 secrets EVERY man can use!) THIS, my friend, is how to get a girl to think about you non-stop! These simple secrets enchant her and make her long to be with you. If you’ve been wondering how to make a girl obsess over you, this video has your keys! Ready to know how to make girls think about you?...

Alpha or Sigma Male? (Who’s Hotter?)

Alpha or Sigma Male? (Who’s Hotter?) 😉 Have you ever wondered if you’re a Sigma Male or an Alpha Male? Knowing what makes a Sigma or Alpha Male attractive can give you some key insight into how women think. However, many people don’t know that there are some huge similarities between the two. If you’ve ever asked “how do I become a Sigma or Alpha...

5 Powerful Attitudes To Master For Success In Love!

👉 5 Powerful Attitudes To Master For Success In Love 😏 Can you imagine the confidence you'd feel if you knew the mindset that makes women go from "Not interested" to "WOW, I need to know him better"? Can you imagine how thrilling it would be if you could draw her in instead of pushing her away? We're talking about these powerful attitudes and...

How To Know If She’s Hiding Her Feelings For You!

How To Know If She's Hiding Her Feelings For You 😍 (DOES SHE LIKE ME?) So… how exactly do you tell if a girl likes you? What are the signs she likes you and how can you be more attractive to the girl you like? If these questions are on your mind, you’re going to love the female body language signs I’m sharing with you today! These signs a woman...

5 Qualities You Must Consider When Choosing A Woman!

5 Crucial Qualities You MUST Consider When Choosing A Woman~ 😏 Did you know relationship goals are actually critical if you want happiness in love? Most people never stop to consider what they truly want and that’s a large part of why they’re not happy with what they get. In this video you’ll discover some of the most critical things to look for...

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