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Attracting Lasting Love Academy shows you how to go from out of options and alone, to holding the love of your life every day

Melannie has helped tens of thousands of men across the globe as a Certified Life Coach, Confidence Coach, and Relationship Workshop Facilitator.

She is the creator of the online program Attracting Lasting Love Academy and specializes in teaching Christian men how to have a loving, lifelong relationship.

Known for her Christian-based and science-backed methods, her Attractive By Default strategy is what sets her apart. Melannie helps you make your dream relationship a reality without playing mind games so you can finally have love that lasts.

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This Makes Her Pursue You!

THIS Makes Her Pursue YOU~ 😍 (How To Make A Girl Chase You Forever) If you want to know how to get a girl to like you this video was made for you! Female psychology may sound intimidating but I’m about to make it crazy simple for you. ➡️ Any man who wants to make a girl pursue you because you want a happy, lifelong relationship needs to be in on...

This Makes Her Think About You Constantly!

This Makes Her Think About You Constantly! 😍 (How To Make Her Think About You Non-stop) The secret behind “how to attract women” is nowhere near as complicated or intimidating as most men think. If you’ve ever had feelings for a girl, you know what it’s like to think about her non-stop, right? When she has feelings for you, she does the same...

7 Weird Things Men Didn’t Know Women Find Attractive!

7 Weird Things Men Didn’t Know Women Find Attractive! 😏 What women find attractive in men will surprise you! There’s a lot of nonsense out there that tears your self-esteem to shreds and does NOT accurately show what good women really want in a man. ➡️ Once you truly understand how to attract women in the most powerful way, everything changes in...

7 Secret Thoughts A Woman Has When She Likes YOU!

7 Secret Thoughts A Woman Has When She Likes YOU! 😍 Knowing how women think and what women want in a man sets you up for success in love FAST. It can seem overwhelming but a few quick tips about female psychology and you’ll be well on your way. These secret thoughts she’s thinking about you are also great signs she likes you. So if you’re...

Girls Lie To Men About THIS…

Girls Lie To Men About THIS… 😱 (Says She’s In A Relationship? Here’s Why) Female psychology might seem a little weird. But how women think vs. how men think can have both similarities and massive differences. ➡️ If you find that women frequently tell you they’re in a relationship (after flirting with you), it’s because of one of these 3 reasons....

7 Signs A Girl Is Pursuing YOU! 😍

7 Signs A Girl Is Pursuing YOU! 😍 (Secret Signs She Likes You) “Does she like me?” This simple question can feel impossible to answer! However, once you know the signs a girl is pursuing YOU, your whole outlook on love changes. ➡️ While men should always pursue women, most don’t know that women pursue men as well! In this video you’ll discover...

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