Wondering how you can be more attractive to women and feel better about yourself all the way around? I’ve got good news for you! Let’s talk about body language.

When most of us think about being an attractive person we focus on and worry about how we look physically. And yes, this is part of it (I actually put out a whole video on this topic that you can watch HERE). However, we often overlook an incredibly powerful tool in the attraction department. That tool is body language.

Now, if you are unfamiliar with body language it is basically how we hold ourselves. The way we stand, place our hands, our posture, this is all body language. Research shows that up to 93% of communication is non-verbal and women pick up on these cues much more than you would think. Our body language sends signals to the people around us and even affects how we feel. The way we hold ourselves can cause us to go unnoticed, repulse others or actually attract them to us.

With this in mind, I’ve got 3 ways you can use your body language to start attracting women. And the best part is that once you have practiced these skills and they’ve become a habit for you they will make you feel better about yourself and more comfortable in any situation. How cool would it be if being attractive was your “default setting”?

But before we get started, and speaking of body language, how cool would it be to be able to read girl’s body language and to be able to see if they like you by just observing them? I’ve put together a video for you with the top 5 things girls do when they are interested and it really all comes down to body language. Click Here to learn more!


Here are the links I told you about in the video. Enjoy! 😊

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Let’s get started with body language and how you can be more attractive to women!

1. Be Open and Expansive.

Don’t shrivel or cower. Be willing to take up space. Hold your head up rather than looking down. Keep your shoulders back. Try to avoid crossing your arms or legs. Keep your palms up when you can. A good way to do this naturally is to try talking with your hands more (in a relaxed way of course. You don’t want to over do it).

The truth is you are awesome! You deserve that space as much as anyone else. You have a lot to offer and have no reason to hide. Movie actors are really good at this so it may help to pay attention to the hero next time you are watching your favorite show.

When you are open it helps people feel like you have nothing to hide. You appear more confident and as humans, we are drawn to confident people. All of this will help a girl feel safe and make you look more masculine which will help her feel more feminine. This is totally attractive to women!

2. Slow Your Movements Down

Avoid fidgeting or squirming around. Try to not talk too fast or too loudly. Avoid “dancing” from foot to foot and waving your arms around too aggressively. One way to think of this can be to move more slowly. Take your time and breathe. This will help you feel more relaxed and calm as well as look sharp.

If you look really nervous she will feel nervous too. Basically just do less. Take a deep breath and remember you are actually in control and you’ve totally got this. Because you do! There is a girl out there who really, REALLY wants to meet you so you can be confident knowing that you are worth talking to and interacting with.

It’s okay to be nervous and it’s normal. Honestly, she’s nervous too. If you focus on implementing positive body language staying calm will come more naturally. So, again, breathe and keep yourself open. Pretty soon you’ll feel much more confident.

3. Walk with a Masculine Gait

Slow and controlled is the vibe you are going for. The heroes in most movies are great examples of this. Notice how he walks slower than everyone else, especially when he’s in a crowd. He’s showing that he’s in control of the situation and unafraid. He is confident. This is very attractive!

There are a couple of men that I know who rock at this trait and I can tell you it’s incredibly attractive. I’m attracted to them and there always seems to be a group of girls surrounding both of them. For whatever reason, it totally works!

The best way to start to learn this skill is to pay attention to how you walk. Don’t look at the ground or at your phone. Look ahead and into people’s eyes slightly as you pass by. Maybe throw in a little smile and/or a head nod. Practice in a non-scary situation like passing people at the grocery store and then it’ll be very natural when you are walking past that gorgeous girl.

Bonus for reading on the blog!

You probably noticed a bit of a pattern in this list. It really all comes down to looking (and therefore feeling) confident. As I mentioned before, confidence is always attractive and women will definitely notice.

An additional skill you can learn that will help with this is good posture. When your shoulders are back and your head is high you are looking your best. You show your full height and you can really show off how broad your shoulders are. You look masculine and strong.

Try to catch yourself throughout the day to see where your posture is. If it’s not good work to break the habit. Stretching and exercising regularly can really help to build your back muscles making it easier to hold yourself upright. Health is always attractive and when your posture is good it speaks of that health and shows off your assets.


Lastly, as we wrap up, know that this body language we’ve talked about might not come naturally at first. So practice them alone in your house and then maybe at the store or another public place. As you turn them into habits you will find yourself feeling attractive and confident all the time. Then when you meet that new girl it will already be your default setting. You’ll look attractive, feel attractive and she will notice it.


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Have you studied body language much? Do you have any questions? Leave me a comment!

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