Signs of a Toxic Girlfriend

Today we’re going to talk about five signs of a toxic girlfriend. Last week I posted a video on some of the signs of a toxic relationship. We also talked about how the number of toxic people is pretty balanced between men and women.

When you’re looking for a girlfriend and ultimately a wife, it’s pretty critical to know some of the traits of toxic women so that you’re not stuck with one.

With that in mind, I’m going to be sharing with you five signs of a toxic girlfriend or a toxic woman.

It’s best to catch these things before she becomes your girlfriend, but it’s still better to notice it when she’s your girlfriend rather than when she’s your wife.

Alright, let’s get started with Signs of a Toxic Girlfriend.

1 – She’s a Drama Queen

Number one is that she’s a drama queen. Toxic women love drama. Oh my goodness they love drama.

One of my favorite quotes I’ve never heard on this topic is by the YouTube channel BlimeyCow. They said “There are two types of people in this world. The kind who hate drama, and the kind who say they hate drama.” 

This is so true. Toxic women love to be involved in drama. They pretend they hate it but they love micromanaging it and being involved in it. Anytime drama stops in their life they’re on to the next drama.

These women often are constantly involved in social media, constantly involved in gossip, whatever it is, all because they love drama. Toxic women are magnets for drama. No matter what she says deep down she loves it.

2 – She Doesn’t Put Any Effort Into The Relationship

Another one of the signs of a toxic girlfriend is that she acts like the fact that she’s there physically means she’s involved in the relationship. But in reality, she’s not willing to put in any effort other than that.

If you try and talk to her about it she flies off the handle, changes the subject, or she falls apart. These types of women will cause guys to do all the work, all the compromising, and put in all the effort.

A Toxic Girlfriend is nothing other than just a body in the room. They’re not willing to put in any kind of effort in the relationship. They require that you put in all effort.

3 – She Disrespects You in Public

A really obvious sign of a toxic girlfriend is that she disrespects you in public. Someone disrespecting you, especially in public, is never okay. Ever.

Toxic women do this on purpose to put you in your place and to cause more drama because she knows if you’re embarrassed you probably will continue to let her push you around.

A toxic woman wants you to back down and back off so that she stays in control.

The fact is, you deserve someone who’s always got your back, especially in public. If she’s disrespecting you in public she’s not the kind of person you want.

4 – A Toxic Girlfriend is Needy

Another of the signs of a toxic girlfriend is if she is needy. Now let me explain something with this one. As humans, we need each other. We just do. Especially from that special someone.

As women, there are certain things we just need from men, and as men, there are certain things you just need from women. And when you’re in a relationship with someone there are just certain things you need from them.

There’s nothing wrong with that. A healthy relationship is where you’re both giving and taking. That’s completely different than a needy girl.

A needy girl always needs your reassurance and your constant attention. She always needs you there taking care of and fixing everything. The fact is, this is a self-absorbed person.

Your needs will never matter to a toxic woman. Who has time to always be babying someone? You don’t want a needy girl in your life.

5 – She Yells At You

Our last sign of a toxic girlfriend is that she yells at you. Any kind of verbal abuse is verbal abuse and it’s out of line. Unfortunately, we sometimes don’t think about it that way.

If she’s yelling at you she’s completely out of line and it’s a sign of bigger problems. It’s a really good red flag to walk away because you don’t want anything to do with this woman.

Here’s the truth, you deserve an amazing woman who’s going to treat you fantastic. You’re a good guy.

The fact that you’re watching this video shows that you’re wanting to put in the effort to have a healthy and happy relationship. And the truth is, you deserve a woman who’s willing to do that too.

What’s Next?

Do you see why it’s important to be aware of the signs of a toxic girlfriend? Toxic women, they sound so sweet, but when you get close it’s not pretty. They can cause real harm to you and your future children.

It’s important to know the signs of toxic women so that you don’t get trapped in a horrible heartbreaking relationship.

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Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions please leave me a comment on it. Or if you’ve ever had experience with any of these things or even just have some additional traits of toxic women you’d like to mention, by all means, leave me a comment about it.

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Also, below this article is an older video of mine talking about these same signs.

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