In today’s video, I explain why video games can actually be GOOD for relationships. Say what?!

Video games and relationship usually aren’t viewed together in a positive light. The truth is there are a lot of misconceptions and myths about video games.

Personally, I grew up playing video games and still play them today. As a Certified Life Coach with an emphasis on healthy relationships, I have an additional perspective that I think you will find very, very interesting.

Do you like video games? Be sure to share this post! Let’s get rid of some of the myths about video games and relationships. Which games are your favorite? Tell me about them in the comments below!


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My List of Video Games That Are Great to Help Create Healthy Relationships

Most of these links are for the Nintendo Switch because that’s the console I own. You can get most though on any other console. I am not sponsored by anyone, I just enjoy games!

Co-op Games:

Stardew Valley
Trine 2
The Escapists 2
Rayman Legends
Lego Games (any and all 😉)

Active Games:

Beat Saber
Wii Sports Resort

Party Games:

Mario Bros.
Mario Kart
Mario Party
Super Mario Maker 2

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