When you are single during the holidays family parties can be hard to navigate. Something that is supposed to be joyful can actually cause stress and anxiety. Here are some quick tips to help!

Have you ever found yourself dreading going to a family party (or any party for that matter) because you are afraid someone will point out that you are single? The last thing you want is your self-esteem to take a hit. It can be super embarrassing and causes us to end up hating an event that ideally would be really fun.

If you have felt/feel this way just know you aren’t alone! It’s actually pretty common. Today, I’m sharing some quick and simple tips you can use when someone asks you the dreaded question “So, are you dating anyone?”. Happier holidays are in sight! AND how cool will it be when you get to introduce them all to your dream girl? Click Here for my help with that!

It really is the perfect gift to give yourself this Christmas 🎄

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