Let’s talk about some of the signs of toxic family members. Have you ever felt deep down that maybe things don’t really add up? That maybe it really isn’t you? If they are toxic, it’s definitely them!

Toxic family members are a topic that many people are terrified to address. No one wants someone they care about to be toxic! Trust me, I know from personal experience. BUT I also know from personal experience that allowing yourself to see them for what they really are can actually be very healing.

Today I am sharing 10 signs of toxic family members (or adult bullies as I like to call them). These are really just signs of toxic people in general but I’ve noticed that these traits are more common in toxic family members than some of the others. Mostly, remember that someone treating you bad is never OK and it’s never your fault. You deserve to be treated with respect. You are entitled to set healthy boundaries ❤️


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Toxic people/adult bullies LOVE drama. They create it wherever they go. They go looking for it on the internet. They seek it out in the new people they meet. Toxic people also have a knack for getting everyone else involved in that drama.

This trait really encompass all the others. Where there is a toxic person there will be drama. AND they will always try to look like they have nothing to do with it.

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