Let’s chat about how to know if a shy girl likes you. Shy girls are a lot harder to read than gals who are bolder. This certainly makes it hard when you are crushing on one. Don’t worry though, I’ve got your back!

If you have seen my video on The Top 5 Signs a Girl Likes You then you already have a pretty good head start when it comes to reading girl’s body language. Now we are going to take it even a step further. Yes, a shy girl will be harder to read but if she likes you the signs will still be there.

Once you have learned these 5 signs that a SHY girl likes you, you will be well on your way to knowing how she feels about you. AND you’ll be better able to know if she wants you to approach/ask her out. She could be just hoping and waiting for you to make a move 😏



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When she shows interest in your passions/hobbies. She is interested in what you are doing because she is interested in YOU. She wants to feel close to you and get to know you better. If you start to notice that she seems interested in what you like to do and what is important to you it’s a very good sign she like you!

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13 Signs She's Waiting For You To Make A Move - Coach Melannie Christian Dating

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