17 Signs You’re More Attractive Than You Think. Want to know how to know if you’re attractive? These signs you’re attractive are the key. Knowing how to be attractive can feel intimidating but once you know the right skills it’s actually pretty simple. After these sings you’ll be able to understand how to know if you’re attractive, how to be attractive to girls and ultimately how to get a girl to like you. You’ll learn some body language, some psychology and a bit about self confidence. Ready to dive in? Let’s get started with 17 Signs You’re More Attractive Than You Think!

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17 Signs You Are More Attractive Than You Think

Hello, my wonderful friend! today’s video is on 17 signs you are more attractive than you think. Now I know what’s going on in your mind but hear me out.

The honest truth is you’ve been told a pack of lies about what is actually attractive to women and what women want most.

These signs I’m about to share with you that say you’re more attractive than you think comes from both my insight as a woman and my extensive training and research as a certified coach.

The last sign I’m going to share with you is easily the one that I think will be most surprising to you.

According to research, it is actually the most sought after trait. It’s what most people want in a partner and it’s also one of the easiest traits to get.

So pay very close attention to that one and make sure you read to the end.

If this is your first time here, welcome! My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men.

I teach you how to stop wasting your time and stop wasting your money on dead-end relationships by learning the skills you need to just get the girl.

Now can I be honest with you guys for just a second? As I mentioned before you are taught so many lies about what it is women are actually looking for and what is most important to women.

Here I’m going to be going over signs you are more attractive than you think.

Because again if you’ve been told all these lies then you actually have no idea how attractive you really are. These are the things that women are actually looking for.

If you’ve been following my channel for a while you know that one thing that sets my channel apart from a lot of other things you will find on the internet is I don’t teach you how to just have a one night fling, okay?

I am teaching you how to get the long-term, long-lasting relationship of your dreams. The truth is if you can dream it you can have it you just have to know how to. And that’s what I’m here for.

So these things I will be teaching you, even if they’re not what you’re seeing other places, well that’s because they’re just teaching you how to have that one night fling, while I’m teaching you how to get your dream relationship.

Now here’s the deal. Pay close attention to this. As we go through this list two things are going to happen.

One, you are going to see some of these signs and you’re going to say “yes, I’m doing that.” I want you to celebrate it. Seriously let yourself celebrate it.

And if you don’t see anything in this list and say “yes, I’m doing that” well the truth is you’re being too hard on yourself. So ease up on yourself and treat yourself a lot more nicely than that.

The other thing is you will probably see many things, many signs, that you’re not doing. That’s okay. That is just a good way to bring it to your attention and help you know some things you can work on.

So don’t beat yourself up about it, okay? It’s perfectly normal not to have everything on this list. Sound good? Okay, let’s dive in.

Sign #1 You Are More Attractive Than You Think – You Look People In The Eye

Sign number one is that you look people in the eye. There is something that makes us feel really connected and really important when we look at someone in the eye.

As a matter of fact, it helps us show people that we feel like they are our equals. This shows respect and admiration and understanding and really increases the attraction so much more dramatically than you would think.

Someone who doesn’t look people in the eye can come across as arrogant or snotty. Or if it’s like out of like submission and nervousness then that makes other people feel nervous as well.

So being somebody who looks someone in the eye that is a very very attractive trait. Far more attractive than most people realize.

Sign #2 You Are More Attractive Than You Think – You Listen To People

Sign number two that you are more attractive than you think is that you listen to people.

As people, we need to feel like we matter, right? Everybody wants to feel like they matter. Absolutely everyone.

And when someone listens to us yeah we feel like we matter, we feel like we’re important to someone and like someone understands us.

So if you are somebody who takes the time to listen to people you are very attractive.

This is very attractive to women because as women that’s kind of how we bond with people, that’s how we feel understood, is by someone listening to us. Which is why you always see women talking to each other.

So if you are good at listening then you are far more attractive than you think.

Sign #3 You Are More Attractive Than You Think – You Smile

Sign number three that you are more attractive than you think is that you smile.

Let’s face it, smiles are just attractive. They say a lot about who you are as a person. They help you present yourself as happy and attractive and someone fun and confident and interesting to be around.

I know you’ve probably heard to “man up” and like “act tough” and “act aloof” and “make her chase you” and all these things.

The truth is real women who are looking for real relationships, long-lasting relationships, she doesn’t have time for that. I’m gonna be perfectly honest with you, she doesn’t. Nor does she want that.

So if she sees a guy who’s like too cool to smile or a guy who just won’t smile or who’s too nervous to smile that pushes her away.

If instead, she sees you and you smile at her, she feels connected to you and more attracted to you than you realize.

Sign #4 You Are More Attractive Than You Think – You Ask Questions

Sign number four is that you ask questions. I already mentioned that listening is very attractive, asking questions is another piece to this puzzle.

When you ask questions she feels understood, she feels important, she feels interesting, she feels drawn to you.

So if you’re someone who asks questions and engages with her when you talk to her that is very attractive.

Sign #5 You Are More Attractive Than You Think – A Good Sense Of Humor

Sign number five is that you have a good sense of humor. If you’re someone who thinks things are funny and who is a little bit light-hearted that is really fun to be around.

Someone who won’t laugh and doesn’t think things are funny, that’s boring and it’s draining.

But if you’re someone who has a good sense of humor and who’s fun to laugh with that is incredibly attractive.

Answer This For Me

Now real fast before we get to sign number six I want to hear from you guys in the comments. Would you like more videos on how to be attractive to women and what women want?

If you do be sure to comment “YES!” And as always leave suggestions for any other videos you would like to see.

Also, I know I’m going to get this question so I wanted to just answer it for you right now.

Some of you are already thinking “okay so if I am attractive and if I have these things then why am I still not getting the girl?

Is that you? Are you wondering that right now? The truth is this happens all the time. As a coach, I see this all the time. And the reason is it’s just because you don’t have all the pieces to the puzzle.

Physical attraction is a massive piece to the puzzle but it’s not the entire puzzle.

I actually just put together a masterclass, totally free masterclass, that teaches you the pieces of the puzzle so that you know exactly why you aren’t getting a girlfriend and instead how to get her.

It covers the three biggest mistakes that as long as you’re making those you’re going to stay single forever.

So if you’re asking this right now, if you’re like “okay so if I’m so attractive why am I not getting the girl?” then be sure to click here to check out that masterclass right now.

What you’ll be learning is the five-step framework that I teach my paid clients to get their ideal girlfriend. It’s packed with value, make sure you check out that link right now.

Sign #6 You Are More Attractive Than You Think – You Laugh With Others

Okay, sign number six that you’re more attractive than you think actually goes hand in hand with number five. And that is that you laugh with others.

You never want to laugh at someone else. As a matter of fact, that’s a really good way to make sure you never get your ideal girlfriend.

But if you are someone who can laugh with other people, oh my goodness we all like people like that because it helps us let our hair down, helps us feel relaxed, and it’s incredibly attractive.

Fun fact for you about women: one of the very main things a woman looks for in a man is a man who can make her laugh and a man who will laugh with her. So those traits are incredibly attractive.

Don’t be afraid to laugh with others, to be playful, and even to laugh at yourself sometimes. The truth is you will feel a lot better and you will be super attractive.

Sign #7 You Are More Attractive Than You Think – How You Dress

The seventh sign that you’re more attractive than you think is that you take pride in how you dress and you are proactive about dressing nicely.

The truth is so many men, I see this all the time as a coach, so many men think they’re unattractive. They just think they’re ugly. When in reality they just don’t know how to dress right, okay?

Seriously I see this all the time. If you aren’t dressing the right way well yeah you’re going to feel ugly. That’s just science. That’s just how it works.

But if instead, you’re dressing super sharp and super confident you’re going to feel super attractive.

This is actually why I teach my clients how to dress attractively. It is insanely powerful.

So if you’re someone who doesn’t feel super attractive you are going to want to look into this.

And if you are someone who takes pride in how you dress and you’re proactive about making sure you look super nice then you are far more attractive than you realize.

Because the truth is it tells her something about who you are as a person and frankly you just look super hot.

Sign #8 You Are More Attractive Than You Think – You Take Care Of Yourself And Your Possessions

Number eight kind of goes along the same lines and that is that you take care of yourself and your possessions.

If somebody’s sloppy and disrespectful, that repels her. She’s not going to be attracted to that.

But if she sees someone who takes pride in what you do and you take pride in your belongings, your house, your car, how you interact with other people’s possessions, that is incredibly attractive to her.

Nobody wants to be married to a slob, right? They just don’t. But someone classy, yeah everybody wants to be with that person.

Sign #9 You Are More Attractive Than You Think – Your Health

Number nine is that you are proactive about your health.

This is just science guys. If you’ve been following my channel for a while you know I always back up myself with science.

As humans, God just designed us to be attracted to health. Now that doesn’t mean you have to be perfect, because quite frankly she’s not perfect.

But if you are someone who is trying to be proactive about your health, you’re trying to eat healthily, you’re trying to drink water more often than soda pop, and you’re trying to get appropriate types of exercise, that is insanely attractive.

Because the truth is if she wants to spend the rest of her life with you well she wants to make sure you’re going to be around. And health makes our bodies attractive, it just does.

So if you’re proactive about health, no matter what stage of your journey you are at, that right there is super hot.

Sign #10 You Are More Attractive Than You Think – You Don’t Criticize

Sign number ten is that you do not criticize other people. We’re all just trying our best, right?

Not a single person on this planet is perfect. And so when we’re around somebody critical of themselves or us or other people it makes us nervous, it makes us feel anxious.

But instead, if they are not critical, if they’re not judgmental, and if they’re really understanding, oh my goodness we really like to be around people like that.

And that is certainly true for women. That is something she’s looking for in her man.

Sign #11 You Are More Attractive Than You Think – Positivity

Sign number eleven that you’re more attractive than you think you are is if you are a positive person and a positive thinker.

As I mentioned if somebody is really negative it tends to drain us. Nobody wants to spend their life with someone who drains them.

And so again if you’re looking for that long-term relationship you’re looking for someone positive, who’s uplifting.

One of the main traits of a positive person, a positive thinker, is that they look for solutions rather than problems. Problems are easy to find. We can find problems all day long. But there’s always a solution.

And so if you’re a solution finder that right there is insanely attractive. That’s the type of man a woman wants to spend her life with.

Sign #12 You Are More Attractive Than You Think – Confidence

The twelfth sign is if you are a confident person and a self-assured person.

Confidence is a trait that is what I like to call attractive by default. Everyone wants to be around someone confident.

Now one thing to be aware of is confidence is not just like plowing your way through and like “oh I’m just gonna make it work.” That’s actually aggression. Confidence is being assured in who you are and your abilities.

Be sure to check out this video (How To Not Get Friend-Zoned) for a little bit more on confidence if that’s something you would like to work on.

Confidence is easily one of the most attractive traits ever. It’s super attractive.

So if you are someone who isn’t like “oh poor me“, but somebody confident in who you are that is massively attractive.

Sign #13 You Are More Attractive Than You Think – You Are A Gentleman

Sign number thirteen is that you are a gentleman, you are chivalrous.

We live in kind of a messed up world that tells you so many lies. There are a lot of men who think that chivalry is outdated and that being a gentleman isn’t something that women want anymore.

The truth is well yeah toxic women don’t want that. If she’s being mean to you for being chivalrous you need to watch this video (Toxic Girlfriend Signs) because she’s a toxic woman.

But a real woman who’s looking for a real long-term relationship that’s one of the traits she wants the most.

And in a world where so many men are being taught not to be chivalrous anymore, if you are the gentleman, whoa you stand out from the crowd and that right there is going to melt her heart.

Sign #14 You Are More Attractive Than You Think – You Are Generous

Sign number fourteen is that you are a generous person, you are a giving person.

Have you ever been around someone who’s just super generous and they make you feel really awesome? As opposed to being around somebody who’s stuffy and not remotely fun to be around?

Everyone loves to be around someone generous and kind and giving. And that is certainly a trait a woman is looking for in her man.

Sign #15 You Are More Attractive Than You Think – A Growth Mindset

Sign number fifteen is that you have a growth mindset. Now, what do I mean by this?

Someone with a fixed mindset thinks that things just are the way they are and they will never change.

Someone with a growth mindset says “okay what can I do to get to where I want to be?

For instance, if you go through this list of things I have just shared with you and you say “oh my goodness I’m not those things. I’m giving up” you do not have a growth mindset.

If instead, you say “awesome. I have that one, I have that one, I don’t have that, I don’t have that. Okay, so how can I apply that? How can I start doing that?” that is a growth mindset.

Someone who is fixed is fixed. They never progress.

Where someone with a growth mindset, anything is possible. They’re so much more enjoyable to be around. They tend to be more positive. And so having a growth mindset is insanely attractive.

Especially because again you’re ultimately hoping this will become a lifelong relationship, right?

If she’s going to spend her life with you she wants it to be very progressive. This is also what makes you a really good team player which is very important and very attractive.

Sign #16 You Are More Attractive Than You Think – Good Work Ethic

Sign number sixteen is that you have a good work ethic and you have interests and hobbies and things you are doing.

People are attracted to interesting people. And if you’re not interesting, you’re not interesting. It’s funny how that works, right?

So if you are driven and passionate and motivated, you are an interesting person.

If you have a good work ethic and if you have interests and hobbies and things you are involved in then you are an interesting person to be around.

And that’s someone she’s going to feel safer with and that’s someone that it’s easy to stay in love with long term. So if you have interests and hobbies and a good work ethic you are more attractive than you realize.

Sign #17 You Are More Attractive Than You Think – Last Sign

Okay, we are to our last sign. And as I mentioned this is one of the most important traits.

As a matter of fact, research shows that this is the trait most people are looking for in a partner. I think it might surprise you so hold on to your chair.

Kindness. Most people want kindness in their partners.

And honestly, it shouldn’t be so much of a surprise because you want her to be kind to you, don’t you? She wants that as well.

So many people have been told and maybe even experienced “oh nice guys always finish last. Nice guy never wins.

And again if that’s your problem, it’s just like I was talking about earlier, that attraction is important but it is not the whole puzzle.

I do teach you the rest of the pieces to the puzzle in my free masterclass so again check out this link to learn why you’re not getting the girl and what you can do instead to get the girl.

This is the same framework I teach my clients to get the incredible results they are getting. It’s a totally free masterclass, check out that links.

If you’re the nice guy who doesn’t get the girl you need to watch that masterclass because ultimately kindness and being a nice person is the trait most people are looking for.

And it makes sense. If she’s going to spend her life with you she needs you to be kind to her.

So as crazy as it may sound nice guys do not finish last. As a matter of fact, nice guys get women to fall crazy in love with them as long as they know the other pieces to the puzzle.

What’s Next?

Now there’s one last thing I want to point out before we wrap this up. Did you notice that physical attraction was not mentioned a whole lot on this list?

Here’s the reality of the situation: physical attraction is important but it is nowhere near as important as most people think it is.

It is like a tiny tiny piece of the puzzle when in reality there’s so much more that is more important to women than physical appearance.

As I mentioned earlier one thing that sets my channel apart is that I teach you how to have a long-lasting crazy happy relationship.

So many other people on the internet are focusing so much on physical appearance because they’re teaching you how to have that one night fling, to be perfectly honest with you.

When in reality a woman who’s looking for that happy long-term relationship, there are so many other things that matter to her even more than physical attraction.

Physical attraction is important, which is why it’s something I teach my clients. I teach my clients how to like skyrocket your physical attraction.

Because the truth is you just deserve it and if you can have it why wouldn’t you want it, right? It’s definitely a good thing to have but it’s not the most important thing.

The truth is there are men all day long who have six-packs and amazing smiles, tons of money, who still can’t get their ideal relationship. So I really hope that this list was very very comforting to you.

Thank you so much for reading! Be sure to leave me a comment. Let me know how you enjoyed this video, if you would like more videos like this and I would love to hear which sign actually surprised you the most.

If you have a friend who’s struggling to feel like he’s attractive would you please share this video with him? I know it helped him so much and the truth is friends don’t let friends struggle in relationships, right?

If we are not yet friends on social media check out the links for that above this article as well. Thank you so much again for reading and have an amazing day!

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