Why Women Who Rejected You Try To Come Back! Ever wonder why women reject men or how to act when a girl rejects you? The reasons why women reject men may not be obvious but knowing why a girl rejects you and how to deal with rejection are skills you need to know. Today’s video will help you know how to not get rejected, how to avoid rejection and the reasons why you get rejected. If you want to know what to do when a woman rejects you then stay tuned! Let’s get started with Why Women Who Rejected You Try To Come Back 💪

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Why Women Who Rejected You Try To Come Back

Hello, my wonderful friend! Today’s video is on why women who rejected you try to come back.

We are going to be talking about the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to why women who rejected you try to come back.

So if you are sick of being rejected, if you’re sick of mind games, and just being confused, being in that situation where you’re like “wait, what just happened?” then make sure you stay to the end of this article.

You’re going to get some real clarity as to why women do this and what you can do so that it stops happening to you. Sound good?

Well before we dive in if this is your first time here, welcome! My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men.

I teach you how to stop wasting your time, money, and energy on relationships that go nowhere, and on dead-end relationships, by just learning the skills you need to get your dream girl. And yes, I said dream girl.

Alright, let’s just talk for a quick second about rejection. It’s not fun, right? At all. Rejection is terrible.

And as a matter of fact, the fear of rejection can keep so many amazing men from getting their dream girlfriend.

So if rejection is something you are struggling with and you really want to avoid it make sure you also watch this video (Reasons Why Women Reject Men).

It will teach you why women reject men and help you know how to change it so they stop rejecting you. With that let’s dive into why women who rejected you try to come back.

Why Women Who Rejected You Try To Come Back #1: She Was Scared

So our first reason why women who rejected you try to come back is honestly sometimes because she got scared.

Can I be perfectly honest with you guys? Not all women’s women are jerks, okay? They’re just not. As a matter of fact, we don’t like to turn you down.

It is really hard for a woman to turn a guy down. It hurts her inside, unless she’s a toxic woman, but that we’re gonna get to that in just a second. For the most part, we don’t like to turn men down. That’s not enjoyable for a woman.

But if something scares her then she’s going to turn you down. Because even though she doesn’t want to be mean she’s got to protect herself first.

So if you’re moving at the wrong pace you’re going to lose her. This is something I teach my clients in my program.

Guys, if you’re moving too fast you’re going to lose her. If you’re moving too slow you’re going to lose her.

The same is true if you’re coming across as needy. Obviously unintentionally, you would never intend to do these things.

But if you’re coming across as needy or aggressive or pushy or creepy it’s going to scare her away. It just is.

So now she’s in kind of a difficult situation. If she thinks you’re cute and she was interested in you but she got scared away sometimes she’ll legitimately just give it some time.

She’s hoping that it’s not going to happen again and she’s just going to give it some time. So she may reject you and then try to come back.

But here’s the important part so pay very close attention, okay?

If you keep making the same mistakes that scared her in the first place you’re going to scare her again.

And the truth is you are probably not going to get a second shot at this.

This is why having some of those solid, basic dating and relationship skills are so critical.

That is literally the secret to getting your ideal girlfriend, is knowing how to not be needy, knowing how to move at the right pace, and knowing how to not creep her out.

Because if you keep making those mistakes you’re just gonna scare her again.

To learn more about those basic dating and relationship skills and how you can learn them really fast and really easy make sure you watch my free masterclass.

You’re going to learn the exact same five-step strategy I teach my paid clients to get their ideal girlfriend. So make sure you check out that link.

Again having those basics, those basic skills, is the difference between getting your dream girl and staying single forever. So make sure you check that masterclass out.

Bottom line, one of the main reasons why women who rejected you try to come back is simply because she got scared and she’s hoping that this time it will be different.

Why Women Who Rejected You Try To Come Back #2: You Became What She Wants

Our next reason why women who rejected you try to come back is if she sees that you are working on yourself and she likes what she sees.

Quick story for you. There is this man who was crushing on this girl for several years. She was his dream girl. But to her, he was just a friend.

She was never mean to him and she truly valued his friendship but she just she wasn’t attracted to him, she just didn’t see what she was looking for in a partner.

Well, some time went by and they actually didn’t have the opportunity to see each other for a while. And he took that time and he really worked on him.

And I’m not talking about getting a six-pack and how he looked. Yes, that was part of it and that is an important part of it, but he really worked on who he was as a person.

And you know what? The next time she saw him she realized “oh, he’s got the traits I am looking for in a partner.”

And long story short they are crazy in love and happily married.

This all happened because he worked on him.

That is how he stepped out of the friend zone. This is the power of knowing your own worth and working on who you are as a person.

Again some of that is your physical appearance but most of it is about who you are as a person.

And actually, my masterclass will help you with this a ton as well so make sure you do click on that link.

But bottom line, even if you’ve been stuck in the friend-zone or you’ve been rejected before if she sees that you’re becoming the type of man she wants then that can make her try and come back.

Not because she was trying to be mean before but because honestly, you weren’t what she was looking for before.

But as you take on those traits and you learn those skills and you become the best you that you can be often she’ll go “whoa! Now he’s the type of man I’m looking for.” And that will cause her to try and come back.

Quick question for you guys. I want to hear from you in the comments below. Would you like more videos on rejection? Are you enjoying these?

If you would like more videos on rejection and how to avoid rejection make sure you comment “YES!” in the comments below.

And as I mentioned make sure you watch this video (Reasons Why Women Reject Men) it will help you so much.

I also want to hear which of these tips surprises you the most so make sure you leave that in the comments as well.

Why Women Who Rejected You Try To Come Back #3: She’s Toxic

And our next reason why women who rejected you try to come back is if she’s toxic. This is a sad reality, you guys.

If you’ve been following my channel for a while you know that I teach you guys about toxic women. The sad reality is some women are frankly toxic. They are what I like to call adult bullies because that’s really all they are.

Toxic women are all about ego and they are all about drama. And they get a thrill out of a whole bunch of men being interested in them. That is a crown on their head, man.

They love having a long, long list of men who are interested in them. But they don’t want to actually give you attention, at least not for very long, they just want you to be interested in them.

So, often if a guy tries to approach them or ask them out or whatever they’ll totally turn him down, which is a huge ego boost to them. But then if you start to move on that bothers her.

That really bothers her because you are one of the jewels in her crown and so she’s got to get you back. So yeah she’ll try and get you back and then she’s just gonna do it all over again.

Because all she really cares about is having that name on the list of men who are interested in her and playing with you and using you.

Toxic women love drama, they do not love people.

But it can be really hard to identify if a woman is toxic because this is the game they play. They know that they have to look attractive and charming and playful and fun to get what they want.

Because if you saw them for the adult bully they are you wouldn’t give them two seconds of your time. So they are dedicated to making you think that they are nice people.

Now, this can be really tricky to navigate, really tricky to know who’s toxic and who’s not.

Because the honest truth is as I’ve mentioned not all women are toxic. But toxic women tend to do a ton of damage.

So make sure you watch this video (Toxic Girlfriend Signs) and this video (10 Types Of Women Who Are A Waste Of Time). They will both help you to be able to identify toxic women and make sure that you are avoiding them.

Now you know the reasons why women who rejected you try to come back.

  1. You scared her away somehow by being needy or moving at the wrong pace or coming across as pushy.
  2. You’re making improvements, working on you, learning skills, and she’s starting to think “maybe now he’s the kind of guy I would be interested in.”
  3. She is toxic and she just likes playing with your mind and boosting her ego.

So the thing to remember is if you want to stop being rejected and stop being in this confusing situation the solution to all three of these problems is to get the dating and relationship skills you need.

This is literally the difference between getting the girl and the relationship of your dreams or staying single forever or having to settle on less than you want.

So if you have not yet watched my free masterclass make sure you click that link and sign up now.

You’re also going to get a sneak peek of my program and what it’s like to work with me for the guys who really just want to skyrocket your success, just want to fast track it to the part where you get the girl.

Thank you so much for watching my amazing friend! I want to hear from you in the comments. Which of these reasons why women who rejected you try to come back surprised you the most?

I want to hear about it. Also if you have any other ideas for future videos be sure to let me know.

If you have a friend who’s really been struggling with this and who’s really confused about this please be sure to share it with him.

And if we’re not yet friends on social media make sure you click on the links in the description below and head over there and say hi. Thank you so much again my amazing friend and have an amazing day!

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