How To Attract Women (The Bad Boy Myth Debunked!) Want to know how to be attractive to women? In this video you will learn how to be more attractive to girls than the bad boys… while using their tactics!

That’s right, the only reason bad boys turn her head is because they know the behaviors that make you extremely attractive to women. But… once she realizes he’s a bad boy, she moves on because she wants someone real.

So… if you are a good man AND understand what makes a man attractive and how to attract women easily, you will steal her heart! Ready to know what women find attractive in men and how to be attractive to girls? Let’s get started with How to Attract Women (The Bad Boy Myth Debunked)!

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How To Attract Women (The Bad Boy Myth Debunked!)

Hello, my wonderful friend! Today’s video and article are on how to attract women (the bad boy myth debunked!) In this article, you are going to learn the secrets bad boys know about attracting women.

Huge spoiler, high-quality and classy women don’t like bad boys. But bad boys sometimes get women’s attention initially because they know some of the most powerful secrets of how to attract women.

The good news is if you’re a good guy, which is what women actually want, and you know these secrets, you will beat the bad boy competition. 👈

If you want to learn how to be hot and attractive to women, make sure you read to the end and pay close attention to each of these tips because they are crazy powerful.

Before we dive in, if this is your first time reading, welcome! My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men.

I teach you how to stop wasting time and energy on bad and dead-end relationships that go nowhere by learning the skills you need to instead get your dream girl and dream relationship. ✅

The best part is I’m a certified coach. I will never teach you mind games. I’m all about being backed by science and coming from a Christian perspective.

The Bad Boy Myth Debunked

Okay, let’s talk about how to attract women and debunk this whole bad boy myth. Because it is actually a myth.

If we are talking about high-quality women, classy women, the kind of women who are looking for a happy life-long relationship, those women don’t like bad boys. Those women like good guys.

So why do bad boys sometimes get attention? Why does that even happen? It’s for a simple reason.

Bad boys are not remotely sincere, but they have learned how to be attractive to women. They’ve done that on purpose to get what they want, and what they want is no good.

This is why once high-quality women start to get to know these guys, they think, “whoa, this guy’s a liar. He’s a fraud. All he cares about is his own selfish gain,” and she’s done.

But bad boys are good pretenders. This is why they get her attention initially, and then if she’s smart, that attraction dies very quickly.

If you’ve been following my channel for a while, you know that I teach you about toxic women, right? Toxic women are a real thing and are very damaging and hurtful. ❌

But if you’ve ever known a toxic woman, and if you’ve ever maybe even dated or been in a serious relationship with a toxic woman, you didn’t think she was toxic when you met her, right?

She was very charming, attractive, and made you feel good initially, right? This is exactly what bad boys do to women. Toxic girls are bad girls, just like bad boys are actually toxic guys.

They are very good pretenders to get what they want. That makes sense, doesn’t it? Because if they weren’t good at pretending, nobody would give them any attention.

This is why when a high-quality woman, when a good woman, starts to realize “wow, this guy is a bad boy,” she’s not interested anymore. He lied to her, deceived her, wanted to use her, so she’s not interested in him.

Instead, she wants a good guy. She wants someone she can trust, someone she can lean on.

Women Want A Good Guy With Relationship Skills

But here’s the really cool part, so pay close attention to this. 👉 All bad boys have learned how to do is they just know the right skills that are attractive to women.

What this means is if you had those skills, you would be remarkably attractive to women.

Because not only would you know the attractive tactics they are using, but you’d also be the real deal because you are sincere. The right skills and sincerity are what women are looking for.

This means when you learn the skills I’m about to share with you, you will beat the bad boy competition because you’re a good guy who simply understands how to be attractive.

That’s pretty exciting, isn’t it? Here’s the biggest thing you need to know before we dive in, and I share these tactics with you: It’s not the strategies or tactics that are bad.

God made women attracted to these things. The only thing that makes them bad boys is that their intentions are bad. They’re selfish, self-centered, and they don’t care about her. 😬

It’s not the tactics they use that are wrong, just their intentions behind it.

So as long as you come at it from a sincere place, a good man looking for a lifelong relationship, these are not bad tactics. These are actually great tactics. Does that make sense? Okay, let’s dive in!

#1: Learn Attractive Body Language

The first thing you need to know about how to attract women and one of the main tactics the bad boys use is body language.

Now, the bad boy’s body language is very confident, and it’s very masculine. And frankly, that type of body language is very attractive to women.

Body language is one of the single most powerful skills you can learn. This is one reason why I love teaching about this in my program. It’s insanely powerful, and you can see results so quickly.

About 80% of communication is non-verbal. And psychology tells us women pick up on body language a lot quicker and easier than men do.

This means she’s reading your body language. So if your body language is needy, if it is aggressive, if it is passive, that’s not attractive to her. That’s going to push her away. 😰

Instead, if your body language is confident and masculine, and if you show her you are interested with your body language, that is remarkably attractive. ✅

Now, again, bad boys use this for selfish reasons, right? They’re not doing it for the right reasons.

Instead, if you have appropriate, confident, masculine body language, and if you’re a sincere man, and you want to treat her right, that is what wins her heart.

#2: Gain Real Confidence

Okay, the next thing you need to know about how to attract women, something the bad boys have down, is they are very confident that they have something to offer and confident in themselves.

Now what bad boys have to offer is not what classy women are interested in, but they are confident in themselves.

Confidence is magnetic. It is something that all classy women are looking for in a man. It makes her feel safe when she’s around you and makes her feel relaxed and comfortable when she’s around you.

As humans, we are drawn naturally to confident people. That’s the way God made us. So when a man is confident he’s more masculine. This makes her feel more feminine and attractive.

So if you are a good guy instead of a bad boy and you are confident, that is what steals her heart, that is what captivates her, that is certainly what attracts her. 🔥

But how do you become confident? How do you do that? Well, we are confident when we know we’re good at something, right? When we know that we have something figured out.

We are also confident when we know we have something really amazing to offer to a potential spouse. This tells us the way to become confident is to actually learn what to do.

When you learn the right dating and relationship skills, you know what you’re doing. And you know you’re attractive because you understand how attraction works.

And you have applied those skills so that you are really attractive. You know what women want, you have turned those things into habits, and you are confident that you are very attractive because you are.

Confidence is one of my very favorite things to teach. So to learn what keeps you from being confident and what to do instead to become confident I have a free masterclass for you that will teach you about this.

👉 If you’re tired of being the nice guy without a girl and you want to be the nice guy that women are attracted to, make sure you watch my free masterclass.

#3: Know How To Dress Attractively

Okay, the next thing that bad boys understand how to attract women is that you need to dress attractively. Bad boys are not afraid to dress attractively. They’re not afraid to be attractive.

Sometimes as humans, we’re kind of afraid to dress attractively. We’re kind of afraid because we feel like it’s a little presumptuous. And that’s actually completely normal.

There’s something known as imposter syndrome. Whenever we step out of our comfort zone and try to improve ourselves, that voice in our head says, “what are you doing? Really? You think you can pull that off?

That is totally normal. Every person on the planet goes through that. But as you push through it and as you do it anyway because you deserve it, that voice goes away, and pretty soon, you feel amazing.

As powerful as body language is, how you dress is equally powerful. I spend a lot of time teaching this in my program because it is so powerful. And one thing I teach there is that you need to dress to empower.

Have you ever heard “dress to impress“, or “dress for success“? I much prefer the term dress to empower. 💡

When you look super hot and sharp, and you know it, your confidence level is increased dramatically. And women think you look hot because you do.

One of the best things you can do to be and feel more physically attractive is to dress very attractively. This is something the bad boys have figured out.

So when you take that skill and use it to your advantage and dress modern and masculine and attractive, the competition does not stand a chance.

She’s not looking for a liar or a fake. Women are looking for a good man. And the way you dress shows her that you’re a good man, that you’re a confident man, that you’re a masculine man, and that you are attractive.

Do you want to steal her heart? 💪 Make sure you dress to empower.

Is this making sense so far, and are you seeing how these skills are insanely attractive to women, and as a good guy, as you learn these skills, you will be super attractive?

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#4: Learn How To Flirt With Women Effectively

Okay, the next thing bad boys have figured out about how to attract women is that you need to flirt.

Flirting is something they are not afraid to do. Bad boys don’t hide that they’re interested in her, want to spend time with her, and want to get to know her better. They’re open about it, and that is attractive to women.

This is actually one way to pursue women. Bad boys flirt with her, they let her know that they think she’s pretty and that they want to get to know her better, and it makes her feel good.

As humans, we are attracted to people who make us feel good. ✅ And when you flirt and make her feel attractive and feminine, it makes her feel good, so she wants to be around you more.

Now the bad boys don’t have good motives, obviously, but they flirt with her, and that makes her feel good.

If you can learn this skill, learn how to flirt the right way and be a good guy, oh my goodness, that is what she’s looking for, what she wants, what makes her fall in love and stay in love with a man.

Also, if you haven’t yet seen this video on flirting, do make sure you watch it. It’s going to teach you more about how to flirt with women the right way.

Bottom line, if you can be a good guy and know how to flirt, whoa, you will be incredibly attractive to women.

#5: Know How To Pursue Women The Right Way

The next thing you need to know about how to attract women and what bad boys do is that they pursue her.

She never has to wonder if he’s interested in her or if he finds her attractive. He’s very open about that.

Pursuing is something all women really want. She wants to be pursued. That is the way God made women.

When a man pursues a woman, she feels feminine, she feels safe, she sees him as masculine and protective, and it lights her heart on fire. 🔥 She feels like she can trust you when you pursue her.

Now you want to be careful with this. Because if you don’t pursue a woman the right way, she sees you as creepy, needy, or aggressive. And that’s the last thing you want, isn’t it?

This is what causes you to be rejected and ghosted. Many men come to me saying, “okay, Melannie, you say pursuing is so important, but how do I pursue her so that I don’t get rejected and ghosted?

I’m going to teach you more about this in my free masterclass. You will understand why this happens and what to do instead to move forward and get your dream girl instead of being rejected.

So do make sure you watch my free masterclass. I’m able to explain things in much more detail there.

The truth is you deserve to just know how to pursue a woman the right way instead of guessing or winging it. So do make sure you watch that. It’s going to create some real clarity for you.

How To Attract Women (The Bad Boy Myth Debunked!) – Recap

Okay, let’s sum up what you’ve learned so far about how to attract women (the bad boy myth debunked!)

First off, women don’t want bad boys. She’s looking for someone she could spend her life with, someone she can trust. A woman doesn’t want a bad boy. She wants a good man.

However, bad boys understand how to attract women. They do this for selfish reasons, but they do understand it.

And as a good guy, if you can take those secrets, take those skills and use them, you are going to completely and totally win her heart. 👈

The first thing we talked about is understanding body language. You want your body language to be confident, masculine, and attractive.

Next up, you need to be confident. We are confident when we know we are good at something.

This is why learning the right dating and relationship skills is so powerful. It teaches you everything you need to know about what women want and how to become an absolute magnet for them.

When you have those skills and that healthy feeling of self-worth, you become remarkably attractive to women. I really can’t stress this enough.

The next thing you need to know about how to attract women is that dressing attractively is exceptionally powerful. 💡

Dressing nicely is something a lot of people would think, “does it really matter that much?” Yes, it matters that much.

Something I mentioned is to make sure you dress to empower. It makes you feel and look amazing, and women notice.

My next tip for how to attract women is to flirt with them. If you make a woman feel good when she’s around you, she wants to be around you a lot more.

You want to make sure you are open about the fact that she’s pretty and you enjoy spending time with her.

As humans, we enjoy spending time around people who make us feel good. And flirting, when it’s done right, is one of the most powerful tools to make her feel amazing.

Another tip for how to attract women is to pursue them. You do not want her to guess or wonder how you feel about her, if you are interested in her, or if you find her attractive.

Pursuing is one of the very most important things a woman is looking for in a man. So, as a good guy, if you pursue a woman the right way, wow, that is remarkably attractive. ✅

What’s Next?

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