Be More Attractive To Women – Men’s Spring Fashion! If you are looking for fast men’s fashion tips you are in the right place. ✅

One of the biggest secrets of how to attract women and how to be more attractive is to understand the power of men’s fashion. 💡 Science tells us we have 3 seconds for someone to decide if they are attracted to us or not. Only 3 seconds!

👉 If you want to be more attractive to women you need to know how to look more attractive fast and easy. Let’s get started with Be More Attractive To Women – Men’s Spring Fashion!

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Be More Attractive To Women – Spring 2021 Men’s Fashion

Hello, my wonderful friend! Let’s talk about how to be more attractive to women – spring 2021 men’s fashion that will wow her.

Have you ever seen a 10 out of 10 girl? She is gorgeous. 🔥 She looks amazing. You want her to notice and be attracted to you, but you don’t know how to get her attention.

And maybe even if she does see you, you don’t feel like she’s attracted to you. You don’t want to be in that situation, right?

Can you imagine instead catching her eye and knowing she’s attracted to you and she wants you to get to know her better?

Here’s the deal. 👉 Science tells us that we have 3 seconds for someone to decide if we are attractive or not.

That means you have 3 seconds for her to decide if she’s attracted to you or not. Just like it only takes you 3 seconds to know if you are attracted to her or not.

So make those seconds count. It is impossible to attract a classy woman unless you look like a classy man.

So do you want to attract a classy woman? Do you want to feel comfortable in your clothes and know that you look stylish and amazing, so it’s not frustrating anymore? Then this is the article for you.

Before we dive in, my name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men. This is the number one place to learn how to find, attract, and keep your dream girl without mind games or bad tricks. ✅

Fun fact: The way you dress affects both how you see yourself and how she sees you. It has a massive impact on your self-esteem and your confidence.

This is why in my program, I teach my clients to dress to empower. When you use your style and fashion the right way, it makes you more confident and more likely to make a move, pursue her, and get to know her better.

The tips I share with you today will help you get started and know how to be more attractive to women by how you dress and present yourself.

➡️ P.S. If you haven’t yet seen this video on signs you should make a move, you need to make sure you watch that as well.

Also, make sure you watch this video on how to attract women. Knowing how to attract your dream girl to you is pretty important, huh?

Be More Attractive To Women Tip #1 – Men’s Jewelry

My first fashion tip for how to be more attractive to women is to wear jewelry.

I get so many questions about this. “Hey, Melannie. Is it okay for guys to wear jewelry?” I believe it can be super hot.

The biggest thing with your style and how you present yourself is you always want to make sure you look polished, masculine, and confident. 💡 Those are some of the basics of dressing to empower.

One of the ways you look more polished is you complete the look. And jewelry can help you do that.

When a man understands how to wear jewelry effectively he looks like he’s educated about fashion and it makes him even more attractive.

So how do you wear jewelry effectively? I have three guidelines for you right here, right now. 👇

First guideline: Make sure it fits you properly. If it’s baggy, it’s just going to make you look sloppy.

Fit is one of the biggest guidelines in general when we’re talking about fashion. I love teaching how to properly fit clothes in my program because how your clothes fit affects whether you look good or not.

Many people think they aren’t attractive when in reality, it’s that their clothes do not fit them right. So make sure your jewelry fits you. You don’t want it super baggy. ⬅️

Second guideline: Don’t overdo it, okay? Do not overdo it. You want it to complement your outfit. You do not want it to dominate your outfit.

So, yeah, you could wear a necklace, you could wear a couple of bracelets and leave it there. You don’t want to overdo this.

Third guideline: Make sure your jewelry looks modern and classic and confident, masculine. Not edgy.

One of the biggest mistakes men make when wearing jewelry is they go for an edgy vibe like skulls and chains. ❌

What that’s going to do to a classy woman is it’s going to freak her out, okay? It’s just going to scare her. You do not want to have that effect. Instead, you want to make sure that it’s very masculine and classy.

Finding The Right Style Can Be Hard. Let Me Help

Now here’s the deal. I can’t share pictures of what these tips look like in this article because I don’t own the copyright to those pictures. So that’s why they’re not here.

👉 But be sure to check out my Amazon store, where you can see what they look like. I’ve personally gone through and picked these things for you, and they’re going to help you have that modern vibe.

When you make purchases through my Amazon store, I receive a small payment from Amazon at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!

Tip #2 – Short Sleeve Henleys

My second fashion tip for how to be more attractive to women is to wear short sleeve henleys. Guys, a henley shirt is so attractive. It’s very masculine and very confident. 💪

It’s about as lightweight as a t-shirt but a million times better. Do not wear t-shirts, okay? If you’re trying to attract and impress a gal, don’t wear t-shirts. You want to wear a henley.

Now here’s the cool thing about a short-sleeve henley. If you are in a warmer area, you can look super sharp with just the henley and a little bit of that jewelry I just talked about.

But if you’re in an area that’s still a little bit cooler because spring is still transitioning, it’s not quite warm, not quite cool, you can put on a jacket with that henley.

Which, oh my goodness, you want to elevate your outfit? Put on a jacket with a henley. ✅ So if your henley is short sleeve you can stay cool but also stay warm with a jacket.

And again, I have links to some very attractive henleys on my Amazon store above.

Tip #3 – Nice Jackets

My next fashion tip for how to be more attractive to women is to have a nice jacket or even a couple of nice jackets.

As I just mentioned, this is perfect for spring because if you’re cool, you can put the jacket on and take it off when you get warm.

A Levi’s jacket is very attractive, masculine, and perfect for spring. You could also go with a utility jacket, a bomber jacket, a leather jacket, which is my personal favorite.

💡 Just having a nice jacket helps you stay warm and look incredibly sharp. These little additions to your wardrobe make you stand out and make her think, “Whoa, he’s high class. He understands fashion.

So never underestimate the power of a very nice jacket. By now, you may be thinking, “Okay, Melannie, but I already dress nice, but I still get ghosted, or my relationships don’t work out.

Or you may be thinking, “Okay, but I’ve been trying to dress nicer, and I’m still struggling. I’m struggling to attract women.” Have you been there? Do you know what I’m talking about?

Here’s why: 👉 Dressing nice is important. It’s very important. But it’s only one piece of the big puzzle. If you’re still struggling to get your dream girl, it’s because you don’t have all the pieces to the puzzle.

I teach you what those pieces are and how to put them all together in my program, How To Get A Girlfriend.

If you are tired of trying to piece it together yourself and want results and want them fast, then my program is for you.

This is a proven system that has transformed the lives of my clients. And if you are looking to get your dream girl, it’s for you as well.

You can learn more about my program, why it’s different from everything you’ve been taught, and why it can help you get your dream girl by watching my free masterclass

Not only will you better understand fashion and how to look amazing, but you’ll get all the other pieces to the puzzle as well, which is pretty incredible, am I right? ✅

Tip #4 – Collared Shirts

My next tip for how to be more attractive to women is to wear a shirt with a collar. Again, the biggest thing you’re trying to avoid here is a t-shirt, okay? A t-shirt is not impressive or attractive.

You’re trying to elevate your wardrobe. And adding a collar, whoa, that’s hot.

Here’s the beauty of a shirt with a collar. ➡️ If you wear one with long sleeves, it will keep you a little bit warmer when it’s cool, and then you can roll up your sleeves to about your elbow when it’s warm.

And, you know, a little bit of a tip here for you, guys. Girls are very attracted to your forearms, okay? We just are. It’s just how it is. So if you roll up your sleeves and show your forearm, that’s very attractive too.

Tip #5 – A Handheld Steamer

Here’s the biggest thing you need to know about a shirt with a collar, and frankly, with all of your clothes. Don’t wear it wrinkly, okay? Do not. That will destroy the outfit. ❌

It does not matter how amazing the outfit looks if it’s wrinkled, her attraction for you is gone.

So here’s my quick tip that so many of you have given me so much feedback that you love this, and I know because it’s amazing. Invest in a hand steamer.

If you don’t like to iron – because let’s face it, most people don’t like to iron – a hand steamer is going to save your life. It’s amazing. I will put a link to that on my Amazon store as well.

It’s fast, easy, you’re on your way, it’s going to rock your world and help make sure your clothes are not wrinkled. 👈

Quick question before we get to my next tip: Are you enjoying this article? Do you want more videos on men’s fashion and how to be more attractive to women?

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Tip #6 – Shorts

Okay, my next fashion tip is for those who live in much warmer areas. I know many of you are in Florida and other warm areas so let’s talk about shorts. Make sure your shorts are classy.

Can you please promise me something right now? Please, please promise me something. Do not wear extra short shorts. Period. ❌

I do not care who says they are in style. Short shorts make you look like you’re trying too hard, okay? They just don’t look right. Just don’t do it.

Keep your shorts about knee length. A little below the knee is perfect. Also, make sure that your shorts are not too baggy. That makes you look sloppy.

I will put links to some nice-looking shorts on my Amazon store, so make sure you check those out. ✅ It’s fine if you want to wear shorts. Just make sure you do it very classy instead of like a beach bum.

Tip #7 – Cologne

Okay, my next tip for how to be more attractive to women is one of my favorites. Make sure you have a nice cologne, okay?

I’ve mentioned this before, and I will never stop mentioning it because it is amazing. Women are very attracted to how a man smells, okay? That’s just fact. That’s just how it works.

And when you smell amazing, she’s going to notice. She’s going to be attracted to you. A nice cologne is something that should be a staple for you. 💡

Now here are a couple of guidelines when it comes to colognes. This is very important because you can completely ruin it if you don’t do this right, okay?

Number one, you want to make sure that it is a high-quality cologne. I’m not talking about something cheap at Walmart, okay? That is not going to attract a classy woman.

It tends to be very strong and overwhelming, and it tends to push her away because cheaper brands have cheaper ingredients. And when they have cheap ingredients, they’re just not as good, okay?

👉 I’m not asking you to spend a million dollars on cologne. That would be ridiculous. But make sure it’s a nice cologne. And I do have links to some colognes down below for you as well.

Here’s the second thing you need to remember about cologne: Use it but do not overdo it. Don’t bathe in it, okay? You want it to be tastefully used. That’s attractive to her. If you use too much of it, she will run.

Tip #8 – Nice Shoes

Okay, this is kind of a pet peeve of mine. If you’ve been through my program, you already know that this is a deal-breaker. Make sure you have nice shoes.

Now for spring, you want lightweight shoes, right? You want something that’s not as heavy as wintertime. But here’s the important part about your shoes. ➡️ They make or break your outfit.

If you are wearing the wrong type of shoes, it doesn’t matter if the rest of you looks amazing. Your shoes can throw off everything. That’s just how it works.

You must have classy shoes. I don’t mean you need to wear dress shoes all the time because that wouldn’t work. They can be a little bit more casual and still be classy.

You want to avoid dorky-looking shoes. You don’t want them to look like you’re a teenager. You don’t want running shoes when you should be picking her up to go on a date.

Instead, you want to make sure that you look classic and confident. That’s a large part of dressing to empower. ✅

Now there are various styles because there are various personalities, right? This is why I’ve put together quite a good list on my Amazon store of nice shoes that are lightweight and will impress and attract her.

Be More Attractive To Women – What’s Next?

By now, do you see how these simple tips elevate your outfit? And it’s pretty simple, right? You’ve got to wear clothes anyway so you might as well wear clothes that make you look and feel amazing.

Remember, as important as dressing nice is, and it is important, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. 👉 When you are ready to know exactly what you need to know to get your dream girl, my program is for you.

Make sure to watch my free masterclass today, where you will learn more about how my program helps you get your dream girl.

If you’re frustrated by being single and ready to make relationships easy, if you’re tired of being alone, tired of bad relationships, tired of dead-end relationships, and you want your special dream girl, this is for you.

Thank you so much for reading, my amazing friend! I want to hear from you in the comments. 💬

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Thank you so much again, my amazing friend, and have an amazing day!

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