How To Make A Girl Chase YOU (It’s NOT What You Think!) If you’ve been wondering how to make a woman chase you, you’re in the right place! ✅ There’s ONLY ONE way to do this effectively and it’s critical that you know what it is.

❤️ Whether you want to know how to make her chase you in a relationship in general or if you’re wondering how to make a girl chase you in a long distance relationship or after rejection, the secrets you learn there will help you know how to have the loving relationship you want most.

Ready to dive in? Let’s get started with How To Make A Girl Chase YOU (It’s NOT What You Think!) 💡

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How To Make A Girl Chase You!

Hello, my wonderful friend! In today’s video and article, we’re talking about how to make a girl chase you. And it’s not what you think.

Most people go about this the wrong way, and it ends in disaster. 😬

So let me ask you this: Do you ever feel exhausted by relationships? You feel like no matter how hard you try, whether it’s in a current relationship or trying to meet someone new, you just never bring enough.

You’re always giving, and there’s not enough receiving in the relationship as well.

Maybe you feel like she doesn’t respect you. She doesn’t give as much to the relationship as you do.

And you just want a relationship where both of you feel loved and give love. A balanced, happy, fulfilling relationship. No drama from either of you, just happiness and love.

Is that what you’re looking for?

➡️ If you want a woman who’s as invested in the relationship as you are, someone as attracted to you as you are to her, someone who adores you as much as you adore her, then this article was made for you.

And you must pay close attention because what you learn has the power to change your entire perspective, help you flip this around, and finally know how to have the love you want.

I’ve got many secrets in this article, so make sure you stay with me to the end, so you don’t miss out on any of them.

Before we dive in, welcome! My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men and creator of Attracting Lasting Love Academy.

I’m your go-to resource to learn how to find, attract, and keep the love that you want and deserve. I’m talking about coming home to the love of your life and waking up next to her forever. ❤️

As we dive into how to make a girl chase you, I’m going to mention two videos that will help you so much with this as well.

If you haven’t yet seen this video on 10 psychological secrets to getting her to like you and this video on how to attract a woman deeply, be sure to watch them.

The Right And Wrong Way To Make A Girl Chase You

All right, let’s talk about how to make a girl chase you. And like I said, it is not what you think it is. Most people teach the wrong way to do this.

So let’s talk for a moment about chasing and the whole concept of one person chasing another.

If you’ve been following me for a while, by now, you know that I never teach you mind games because they don’t work. ❌ It’s a “quick fix” that doesn’t actually fix anything.

Many people teach that relationships are like a game of tag. And that to make someone interested in you, one must chase the other while the other pulls away.

But if one is chasing the other, and the other is pulling away, they’ll never get close. There’s no connection and no love.

And many people, unfortunately, spend an entire lifetime in a relationship where they never get close together. That’s not what you want.

If one person is chasing the other, and the other is moving further away, you’ll never have a happy life or relationship.

This is often how you put somebody up on a pedestal. And whenever one person is above the other, there’s no fulfilling love because the relationship is unbalanced. Make sense?

So what do you want instead? Instead, you want a relationship where both people chase each other. 💡

You want a relationship where both people pursue each other. Both people are coming closer together, being vulnerable, and opening up to each other.

And when you have that, you have a loving relationship. A relationship where you both feel safe and secure. That’s the highest form of a relationship. That’s a healthy relationship.

Where a relationship where there’s all this chasing and pulling away going on, that’s a very unhealthy relationship.

So instead, you want a relationship where the two of you pursue and chase each other all the time. Make sense?

Yes, Women Do Pursue Men

Here’s what many people don’t know: 👉 Women pursue men.

Now, this shocks many people. But it’s because women pursue men differently than men pursue women.

So if you expect a woman to pursue you the way you should pursue her, you’ll be disappointed and confused.

And the reason why is quite simple: She, as a feminine woman, will pursue you in a feminine way. And she’s attracted to you when you pursue her in a masculine way. Just like you’re more attracted to her when she acts more feminine.

So what’s the solution? How do you get her to want to chase you? To want to pursue you?

The secret is to learn how to attract a woman in a way that makes her want a relationship with you.

✅ When she wants a relationship with you, she’ll pursue you very naturally. That’s just how we’re made as humans. We want to pursue each other when we want a relationship together.

So she must see that you would make a good partner. She needs to see that she wants a relationship with you.

I call this “attracting her on the deepest level.” Because this is so much deeper than her just thinking, “Oh, hey, he’s cute.

Instead, she becomes so attracted to you that she wants to spend the rest of her life loving you.

As a coach, this is exactly what I’m here to help you with. This is exactly what I teach you how to do in my academy. And we’ll be going over a few of the most powerful ways to do this in this article.

So with that as our foundation, let’s get started with the first tip for how to make a girl chase you! ⬇️

How To Make A Girl Chase You #1 – Show Your Interest

Tip number one is to show her you’re interested in her, but not desperate. I’ll say that again and reemphasize that.

Show her you’re interested in her, but not desperate. The last thing you want is to act or feel desperate.

People like people who like them. As humans, we just tend to like people better when they like us in any kind of relationship, a friendship, or obviously a romantic relationship.

When someone shows that they like us, we like them better too. They make us feel more attractive and interesting, and we find them more interesting as well. ❤️

Women need to see that interest as much as you do. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve probably seen some of my videos on the signs a woman likes you.

If you haven’t yet, here’s a good one. Make sure you give it a watch to learn those signs.

But just like it gives you a boost and makes you feel good to know she likes you, she needs to know the same thing as well.

The signs she’s interested in you are some of the feminine ways a woman pursues and chases you. And she needs you to pursue her in a masculine way as well.

As a matter of fact, when a man pursues a woman in this masculine way, it melts her heart. It’s incredibly attractive.

She sees you as a more masculine man, a more confident man, more protective, and more attractive. All of these things make her want to chase you. 😍

When you pursue a woman correctly, it makes her feel feminine and safe with you.

Now here’s the part where many people get confused. They think they’re pursuing, but they’re actually being desperate. And no one is attracted to someone desperate.

It makes us feel awkward, it makes us feel uncomfortable, and it makes us push someone away.

Now sometimes being desperate looks like being or acting needy. Sometimes though it also looks like being too aggressive. The last thing you want is to be too aggressive in your approach.

And sometimes, it just happens because you don’t know what you’re doing. 😬

When we don’t know what we’re doing, we tend to panic and freeze up. And that causes us to feel and act desperate, which pushes her away.

This is why the correct way to pursue and avoid acting desperate are things I cover in so much detail in my Academy.

Pursuing a woman is vital. And when you know how to do it correctly, you can relax and feel confident. And you actually feel much more masculine and attractive as a result.

So remember, if you want her to chase and pursue you, you must understand and learn how to show her you’re interested in her without feeling or acting desperate.

That’s how you save yourself from embarrassment and heartache and instead make her say, “This is the man I want to marry!” 🔥

Tip #2 – Show Her You’re Different

Okay, our next tip for how to make a girl chase you is to show her that you are different.

A high-quality, high-value woman is always asking herself if you’d make a good husband and father.

That’s what she’s looking for. She’s looking for lifelong love, lasting love. And so she’s always asking herself when getting to know someone, “Will he be a good husband? Is he going to be a good father?” 🤔

She must see that you’re not like everyone else.

Most people, frankly, aren’t committed to relationships. Everybody wants one, but many, if not most, people are lazy when it comes to relationships.

They don’t want to put in the work. They just kind of want to “wind up” in a relationship.

Or they’ve been taught mind games that don’t work. And whenever you play a mind game with a high-quality woman, that’s a red flag, and she runs away.

So she’s looking for someone who’s not like everyone else. A high-quality woman is looking for a high-quality man.

And that means a man who’s mature about relationships, who’s proactive about relationships, instead of apathetic and lazy about relationships.

If you don’t know how to show her that you’re a high-quality man, you’ll struggle with relationships, potentially forever. ❌

Do you struggle to maintain relationships, or get past the first date? Or maybe you get a couple months into dating, and then it all falls apart, or you get ghosted or friend-zoned a lot?

If that sounds like you, I can almost guarantee that this is your problem.

Now, I’m not saying you’re not a high-quality man. You probably are.

➡️ I’m saying if you don’t know how to show her that you’re a high-quality man, then it won’t matter.

The key is you’ve got to learn how to show her that you’re different.

Because when you’re able to show her that you’re different, holy moly, you turn her head, melt her heart, and make her say, “Wow, I want to spend my life absolutely devoted to you!

So naturally, she pursues and chases you because you’re the man she’s been looking for her whole life.

How Do You Show A Woman You’re A High-Quality Man?

Now on this subject, I have a question for you:

Would you like to learn how to show her that you’re a high-quality man?

Would you like to learn step-by-step how to transform into the man of her dreams? ❤️

How to come home every night to the woman who makes your heart happy and wake up next to her every morning, look deep into her eyes, and know that she loves you forever?

Is that what you’re looking for?

If it is, this is exactly what I created my Academy to teach you.

It’s called Attracting Lasting Love Academy because you learn exactly how to attract the lasting, loving relationship you want and deserve. And frankly, that your dream girl is out there praying for as well.

👉 I’ll let you in on a secret: Most people think attraction is incredibly complicated.

They think that it’s a million steps and a million things, and it becomes very overwhelming.

In reality, all attraction is, is becoming a pro and an expert at simple attraction secrets. It’s as simple as that.

These attraction secrets are what allow you to have success in love. This is what allows my clients in my Academy to have the success they’re seeing.

And when you’re in on those secrets, and you understand how to become an expert at them, holy moly, that’s how you become attractive by default. And you’re finally able to have the love you deserve.

So to learn more about this and how to attract a woman in a way that makes her want a lifelong relationship with you, watch my short free masterclass. ✅

I’ve put 3 secrets in there that you must know. It’s a short, 38-minute masterclass and has the answers you need to know your next steps so you can have that love, so you can progress and get the woman you deserve.

So just click here and watch this masterclass, learn about these secrets, and know your next steps, and I’ll see you over there!

Tip #3 – Respect Yourself And Others

Our next tip for how to make a girl chase you is to show her that you have respect for yourself and for her.

Here’s the truth: We can only fall deeply in love with someone we have respect for. 💡

And when a woman respects a man and sees that he respects her, she feels safe with him.

And she can only fall in love with someone she feels safe with. Otherwise, she would feel unsafe with him. Makes sense, right?

When she sees you have respect for yourself and others, she sees you as protective, her hero, and her knight in shining armor. She sees you as someone she can always feel safe with.

So this leads us to the question, “How do you get respect? How do you get respect for yourself, and how do you show respect to others? How does respect work?

➡️ Well, there are two basic ways to look at this. Respect is something we must earn and something we must expect.

For instance, when you join me in my Academy, I walk you through how to build your self-respect. Because when you have self-respect, others naturally respect you.

But if you don’t have self-respect, people walk all over you. That’s just how it works.

However, when you understand how to set boundaries, take good care of yourself, and build your confidence, your self-respect skyrockets.

And when you have that, people naturally respect you more. So that’s part of how we expect self-respect from others.

In addition to that, you must treat other people with respect. That helps you earn respect because they see you as someone who deserves respect. 👍

You’re respectful, kind, gentle, and compassionate. And all of those things make people say, “Wow, this is a good person.

And when you’re a good person, that’s when you earn respect.

So remember, if you want her to chase and pursue you and want a relationship with you, you must learn how to show self-respect for yourself and others.

Tip #4 – Be Fun To Talk To And Interact With

Our next tip for how to make a girl chase you is to show her that you’re fun to talk to and interact with.

And I don’t mean just when you ask her out or when you’re on a date. I mean all the time.

Women connect by talking. And when we interact with someone, it lets us know how we feel when we’re around them.

So if you’re interesting and driven and motivated, you’re good at conversation, and understand how to be charismatic, if you’re that kind of a person, she wants to talk to you all the time. 🔥

She wants to chase you. She wants to pursue you. She sees you as the kind of man she could see herself married to and happily in love with forever.

You’d be surprised how powerful this simple little thing is. Again, all attraction is, is being an expert or a pro at a few simple yet powerful things. And this is one of them.

When she sees that you’re interesting and fun to talk to and interact with, it melts her heart and makes her want to spend more time with you, to chase you, to pursue you.

How To Make A Girl Chase You – Final Thoughts

So, the biggest thing I want you to remember is that the key to making a woman chase and pursue you is to attract her in a way that makes her want a lifelong relationship with you.

Again, I call this “attracting her on the deepest level” because she’s so deeply attracted to you she wants to love you forever. ❤️

That would be amazing, right? Can you imagine how good that would feel?

Learning how to do this is your game-changer. That’s what allows you to have the love you want, to stop having failed relationships, and finally have the relationship that’s yours forever.

This is how you go from feeling lonely and invisible and unloved to coming home every night and waking up every morning next to the woman who lights your heart on fire, the woman who loves the real you.

So your next step is to watch my short free masterclass. That’s where you’ll learn how it all fits together and how you can finally have a lifetime of kisses from a woman who loves the real you.

👉 So click here right now, and watch this free short masterclass, so you know your next steps, so you see a clear path, so you can have the love you deserve.

It’s time for you to finally excel at love and relationships.

Thank you so much for joining me, my amazing friend! I want to hear from you in the comments. Did you enjoy this article? If you did, and you want more, comment “chase” below.

And if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, leave those in the comments as well. Seriously, your awesome comments really give me a boost. So thank you so much for doing that!

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Thank you so much again, my amazing friend, and have an amazing day!

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