7 Pro Flirting Tips Women Adore~ ❤️ (How To Flirt With Women Like A Boss!) Can you imagine how amazing you’ll feel when you know how to flirt with a girl? In person or over text, these powerful flirting tips help with both!

Whether you’re looking for flirting tips for shy, general dating advice for men or wondering how to approach women successfully, these tips will help you quickly feel like a flirting pro.

➡️ Ready to know what they are? Let’s get started with 7 Pro Flirting Tips Women Adore~ (How To Flirt With Women Like A Boss!)

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7 Pro Flirting Tips Women Adore~ (How To Flirt With Women!)

Hello, my wonderful friend! Let’s talk about 7 pro flirting tips that women adore~ ❤️ This is how to flirt with a girl like a boss.

Flirting is exciting, right? It gives you butterflies and makes getting to know someone exciting and fun!

However, it can also be scary, especially if you feel like a beginner or don’t know what you’re doing. And you don’t want to embarrass yourself or be rejected.

If that’s you right now, that’s totally okay!

Whether you feel like a complete beginner or are already pretty good at flirting, what you learn here will help you take your flirting to the next level. So make sure you stay with me until the end.

As we dive in, welcome! 🎉 My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian Dating Coach for men and the creator of Attracting Lasting Love Academy.

I’m your go-to source to learn how to make the woman of your dreams fall deeply in love with you. No mind games, no tricks. Just real authentic love. Someone who loves you for you.

7 Pro Flirting Tips Women Adore #1 – What Comes First

Are you ready for my first pro flirting tip? Tip number one is to break the ice and then start flirting with her. Don’t just start flirting right away.

If a girl just met you and you’re using flirtatious lines, it can overwhelm her very quickly and make her think you’re a little weird or trying too hard.

That makes her feel emotionally unsafe, which sets you up for rejection. 😬 That’s not what we want at all. It’s like you’re trying too hard, which is awkward.

What you need to do instead is break the ice in a normal and natural way and then start adding in a little flirting. This lets her know that you’re not weird right at the start.

This also lets her know you’re not creepy or trying to get something from her but that you’re an authentic person interested in her.

She sees you as cute, attractive, and fun which puts her and you in the right mindset.

#2 – Body Language Can Tell You So Much Before You Act

And this leads us to my second pro flirting tip, which is to look for signs she’s interested in you before you start flirting with her.

This is true if you’ve known her for a while and if it’s your first time approaching, meeting, and getting to know her.

I walk you through a successful and exciting approach in my Academy, which is one of the most powerful steps I share with my clients there.

It’s important to look for body language signs she’s interested in you. 💡 This helps you avoid rejection because if she’s not interested and you approach or start flirting, it becomes awkward and creepy.

But if you see signs of attraction and interest, you can relax, right? And it’ll set you up for success.

If you’re unsure what body language signs are and what to look for, then watch this video. It’ll help you a ton!

#3 – Lighten Up About Flirting

Okay, my next pro flirting tip is to remember to keep in mind that, by nature, flirting is very playful.

You have to embrace playfulness if you’re going to flirt. This makes it much more fun and helps avoid freaking her out.

➡️ For instance, if somebody says, “Hey, you’re pretty cute~” with a smirk, it’s playful and fun. But if it’s like, “You’re cute…” with no expression, that’s creepy, right?

Now there are a million ways you could say that line, but keeping it playful helps her know, “Oh, he’s flirting, he’s lighthearted. This is a good experience.

So let yourself relax and enjoy the flirting experience because it’s enjoyable.

When flirting, some things we say or do might seem silly. Don’t be immature, but be a little spirited. That’s part of the process.

I teach my clients in my Academy that sometimes we have to accept fear. Sometimes we have to accept that we’re nervous and scared, and it’s okay.

So sometimes fighting it is the worst thing you can do. Sometimes you have to acknowledge, “Yeah, I’m nervous,” because guess what, she is too! 🤭

When you think, “You know what? It’s okay if I’m nervous about this. I’m just gonna relax and be playful. I’m just gonna have fun,” that’s how you set yourself up for success.

You don’t have to be perfect at this. She won’t be perfect at this. Just have fun with it.

Another reason why this is so effective is that playful people are more fun to be around. As a matter of fact, this is one of the things that matter most to a woman looking for a lifelong partner.

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#4 – Positivity Is Everything In A Relationship

Okay, my next pro flirting tip is to remember that flirting is always positive, okay? You should always talk positively about yourself and her.

You never want to tease in a way that puts you down. Something that would be like, “Oh, I’m just not very attractive,” or, “Oh, I’m not very smart,” or something like that.

As humans, we’re attracted and drawn to confident people. We feel good around them.

When somebody puts themselves down, it makes us uncomfortable, and we don’t know what to do. And so this will cause women to do something else and run away.

So you wanna make sure you’re being positive about yourself. You deserve that! Be confident about who you are. 💪 You’re amazing.

You also wanna make sure you’re never putting her down in any way. Some people try to be clever, and it comes across as belittling instead of uplifting and complimentary.

Flirting is always positive, okay? Always, always, always a positive thing. It must uplift both people.

Because, you’ve heard me say it, people like people who make them feel good. And flirting is a feel-good experience.

Now that doesn’t mean you bow down and let her walk all over you figuratively and shower her with flattery.

No, that’s not what it means at all.

It just means to keep it uplifting and positive. That’ll make her want to be with you more and make you play in her mind like a broken record.

#5 – When It’s Time, Tell Her You’re Interested

My next pro flirting tip is to remember that the entire purpose of flirting is to express interest.

As a matter of fact, if you’re not expressing interest, you’re not actually flirting. 💡

The whole goal here is to let her know you’re interested in her and get her attention in a way that makes her more and more attracted to you.

That’s what flirting is for!

If you’ve been following me for a while, and certainly if you’ve been in my Academy, you’ve heard me say this: women are ridiculously attracted to a man who pursues them.

As a matter of fact, when she’s interested in a man, and he starts pursuing her, attraction skyrockets!

It’s something that women have as a need in a relationship. And so you become irresistible as you pursue her.

A simple way to pursue women is to flirt. This is why I have an entire lesson in my Academy on how to flirt successfully, enchant her, and pursue her to become irresistible.

➡️ These are powerful tools, and it doesn’t have to be difficult. As a matter of fact, it becomes fun and exciting.

So to learn more about my Academy and how you can become irresistible to women, watch my free masterclass now.

#6 – Flirting Isn’t A Commitment

Okay, I have an important tip that not enough people know. Please pay close attention to this because it’s critical!

You don’t have to be in love with someone to flirt with them.

Sometimes we feel like if we’ve flirted with someone, it’s a lifetime commitment. No, we flirt with people to see if we want to get to know them better.

And if you decide you’re not interested, the flirting needs to stop.

However, if you’re getting to know someone, you’re curious if it’ll work, you think she’s cute, and you want her to think you’re cute too, yeah, flirt and see where it goes.

So please never feel like it’s a commitment if you’re flirting. 👍 You’re probably gonna flirt with many women before you find one you want.

The key is once you know you’re not interested, stop flirting. And ideally, you’ll be interested, and it’ll get even better from there.

#7 – Don’t Ever Stop Flirting!

Okay, my next tip is that flirting should happen throughout the entire relationship. So start practicing now!

Can you imagine how boring a relationship would be if you were flirting when you were dating, and then you get married, and the romance and flirting and fun just stopped?

Many people think this is normal, and they expect it. 😬 And because they expect it, they actually create it.

That’s not what you want!

Instead, imagine a relationship where you start dating, it’s exciting and fun, and it only gets better from there, and it only becomes more magical from there~

Is that the kind of relationship you want?

Well, the way you do this is by doing the same things you did when you were dating. You keep flirting, you keep making it fun, and you keep each other a priority.

So realize and know that flirting should happen throughout the entire relationship. So start now!

The earlier you start in the relationship, the more you’ve set that pattern, which makes it easier to continue it into marriage. ❤️

#8 – Never Banter

Okay, this next flirting tip will surprise some people. This tip is to avoid banter.

Banter is not flirting. It’s bantering. There’s a big difference! Bantering is contentious by nature and becomes manipulative very quickly.

There’s a lot of pressure and videos and blog posts about bantering. People call it “flirtatious bantering.”

The reason why is many people get a rush out of bantering, and they like that rush. In fact, they become addicted to it. ❌

However, unless a woman is a drama queen, banter will never attract her to you. Okay? I know that happens in the movies, but it’s not real life.

Unless she’s a drama queen, banter will never attract her to you. Instead, it’ll push a good woman away.

Banter never makes someone want to spend time with you. So what do you do instead?

Instead, you wanna focus on creating chemistry. When we have chemistry with someone, they become magnetic in a delightful, exciting way, and we can’t wait to spend more time with them~

So focus instead on creating chemistry. That creates that intense attraction that makes a woman fall in love with you, which is the whole goal!

So let me ask you. Do you want to create that chemistry? Do you want to have that connection with her?

These are things I help you master in my Academy. ✅ So learn more about these powerful, life-changing secrets that most people don’t know by watching my free masterclass now!

7 Pro Flirting Tips Women Adore – Recap

Okay, let’s sum up the pro tips you learned about flirting!

Number one is to break the ice and then say something flirty. Don’t just go all in with something flirty. You wanna break the ice and show her you’re not weird.

Number two is to look for the signs she’s interested in you and then start flirting with her. This helps you avoid rejection and make sure she feels safe about getting to know you.

Next up, remember that flirting is playful by nature. You have to kind of embrace playfulness for flirting to work. So let yourself embrace it!

Number four, flirting is always positive. It’s never about putting you or her or anything else down. It should always be uplifting and positive and energize both of you.

Next up, the entire purpose of flirting is to express interest. If you’re not expressing interest, you’re not flirting. So the goal is to express interest, which helps capture her attention more and more.

Next up, flirting should happen throughout the entire relationship, so start practicing now!

And make sure you avoid banter. Banter is banter. Flirting is flirting. Don’t confuse the two! You wanna create chemistry, and flirting is one fabulous way to start doing that.

Thank you so much for reading, my amazing friend! 💥 I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Would you like more articles on flirting? If you would, comment “flirting.”

And as a bonus, if you’d tell me which of these tips surprised you the most, I love to hear that feedback.

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Thank you so much again, my amazing friend, and have an amazing day!

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