If you see these signs, stop pursuing her immediately 😬 There’s a huge difference between chasing a girl and pursuing her. And sometimes, even if you’re pursuing her really well it’s still not a good idea because… she’s toxic.

You’re about to learn some of the biggest signs a girl is toxic and why you should stop pursuing her right away if you see them. If you’ve been asking yourself “is she using me?” then this video is for you.

Let’s talk about why you can stop chasing women and how to know if she’s toxic. Ready? Let’s get started! (Seriously, if you see these signs, stop pursing her immediately!)

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If You See These Signs, Stop Pursuing Her Immediately! (Transcript)

If you see these signs, stop pursuing her immediately. Can you imagine getting your hopes up and really pursuing a girl, and then realizing it’s a terrible idea? Maybe you’ve already done that in the past. 

If you are exhausted by relationships and starting to wonder if they’re worth the effort, then this video was made for you. You deserve to know when you should stop pursuing a girl. So watching this video is going to help save you some serious heartache and some serious headache. 

A lot of people don’t know this, but the sad reality is that there are a lot of toxic women in this world, and they do a lot of damage. I did not say all women are toxic, or that even most women are toxic, however, there are toxic women and they hurt a lot of people. 

When this happens, when you’ve experienced a lot of those toxic relationships, it starts to make you think that that’s all there is. So just being aware of these signs is going to help you avoid them forever and set you up for success in love so you can stop wasting your time and finally find the adorable girl who’s right for you.

You with me on that? Does that sound good? Okay, then let’s dive in with the first sign you should stop pursuing her immediately. 

If You See These Signs, Stop Pursuing Her Immediately #1

Sign number one is that she only wants to do something with you if she gets something out of it. There’s a big difference between being a gentleman and wanting to treat her, that right there is adorable. There’s a big difference between that and her just using you and mistreating you. 

So if you happen to notice that she only wants to do something with you if you go out to eat, or when she’s hungry, or if you buy her something, or if she gets to go to an exclusive place, or you buy her a ticket to something. If that’s the only time she wants to hang out with you, that’s the clear sign she’s just using you. 

You deserve so much better, my friend. It’s probably time to just stop pursuing her. 

P.S. Before we get to our next sign, welcome! My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men and creator of Attracting Lasting Love Academy.

If you are sick of toxic relationships and you just want that loving, tender, feminine woman that you are aching to hold, you’re in the right place. That’s exactly what I help you with.

If You See These Signs, Stop Pursuing Her Immediately #2

Are you ready for the second sign you should definitely stop pursuing her? This sign is that she toys with your feelings. Some examples would be that she tries to make you jealous, that she withholds affection for you, like pulling away on purpose, that she tests you, that she teases you in a way that really upsets you.

Another example would just be being insensitive to you and your feelings and your needs. These are major signs of a toxic girl. You wouldn’t wanna marry someone like that, right? Of course not. 

You marry who you date, so don’t waste your time. Stop pursuing a girl like this. In my Academy, when I’m teaching you all about toxic women and the signs of toxic women and avoiding them so that you can have a life full of happiness with a high quality, loving woman instead, I like to call toxic women sirens. 

We talk about the toxic women signs that are the signs of the siren. Because if you are acquainted with mythology, sirens are creatures who sing beautifully and literally lure sailors to their deaths. Like, that’s what they do in mythology, and this is very similar to what toxic people do. They seem very charming at first, however, they do a ton of damage. 

And so if she is toying with your feelings, that is a sign of the siren and you should definitely watch out.

If You See These Signs, Stop Pursuing Her Immediately #3

The third sign you should stop pursuing her is that she makes you feel small. Here’s what you really need to know. The woman you are with should make you feel amazing, okay? She should make you feel alive and empowered. She should make you feel more confident, more masculine, more attractive. She should make you feel like you are the most exciting, attractive, enjoyable man in the entire world.

So if she says things or treats you in a way that makes you feel small, that is a huge red flag. That is not something you deserve to put up with. 

And you may not even be able to explain why she makes you feel small, okay? That’s totally normal. This is, again, something I teach you in my Academy. Trust your gut.

Even if you can’t put into words why she makes you feel small, or why you feel like she’s toying with your feelings, or why you feel like maybe she’s just using you, trust your gut anyway, okay? If your gut’s saying it, then there’s probably some serious manipulation and mind games going on. 

So you don’t have to define it to just walk away. If your gut is saying, “maybe this isn’t a good idea,” then there’s a really good chance that it’s not. 

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If You See These Signs, Stop Pursuing Her Immediately #4

Now, the fourth sign that you should stop pursuing her immediately is that she talks about other men a lot. Now, yes, when you are dating someone, especially when you’re in, like, a long-term relationship, it’s normal for things to come up, to mention someone you’ve known or you’ve dated or had a crush on at some point. Those things are pretty normal. 

But if she’s talking about other guys a lot, that’s a huge red flag. When this happens, it’s a sign that she’s really more interested in just creating a long list of guys who adore her rather than actually falling in love with any of them. So if she talks about her ex a lot, or talks about other guys and how they noticed her, or how much attention she gets, or things like that, those are really bad red flags, okay? 

This is a common manipulation tactic because it puts a lot of pressure on you to make you feel like you have to measure up and like you have to really outperform all the other guys, and you don’t deserve that. 

If You See These Signs, Stop Pursuing Her Immediately #5

Okay, this next sign is ridiculously important. This sign is that she’s not pursuing you back. This does not necessarily mean a woman is toxic, if she doesn’t pursue you back. However, toxic women will definitely do that. 

Something most people don’t know though, is that a relationship requires both people pursuing each other. It’s always our job to show the other person that we’re interested in them, that we are attracted to them, that we are committed to seeing where this relationship will go. Or once you’re in a relationship, to making sure that the relationship will be successful and happy for everyone. 

Pursuing is a two-way street. As a matter of fact, if you haven’t yet seen this video, make sure you check that one out. The truth is, girls pursue guys too, and it’s important that you know the signs. Also, check out this one where I explain it a little bit more. I’ll put a link to that in the description as well.

Now, it’s normal for a girl to kind of take things slowly, to make sure that this will work. However, it’s also important for her to be expressing that interest and that attraction and letting you know, yeah, she’s totally interested in you too. 

And, once again, when you’re in the relationship, it’s important for her to let you know that she has feelings for you and that she cares about you. If you don’t see that happening or feel that happening, it’s a really good sign to just move on. 

Your Road To Relationship Success!

You do not have to beg for her attention. You shouldn’t. That’s not fair at all. That’s not how it should work. If she’s interested, you will never have to beg for attention. So even if she’s not a toxic girl, but you just don’t feel her expressing that interest back to you, move on. 

You deserve so much better than that. You deserve a woman who is as excited to get to know you and spend time with you as you are to spend time with her and to get to know her. 

So own your self-respect and never settle for someone who’s not acting like they’re interested. And again, if you’re wondering, “okay, Melannie, then how in the world do I get the woman I’m aching to find to be interested in me?” 

That free training I mentioned earlier is where I’m going to show you how to transform the way women feel about you and how they interact with you. So watch it today. There’s some life-changing secrets in that training. CoachMelannie.com/Masterclass, or there’s a link in the description below. 

There’s really no excuse anymore to struggle with this because I’ve laid it out for you. So rather than complaining about it, just take action and figure out what to do about it because you do deserve that love, and there’s a woman out there aching to be with a man like you. 


Okay, should we sum up the five signs you just learned? Let’s do it. Number one, she only wants to be with you if she gets something from you. A free meal, a ticket, a present. 

Two, she toys with your feelings. Stupid mind games like pulling away or testing you or making you jealous. These are all toxic women tactics. High quality women do not use them. She doesn’t have time, nor does she care. She cares about the real you and wants you to know the real her.

Number three, she makes you feel small. And remember, sometimes you just have to trust your gut on that, okay? It’s totally normal to just say, “Hm. I can’t explain why, but I don’t feel good here.” That’s fine. You don’t pursue any further. 

Number four is that she talks about other men a lot. It’s normal for things to come up occasionally, but if she’s talking about other guys a lot, don’t waste your time.

And number five is that she is not pursuing you back. You deserve someone who is expressing as much interest and attraction in you as you are in her. So whether she’s toxic or not, if she’s not pursuing you, you deserve to be able to move on and find that woman who will. 

Thank you so much for watching, my amazing friend. Would you like more videos like this one? Comment stop to let me know. And any other questions or ideas or comments, leave them there as well. 

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