From Unloved β€œNice Guy” to Irresistible Heartthrob 😏 (5 Key Strategies!) Ever wondered why you can be what every girl says she wants and still be looked over and turned down?

Why does that happen? What’s wrong? It’s not that you’re a nice, kind person. What’s actually causing the rejection and friend zoning is going to surprise you.

The best part is, you can do something about it. And it’s pretty simple! Let’s dive into these 5 key strategies~


  • Unlocking Your Appeal: Learn why being nice isn’t enough and how to cultivate appeal without compromising your values.
  • Setting Boundaries: Understand the importance of knowing who deserves your attention and how to set healthy boundaries.
  • Confidence is Key: Discover the power of confidence and how it distinguishes you as a desirable partner.
  • Flirting 101: Move beyond mere compliments and learn how to flirt with finesse to capture her interest.
  • Invest in Yourself: Shift from being a people-pleaser to investing in your own life, making you more intriguing and attractive.

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From Unloved “Nice Guy” to Irresistible Heartthrob (Transcript)

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From unloved nice guy to irresistible heartthrob, we’re talking about five key strategies you need to know. Have you ever wondered why you can be what every girl says she wants, but you can still be looked over and rejected and friend zoned and turned down? Like, what’s up with that? Why does that happen?

To be clear, it’s not that you’re a nice, kind person. What’s actually causing the friend zoning and the rejection is going to surprise you. And the best part is there’s something you can do about it. And it’s actually pretty simple. As a Christian coach, who’s been helping men like you for seven plus years to get the love and connection that you deserve, I’m sharing some of the same strategies I help my clients with in my academy.

They are simple yet have the power to completely transform the way women see you and the way they feel about you. So to get started, let’s pretend that you are a gardener and the relationship you want is like. The garden, being nice is like watering the plants. It’s critical and needed and desired. But if that’s the only thing that you did, you wouldn’t be able to have a happy, healthy garden, right?

Just like a gardener needs to fertilize the soil and prune the branches and make sure that the plants have enough space. There are other qualities that you need to cultivate in order to become the attractive man a woman wants to spend her life with. There are other qualities and habits that as you develop, help you become that heartthrob that she wants to give her heart and her life to.

So please don’t go into this video Thinking, oh, it’s wrong to be nice. It most definitely isn’t, but just like when with the garden, there are more skills than just watering the plants. There are additional things that transform everything. So let’s go over five of these key strategies now. Sound good? The first one.

I’m just going to be really blunt. Can I be really blunt? Is that cool? I think those of you who follow me for a while, you know that that’s just my approach. Let’s just cut to the chase. Okay. The first skill is developing sex appeal. Often as Christians, we are terrified of sex appeal. We’re afraid that it is somehow a sin.

So let me just clear the air. Sex appeal is not a sin. Okay? The fact is most nice guys are so focused on being nice that they never focus on being attractive. And again, if you’ve been following me for a while, you know, physical attraction isn’t everything, but it’s definitely something. It’s definitely important.

It’s something we need. Again, sex appeal is not a sin. You can be chased and be completely appropriate, avoiding creating lust while still having sex appeal. It’s a beautiful, glorious gift from God, not something that should be avoided. For instance, you should never marry a woman that you don’t want to be intimate with, and she should never marry a man she doesn’t want to be intimate with.

So it’s important to have that appeal. And again, you can do that completely appropriately. And if you’re not sure how to do that, that is something I walk you through in detail in my academy, all of those skills. And we’ll talk more about that in a minute. Now, some examples of this are an incredibly common thing nice guys do is they present themselves and dress like they’re too young.

Their, their style and, and how they present themselves is sloppy or just frankly, kind of more like a high schooler instead of a man. It’s critical that you have clothes that fit you well, that are modern, that tell the story about you that you want to tell. Same is true with your hairstyle. Oh my goodness.

Most of the time. Most nice guys have the haircut of a six year old. If you want to be seen as a man, you need a modern, sharp, attractive hairstyle as well. It’s time to start presenting yourself as the sexy man you are instead of just the nice guy who gets put in the friend zone. How you present yourself matters.

Okay, the next key strategy to stop being the nice guy and become the heartthrob is to understand how to know who’s earned. that kind of attention from you. The truth is, yes, many girls say that they want traits that the nice guy has. A guy who’s romantic and who’s sensitive and who’s kind, who’s a good listener.

Oh, those are qualities she wants in a husband. However, not everyone has earned that kind of attention from you. For instance, a girl you are dating, and Obviously, ultimately your wife, she deserves that kind of attention from you. But just everyone you meet, they don’t deserve that kind of attention from you.

You don’t have to go around acting like everyone’s servant or, or everyone’s therapist, listening to everything they have to say, doing whatever they want you to do, always being there. Only certain people earn that kind of respect and attention from you. In my academy, we talk a lot about setting appropriate boundaries and creating self respect.

And this is one of the biggest reasons why you set the boundaries of who has earned that kind of attention from you. This doesn’t mean that you’re mean or you’re cold. Instead, it means you respect yourself. You respect your time and you respect your emotional investment. One crazy thing about respect is that when we respect ourselves, other people suddenly start respecting us too, whether for good or for bad.

The fact of the matter is people do not respect people who don’t respect themselves. And partially because we teach them how to treat us. So they just kind of treat us that way. So if you keep acting like a doormat or a therapist or her servant, she’s going to treat you that way. But if instead you present yourself with self respect.

That’s what makes other people respect you. Okay. The next key strategy to stop being the nice guy and become the total heartthrob really goes hand in hand with the one we just talked about. This key strategy is confidence. She wants a partner, an equal partner, not a servant. She wants someone that she’s on the same page with.

The problem with putting someone on a pedestal is that they have to look down. There’s nowhere else they can look. If they’re going to look at you, they’ve got to look down. Even if she doesn’t want to look down at you, if you’ve put her up on that pedestal, she’s got no choice but to look down. So does this mean that you start acting cold, you pull away, you break all contact?

Of course not. That’s not confidence. That’s immaturity. Instead, you build your self confidence and you show that confidence to others. Confidence is one of the single most attractive traits any man can have. And two of the most effective ways to do this are to, one, increase your competence, and

Most people aren’t confident because they honestly don’t know what they’re doing. They don’t understand how it works and the science of it. Okay. The next key strategy. It’s kind of interesting. Pay close attention. This key strategy is to stop just complimenting her and start flirting with her. Now, what in the world do I mean by this?

People like people who are nice. They just do, but that doesn’t necessarily make them an attractive person. For instance, Anyone can just be nice. Your grandma’s nice, but that doesn’t mean that it creates that spark of attraction just because someone’s nice. Anyone can give a compliment, but what really sets flirting apart is showing that interest and creating that attraction.

with your words and how you interact with her. The point of flirting and showing interest is letting her know that you noticed her and you think she’s cute, expressing your interest in an appropriate way, while also helping her see you. in an attractive light. Many people get stuck in the friend zone because she thinks that’s where you want to be.

But if instead you show that you’re a confident, sexy man and you noticed her and she should notice you too, that is a totally different story than just being nice, just complimenting. So tell me if this is relatable to you. There’s a man who, when he joined my academy, said that before joining, he felt like the permanent mayor of friend zone I loved that because it’s so relatable.

Do you maybe feel that way? Right now, this is one of the biggest mistakes that puts you in the friend zone, is focusing on just complimenting and being nice, but never expressing that interest and confidently letting her know, yeah, you’re a sexy man. Okay. The next key strategy that helps you go from nice guy to heartthrob is to invest in yourself.

Invest in your own life. What so often happens with Nice people is they go around doing everything for everybody else instead of just owning their own life. It’s very, very tempting when you, when you are an empathetic person, when you are a kind, loving person to want to go around making everybody else’s lives better.

Trust me, I am a born people pleaser. I understand that feeling on a very, very personal level. However, Who’s going to take care of you? You need to make sure you’re your own person. That’s what makes you interesting. That’s what makes you fascinating and helps you build that self respect and competence.

Again, we treat people the way they teach us to treat them. And so if you’re not, asking for any kind of respect, you’re the servant, you’re the doormat, you’re the in house therapist for all of these people, then that’s how they’re going to treat you. Instead, we respect people who respect themselves. It’s kind of like I’ve mentioned in previous videos about texting to be careful not to text her right away all the time.

Now, you know I am not about mind games. This is not about a mind game liar. It’s like, okay, I have to wait a certain amount of time and then I can reply. So, you know, she thinks I’m cool or whatever it is. Instead, it’s about just having a life, having something to do. If you always are constantly there answering the texts, then people start to think, wow, this person has no life.

All they do is live on their phone, texting other people. And instead, you want to for yourself, do it for you, and it will automatically be attractive to her, for yourself, have things you’re interested in, hobbies, interests, goals, motivations, things that drive you forward. And when you do that, it helps build that self respect, helps build that confidence, and helps you go from the nice guy who everybody walks all over to the confident, attractive, sexy heartthrob.

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