Are you sick of all your dating efforts getting you nowhere? Sick of being such a good guy but still being alone?

Finding an amazing woman, getting her to want to date you, and keeping her once you do can feel like a losing battle. ❌

👉 OR it can feel natural and fun. Like you get to be with your best friend everyday and she just keeps falling more in love with you.

If dating for you has meant stress, frustration, and heartache…

You need a specific roadmap that leads you to holding the love of your life permanently!

Discover how you can do this fast with Attracting Lasting Love Academy. ✔️


How To Get A Girlfriend Program Coach Melannie Review
How to Get a Girlfriend Reveiw 3 Coach Melannie Christian Dating Coach for Men

Hi! I’m Melannie

I’m a Christian Dating Coach for men.

I help thousands of men learn the skills they need to get their dream girl every single day. 🔥

👉 As a Certified Life Coach, Confidence Coach, and Relationship Workshop Facilitator, what sets my methods apart is my science-backed 5-step framework.

How to Get a Girlfriend About Coach Melannie Christian Dating Coach for Men


Exclusive Pre-Recorded Video Training

Immediate access to the entire program and rewatch whenever you like!

This means you can get results faster and hold your dream girl.

Easy 24/7 Access To The Program

The program works around your schedule because you can access it online at any time.

This means your busy schedule doesn’t have to get in the way of your dream girl!

Downloadable Cheat Sheets And Guides

Make applying what you learn simple so you can relax when you’re with a beautiful woman.

Stay on track and get results faster with these easy-to-use cheat sheets and guides.


In Attracting Lasting Love Academy you’ll discover your game plan to go from single and alone to in a relationship with the girl of your dreams… Forever! 🚀

Here’s What Your Roadmap Looks Like…

» Module 1: The secret mindset that sets you up for success right from the start ✔️

» Module 2: How to attract her emotionally so she wants to give her heart to you 👈

» Module 3: How to attract her physically and light the spark fast

» Module 4: How to make her feel safe so she sees you as the love of her life 🔥

» Module 5: The insider secrets to a love with your dream girl that lasts a lifetime!


👉 Imagine this:

You meet a gorgeous woman

You hit it off right from the start

Dating her is natural and easy

You are free from stress and awkwardness

She likes you as much as you like her and falls in love with you

Once you become a couple you STAY a happy couple and walk through life together

You can do this because…

☑️ You don’t have to just guess what will work anymore

☑️ You don’t have to pretend to be someone you aren’t

☑️ You don’t have to bend over backward to make a relationship work

☑️ You have the step by step roadmap that attracts her on the deepest level

☑️ You’ve become a magnet for the type of woman you really want

🔥 Yes, this is for you if…

You are tired of trying everything you can think of but relationships never work out.

You’re an amazing guy with SO much to offer but women aren’t interested long-term.

Most importantly…

You don’t want to spend your life alone anymore and just want to finally hold your amazing dream girl for keeps.✔️


Know Where And How To Meet Your Dream Girl
– Stop feeling out of options and worrying you’ll never find her.
– You can quickly remove the barriers between you and your dream girl and finally have your happily ever after.

Keep Your Gorgeous Gal Instead Of Losing Her In A Few Months Or Even Weeks
– Stop feeling confused, rejected, and heartbroken.
– Finally have a happy, lifelong relationship with your breathtaking woman by your side.

Talk To Women Easily And Comfortably
– Carry on a fun, exciting conversation no matter where you are or what you are doing.
– Feel confident and relaxed while talking to your gorgeous dream girl instead of worrying about what you might say wrong.

Develop A Confident Mindset For Dating
– Avoid acting (or feeling) needy or aggressive.
– Protect your heart from rejection and save yourself from embarrassment.

+ So Much More!


Quickly And Easily Learn How To…

🔥 Unlock Your Physical Attraction
– Feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror and turn heads easily.
– Make your dream girl weak in the knees and want a relationship with you.

🔥 Dress Like A Model While Keeping To A Budget
– Feel confident and turn high-quality women’s heads fast.
– Get and keep your dream girl’s attention and give her butterflies.

🔥 Skyrocket Your Confidence And Self-esteem
– Stop being afraid of rejection and smoothly interact with women.
– Catch your dream girl’s eye and make her want to date you.

🔥 Pursue Women Naturally Without Creeping Them Out
– Stop worrying about upsetting her or being ghosted.
– Naturally increase her attraction for you while feeling like a masculine, strong man.

🔥 Attract High-quality Women Instead Of Toxic Women
– Have a mature relationship built on trust instead of mind games.
– You can finally feel loved, respected, and secure in the relationship.

And much, much more!

Hundreds of Christian men trust Attracting Lasting Love Academy because you learn from a Christian perspective, backed by science. 🚀

How to Get a Girlfriend Coach Melannie Christian Dating Coach for Men
How to Get a Girlfriend Reveiw 4 Coach Melannie Christian Dating Coach for Men

When you sign up now you’ll also get How To Know If A Girl Likes You Video Training for FREE!

How to Get a Girlfriend Bonuses

» How To Know If A Girl Likes You Training – Become a pro at reading her body language and learn the biggest mistakes to avoid ($359 value)

How to Get a Girlfriend - Coach Melannie - Christian Dating Coach for Men

Ready To Attract Lasting Love And Claim Your Bonuses?


Laughably low.

☑️ Especially when you add up the hours (or even years) you’ll end up saving, the cost of one-on-one coaching (which starts at $2,000 a month), the stress you’ll end up erasing, AND the happiness you’ll end up having with your gorgeous dream girl.


let’s face it… Trying to figure it out on your own can be exhausting emotionally. 😬 Not to mention all that wasted time and money on dead-end relationships that leave you feeling more alone than ever.

But you don’t have to worry about that any more.

✔️ Now… You can skip past the heartache and mistakes and just get the type of girl you’ve always wanted.



Here’s EVERYTHING You Get When You Buy Attracting Lasting Love Academy Now!

How to Get a Girlfriend - Coach Melannie - Christian Dating Coach for Men
How To Know If A Girl Likes You($359 Value)
Attracting Lasting Love Academy($4,997 Value)

How to Know if a Girl Likes You
($359 Value)

Attracting Lasting Love Academy
($4,997 Value)

Total Value: $5,356.00

BUT when you buy right now…


Four Payments of


Four payments over four months for lifetime access + future updates

One Payment of


One time payment for lifetime access + future updates


Q1: How do I know this will work for me?

A: As a Certified Coach everything I teach is backed by science. This is what makes it so effective. If you want methods that give real results you want science instead of personal opinions.

Q2: I feel like I know everything about relationships already. How is this different?

A: Most of my clients think the same thing until they dive in! There is a lot of information on the internet these days and almost all of it is ineffective and targeted at getting you a one night fling. My methods are carefully designed to help you create a life long relationship.

Q3: I've tried so many other programs in the past. What makes yours different?

A: Not only do I teach you actual science but I also come from a Christian perspective. Combine the two of these factors and you have a program like no other. You’ll learn actual tactics that will get you a life long, crazy happy relationship. You won’t just get my opinion. You’ll get real strategies that work because they are backed by science.

Q4: I really struggle with self-esteem and don't think there is any way I could get a nice girl. Will this program help me?

A: Most definitely! The program itself is designed to give you confidence and a healthy self-image. By the end, as you apply what you learn, you’ll KNOW without a doubt that you can and will get an amazing girl.

Q5: I don't have a lot of time. How long is this program and how quickly can I see results?

A: Most of my clients report seeing results almost immediately! You can finish the program in as little as a weekend. If time is tight this is the program for you.

Q6: What I really think I need is to know how to find the right gal. Will your program help me with this?

A: Of course! There’s an entire section dedicated to finding the girl of your dreams.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this page and I know you are going to love the program! 🔥

P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end, here’s the deal:

Attracting Lasting Love Academy is the only program that teaches you exactly how to get your dream girl fast. 🚀 When you sign up today you get lifetime access AND your exclusive bonus.

Are you ready to attract lasting love? Click the button below and let’s get started.

How to Get a Girlfriend About Coach Melannie Christian Dating Coach for Men
How to Get a Girlfriend - Coach Melannie - Christian Dating Coach for Men

Ready To Attract Lasting Love And Claim Your Bonuses?

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