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How to Get a Girlfriend - Coach Melannie - Christian Dating Coach for Men

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I was not raised with a lot of money.

I was not even a little bit popular. I didn’t even go on my first real date until I was in my early twenties!

You know THAT pain? The one when you see someone you think is REALLY cute… but they don’t notice you? You feel like they almost cringe when they walk past you? Yeah, me too… it hurts, doesn’t it.

My name is Melannie. I am now a Certified Coach. I literally teach Christian men ALL day EVERY day about how to be attractive, how to get the girl of your dreams and how to keep her once you get her. Not to mention how to be confident and become a BOSS at dating.

But that’s not how I used to be years ago.

Long before I became a coach I just wanted a happy relationship! I wanted someone special to spend my Friday nights with. I wanted someone to flirt with like CRAZY, I wanted someone to spend my holidays with.

But even more than wanting to bring a +1 to Christmas parties… I wanted something deeper. Deep, deep down I wanted to be good enough. I wanted my dream type of guy to actually want me back. Deep in my soul, I really just wanted to be good enough. I was terrified of never being able to find what I wanted. I was terrified of getting into a relationship, giving my whole heart… and then being abandoned or cheated on.

All I wanted was someone to want ME. To love ME. For ME to be good enough.

Does that sound at all familiar?

I would go to events for singles and stand against the wall, watching other girls flirt and have fun. While I just stood there with my face getting hot and red as I felt more stupid, more alone and less wanted.

I wanted my dream relationship so bad that I kept trying to meet new people. I kept trying to find “the one”. I tried to be pretty, I tried to be fun, I tried to get to know new people. But all that happened is I found myself dating the same types of guys. It was like I was dating the same guy but with a different face… And they weren’t good for me! Each time a relationship would end I felt more alone, more worthless and more hurt.

I’ll never forget the day that caused the shift in my reality. I was trying to recover from another bad relationship. This one had REALLY done a number on me. I felt pretty much like trash.

I was kneeling next to my bed praying, pleading for answers! I was telling God how hurt I was feeling. How I couldn’t understand why I could try so hard but nothing worked! I tried my best to be a good person, I knew God wanted me to be with a good person so why was I hurting? Why was I alone?

Have you ever felt that way? That desperation?

“God, if You love me why isn’t this working? Why haven’t you led me to him yet?” And that’s when it all became clear. God spoke to my heart. He wanted me to meet someone amazing! He wanted me to have a relationship even BETTER than my wildest dreams! He just needed me to approach things differently.

You see, I had been waiting for the perfect person to pop into my life. But I wasn’t ready for him. In ways I didn’t even remotely know at the time! All I knew was God needed me to learn some things.

Have you heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? Ouch! This is exactly what I was doing.

So waiting around for “the one” to drop into my life wasn’t working. So what would? I started learning like crazy, reading and researching what the experts had to say. If they are experts they certainly know what they are talking about, right?

So I took what they said seriously and I studied like crazy. This ultimately led to me becoming a Certified Coach.

I learned how to become a happier, positive person. I learned what humans are attracted to and how I could be more desirable.

One day I decided to research body language. I wanted to know what men thought when we were talking! I quickly realized the reason no guys would approach me. I was doing everything SO wrong! I unintentionally told them to go away without ever opening my mouth. I applied what I learned and quickly saw a huge improvement. Things flipped. I went from no guys approaching me to tons of guys approaching me. All from that little piece of knowledge.

I had to piece everything together myself. I didn’t always know what the missing piece was I just kept learning. I was on a quest to be the person God wanted me to be, the person who was a match for my dream guy, the person that I had always wanted to be deep down… but had no idea how to be.

I was making progress but I sometimes hit a brick wall. There were a lot of toxic people in my life who didn’t want me to improve. They had spent my entire life bullying me and didn’t like that I was stepping past that.

Not only did I have those mean voices ringing in my ears, but I also had that even meaner voice in my head.

Do you know the one I’m talking about?

It’s the one that says “Who do you think you are? Everyone is going to see the changes you are making. They are going to laugh at you. You can’t really do this! You should just settle for how things have always been.” Have you heard those voices too?

I’ll never forget the day I found THE dress. I was learning how to improve my style to attract my dream relationship. I went to a store and found it. It was beautiful! I put it on in the dressing room, turned around to look in the mirror and was shocked. I saw a woman in the mirror. A woman that almost looked like me but actually didn’t look a thing like me. She was confident. She was beautiful and she would attract my dream relationship.

I looked in that mirror and I felt so beautiful… And I felt fear crawl over my body. I was terrified! I had never worn anything this nice before! People would notice something was different. What if they thought I was stepping out of my league?

Have you ever felt that way?

An important thing happened though as I looked in the mirror. I looked at that woman in the eye and decided I wanted to be HER. I wanted to be that woman. So I bought that dress and wore it. The first couple of times I felt scared. But you know what? After that, I FELT like that woman and I started to become her.

As I started to apply everything I was learning something pretty incredible happened! Everything was different. I started attracting the types of guys I had always wanted to notice me. They approached me, wanted my number, and wanted to take me out.

I remember walking into a room one day and realizing everything was different! I was at a large singles activity and was I standing against the wall feeling award?

Not even a little! I walked into the room with my head high and a huge smile on my face. Heads were turning everywhere I went. I knew that attractive man after attractive man was looking at me and wanting to approach me. I felt happy, I felt pretty I felt like the woman God had been trying to get me to be.

Now as amazing as that was, do you know what was EVEN better?

I FELT like was good enough! I felt I had SO much to offer! I finally got to the point where I KNEW I was good enough and I knew I was going to find someone who felt the same way. Someone who was crazy about me and just loved me FOR ME. I finally knew I was a match for my dream guy.

All of this happened by learning the rules of attraction. The rules that apply no matter your gender, your race, your age or your eye color.

Every attractive person to ever walk this planet has known these rules. And once I learned them…. Everything changed.

But It’s Not Just Me! It Works For My Clients Too…

“My confidence level has risen exponentially. I feel I now have the tools to speak more confidently to women.”

“I have had a few girlfriends but nothing that ever developed into anything serious. I discovered Melannie on YouTube. It was her videos that inspired me to to take her course.”

“Women are responding to what I have learned.”

“I thought I knew all about relationships and dating. How wrong I was. Especially nowadays with dating apps, texting etc. I felt like a fish out of water. Melannie provided all the tools and more to give you the best shot at getting that dream girl.”

“I’ve been more confident in approaching women. I’ve been more aware of how to act on a date and I’ve been generally a more happy person.”

“I think the best part of this course was learning about confidence. I feel that many of us think we are confident but subconsciously feel opposite of that.”

Can you imagine getting results like this?

Now, here’s what I’ve done. I’ve taken everything I have learned (through extensive research and training as a Certified Coach + my insights as a woman) and put it all together for you in my online course How to Get a Girlfriend.

This has everything you need to know to get the girl of your DREAMS.

Here are just a FEW of the secrets you’ll discover inside this course!

How to Get a Girlfriend - Coach Melannie - Christian Dating Coach for Men

» In step #1 you’ll learn 2 of the biggest things that keep amazing guys from actually finding their dream girl. If you’ve had a hard time finding her you NEED to know these 2 things!

» In step #2 you’ll discover exactly what women really want. Honestly, most guys have NO CLUE about these things because they’ve been taught a lot of nonsense (at no fault of their own). Just knowing these things will take your game to the next level.

» Step #3 teaches you what most people want and never get. It’s all about confidence. You will discover the secrets to becoming a confident person. You’ll be able to look in the mirror and know you are ROCKING it and feel confident talking to women + attracting them. Have you ever felt like a girl is out of your league? You NEED the secrets in this section!

» Step #4 is all about knowing how to keep her. If you’ve struggled to keep relationships once you finally get one you have to know these secrets! They will save you from a lot of heartache.

» In step #5 you will learn how to find her! SPOILER: There is an important part of finding her that most guys don’t ever learn and it keeps SO MANY good men single. You need to know this so it doesn’t happen to you too.

How to Get a Girlfriend - Coach Melannie - Christian Dating Coach for Men

Ready to get a girlfriend and claim your FREE bonuses?!

What Are Others Already Saying About ‘How to Get a Girlfriend’?

“One of the BEST things ever to come off the internet.”

“I’ve become more confident in myself and I’ve been less stressed about dating.”

“Watching Melannie’s videos are not only fun but one can learn so much from her and her experiences. She makes learning new things so much fun!”

“Just when I thought that was the end of the course there was more and I’m not counting all the bonus videos, worksheets, etc. This is all done in an easy to understand manner.”

“I love how Melannie explains everything and I love her positive attitude!”

“The content helps you to understand the little things that help you to be a more confident person. Whether that’s dressing up or body language.”

“I know when and how to make a move when the signs are there.”

“If I drew an analogy of a toolbox I could say Melannie has provided all the necessary tools to help a single guy with his relationship journey. This really wouldn’t do it justice. Melannie practically provided the whole hardware dept.”

“The videos are insightful and well structured. Step 5 in particular has some crucial advice that would avert disaster when trying to ask a girl out.”

“Melannie speaks with kindness and compassion and gives lots of encouragement. I am blessed to have discovered her.”

“What I had been doing so far hadn’t worked. I needed professional assistance.”

“I liked getting info about the signs of toxic women as well as learning about the female behaviors that would indicate she likes me.”

“I updated my wardrobe, stopped worrying about my balding and started focusing on confident body language.”

“While the information regarding better understanding women is fantastic, for me personally what was most beneficial were discussions about how I’m being perceived, through my body language and the thoughts I’ve carried with me about myself.”

“The best investment I’ve made in a long time.”

“I really enjoyed the course. I’ve spent too many years feeling like I’m not worthy of the Godly woman I want in my life. I’m glad God led me to Melannie’s site, whenever I meet her I know I will be ready to be the man she deserves.”

“I have a better understanding of men’s fashion.”

“If I were to tell my best friend about Melannie’s course I would say her videos are so fun and that she has changed my life for the better!”

“I know now that nothing was wrong with me, I’m just shy and needed guidance.”

As you can see… How to Get a Girlfriend has already changed so many lives! My question for you is, are YOU next?

When you sign up now, not only are you going to get lifetime access to all of this incredible training BUT I know this can change your life SO much that I’ve also included some incredible FREE bonuses to put you over the top.

How to Get a Girlfriend - Coach Melannie - Christian Dating Coach for Men

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Talking to women with confidence AND competence is a skill. All those guys who seem so good with women? They have simply learned the skill. Thanks to this guide, now you can too!

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In this guide you will learn one of the biggest hacks to make talking to beautiful women a piece of cake. How much better would you feel if you knew exactly what to say that would make her think you are attractive and fun?

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Imagine you just set up a date with your dream girl! Oh, uh… Where should you take her? You want her to enjoy her time with you AND be more attracted to you than ever before! So what should you do? Flip through this guide and come up with the perfect date! You will now have 59 amazing options. This means you won’t be running out of ideas any time soon!

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If you want her to like you knowing how to flirt is a pretty important skill. BUT you have to make sure you do it right or… she might think you are being creepy! What could be worse than your crush thinking you are a wierdo?!

Don’t let this scare you though, I’ve got your back. With this guide you’ll be able to flirt like a BOSS and attract your dream girl like crazy!

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Here, you will discover some amazing places to meet Christian women AND in places most men have never thought to look! But that’s not all, you’ll also learn key secrets about meeting people that have the power to help you find that cute gal quickly. Not knowing these secrets alone can be what is keeping you from finding her!

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Bonus #6 – How to Know if a Girl Likes YOU!

“One of the BIGGEST Things That Keeps Good Guys in the Friend Zone/Single is Not Knowing That She Likes You!”

Total Value: $349

Not having this skill alone keeps SO many good guys single! It causes SO much rejection and heartache. But if you know how to tell if a girl likes you, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. You can get the girl and avoid all that embarrassment and hurt. If You keep finding yourself stuck in the friend zone or rejected by beautiful women you need to learn this skill ASAP!

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Bonus #7 – How to Date Like a BOSS Mini-Course!

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Never again do you have to feel awkward approaching beautiful women and asking for their number. Now you will know exactly how to do it with flair. You will be confident and attractive to her instead of nervous and awkward.

You’ll also learn one of the #1 things that keep really good guys single! This simple thing can mess up your dating game like crazy. It’s much easier to avoid than most people think but ONLY when you know what it is. Once you know it and address it, it won’t hold you back ever again!

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How to Get a Girlfriend - Coach Melannie - Christian Dating Coach for Men

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How to Get a Girlfriend - Coach Melannie - Christian Dating Coach for Men
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Top Places to Meet Christian Women($298 Value)
How to Know if a Girl Likes You($349 Value)
How to Date Like a BOSS Mini-Course($498 Value)
How to Get a Girlfriend($2249 Value)

How to Talk to Women Like a Boss
($398 Value)

54 BEST Conversation Starters
($349 Value)

59 BEST Date Ideas
($298 Value)

How to Flirt with Women Like a BOSS!
($498 Value)

Top Places to Meet Christian Women
($298 Value)

How to Know if a Girl Likes You
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How to Date Like a BOSS Mini-Course
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How to Get a Girlfriend
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You just have to take hold of the opportunity first! Are you ready to get a girlfriend?

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How to Get a Girlfriend - Coach Melannie - Christian Dating Coach for Men

Ready to Get a Girlfriend and Claim Your FREE Bonuses?!

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