Tell me if this sounds like you…

I didn’t grow up with a lot of money. I wasn’t popular and I was never asked to prom. I didn’t even go on my first real date until I was in my twenties! The kind of guys I thought were cute never noticed me. If they did it was with a cringe instead of a smile.

I felt awkward and unattractive. I was TERRIFIED of not being good enough! My worse fear was loving someone with my whole heart, giving all I had to him… Only to have him leave me.

Does any of this feel familiar?

At one point in my life, I was seriously afraid to stand next to another woman. Just the thought made me want to cry. I thought I’d be laughed at. I wanted a man to love me but I felt the stab of fear that maybe that wouldn’t ever happen. Maybe I would just have to settle for less than I wanted. Maybe I was just lucky to get anyone to notice me.

Now my life is quite different! Now I am confident. Now the kinds of men I want to attract notice me AND they want my phone number. Now attracting men is something I know how to do with flair.

What changed? How do you go from such a downcast, terrified, awkward person to the type of person I am today. Happy, in love with life, fun and, dare I say it, attractive?

Did I get plastic surgery and change my look? Did I suddenly become rich and famous? Nope! Not even close. I’ll never forget the day I discovered the secret, I didn’t know it was the secret at the time but God was teaching me something.

I remember it distinctly. I was kneeling next to my bed praying. I was telling God how lost and alone I felt. I knew what I wanted but I had NO idea how to get it. As I was pleading with Him I got my answer. It hit me kind of suddenly. I didn’t expect it and it scared me a little. I suddenly understood that God needed me to do some things differently. Not because I was doing bad things but because He wanted to give me more. He wanted to give me all of my dreams! BUT, I was getting in my own way. In ways that I didn’t even begin to know at the time.

God started guiding me and teaching me. I took the leap of faith. I tried some new things. I made little steps of faith and you know what? I started to feel better. A LOT better.

Pretty soon it was actually fun! I saw my life transforming into something I loved! I was becoming the type of person I had always wanted to be. The person God knew I was deep down and knew I needed to be.

How did I do this? How did I transform into the person I am today? That is exactly what I want to teach you! AND it’s what I teach my clients.

Now, I know what many of you are thinking “Well, you are a woman and I’m a man. How will these skills help me?” You are right, I am a woman. Thank you for noticing!

Here’s the deal-breaker, my methods are based on psychology and science. This means they work no matter your gender, age or location. I’ve seen my methods work in my life AND the lives of my clients. Here’s what they had to say just DAYS after finishing How to Get a Girlfriend.

What My Clients Say

“Women are responding to what I have learned.”

Jacques B.

“My confidence level has risen exponentially. I feel I now have the tools to speak more confidently to women.”

Mike B.

“I’ve been more confident in approaching women. I’ve been more aware of how to act on a date and I’ve been generally a more happy person.”

Paul O.

How did they get these results?

Introducing How to Get a Girlfriend!

You will learn what you need to know to:

» Never worry about not being good enough.

» Stay out of the friend zone forever and instead have the girl of your dreams

» Attract the type of women you want instead of the types of women you don’t want

» Stay out of bad relationships and attract good ones

» Understand God’s timing and how to place yourself in a position where God can work in your life

» Apply the MUST HAVE mindset for a happy, successful relationship (not knowing this keeps SO many good men single!)

» Become confident in all areas of your life

» And much, much more!

The #1 Reason God Hasn’t Led You to Her?

Mary was in a VERY embarrassing situation! It was her responsibility to have enough wine for the guests… And they had run out. She knew where to turn and asked Jesus for help. What happened was one of the most well-known miracles of all time. Jesus turned water into wine. BUT there is an important part of this story that many of us don’t even notice. Before Jesus turned the water into wine he had them fill the casks with water. Why would He do that? Did He need them to have water before He could make wine? Of course not! BUT we are expected to do all we can before we qualify for a miracle. It’s as simple as that.

Moses had to raise his rod before the red sea parted. The children of Israel had to look at the brass serpent to be healed. They also had to walk through the wilderness before they could have the promised land. God always expects us to put in the effort.

One of the #1 reasons I see good, Christian men stay single is that they expect God to just lead them to her. They expect to one day just bump into her and have it all work out. Of course, God is going to help you BUT… You have to be willing to fill your cask with water. Otherwise, you really only have 2 options: 1. stay single forever and feel upset that God didn’t do anything about it or 2. settle for less.

God doesn’t want either of those things but YOU have to make the choice at the end of the day. So my question to you is are you willing to fill your cask to get your dream girl? Show God you are willing by learning the skills you need. Your dream girl is counting on you.

We’ve all been taught to “Wait on God. Just have faith and He’ll lead you to her.” Sadly, that is not quite biblically correct. Yes, God is going to help you but he isn’t going to do it FOR you.

When you sign up now for How to Get a Girlfriend you also receive 7 exclusive bonuses.

Ready to get a girlfriend and claim your gifts?!

Here’s a quick overview of your bonuses:

Bonus #1 How to Flirt With Women Like a BOSS!

In this guide you will learn how to flirt with and attract women like a BOSS.

You’ll know how to avoid being creepy and instead make flirting fun. When done right, flirting is one of your BEST tools.

There’s a special section on how to flirt as an introvert AND I walk you step by step through how to approach women effectively.

You’ll also know how to flirt with women over text. HUGE SECRET: Flirting over text is one of the easiest and best ways to flirt when you do it right.

Bonus #2 59 BEST Date Ideas

Have you ever wanted to impress a girl but didn’t know what to do or where to take her?

You need this guide! I walk you through some basics when deciding where to take her and what very important thing you need to ask her when you are asking her out.

These ideas are fun, creative and are sure to leave a good impression.

Not only can you use them as first date ideas but through the entire dating process as well. With this many ideas you won’t be running out of options any time soon!

Bonus #3 54 BEST Conversation Starters

We’ve all been in that situation where we are standing in front of someone cute and have no idea what to say!

Once you have this guide you won’t have to worry about that again.

Not only will you be equipped with plenty of conversation starter ideas but you will also know how to keep a conversation moving and fun.

Approaching cute girls, going on dates and meeting new people is SO much easier when you know what to say.

Not to mention the fact that she will be impressed by how fun you are to talk to!

Bonus #4 How to Know if a Girl Likes You

Knowing if a girl likes you makes everything easier! You don’t have to stress or worry about how she feels about you. Plus, approaching is a piece of cake because you already know she is interested.

Picking up on these signs is key. Otherwise the girl you are crushing on may think you aren’t interested … And she’ll move on.

I teach you the top 5 signs she likes you PLUS additional signs that will let you know she is interested.

You will also learn the 3 keys to using these signs effectively. Knowing these 3 keys is essential for you to have the success you want.

Bonus #5 How to Date Like a BOSS Mini-Course

Here I walk you step by step through

» How to approach a girl successfully

» What pickup lines to use

» How to get her number

» How to ask her out

» How to act on a date

» What to do after the date

» How to move forward from there

» AND you’ll learn one of the #1 things that keep good guys single! You NEED to know this to get your dream girl.

Bonus #6 How to Talk to Women Like a BOSS!

In this guide you’ll learn

» How to master small talk and know what to say when you are standing in front of a gorgeous woman

» You’ll know how to be and feel confident when talking to women

» You’ll learn 5 things girls LOVE to hear

» And you’ll know what to say when you text girls

Bonus #7 Top Places to Meet Christian Women

One of the questions I’m asked most often is where to meet Christian women! In this guide I’ll be sharing some of the best places you can find Christian women that you have things in common with. How nice would it be to just know where to look upfront?

What My Clients Say

“Watching Melannie’s videos are not only fun but one can learn so much from her and her experiences and she makes learning new things so much fun!”

Paul O.

“The videos are insightful and well structured. Step 5 in particular has some crucial advice that would avert disaster when trying to ask a girl out.”

David K.

“Enlightening. One of the BEST things ever to come off the internet.”

Jacques B.

“If I was to draw an analogy of a toolbox I could say Melannie has provided all the necessary tools to help a single guy with his relationship journey. This really wouldn’t do it justice. Melannie practically provided the whole hardware dept. This course was actually longer than what I had anticipated. I mean this in the very best way. Just when I thought that was the end there was more and I’m not counting all the bonus videos worksheets etc. This all done in an easy to understand manner. Melannie speaks with kindness and compassion and gives lots of encouragement. I am blessed to have discovered her.”

Mike B.

“I’ve become more confident in myself and I’ve been less stressed about dating.”

Paul O.

“While the information regarding better understanding women is fantastic, for me personally what was most beneficial were discussions about how I’m being perceived, through my body language and the thoughts I’ve carried with me about myself. I really enjoyed the course. I’ve spent too many years feeling like I’m not worthy of the Godly woman I want in my life. I’m glad God led me to [Melannie’s] site, whenever I meet her I know I will be ready to be the man she deserves.

Lee H.

“The best investment I’ve made in a long time.

Mike B.

It’s worked for me, it works for my clients. Now my question is are you ready to get these same results?

NOTE: This is an exclusive price. You have to act now!

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You don’t have to be the guy who never gets the girl anymore. YOU can be the guy with the girl of your dreams. You can have the life you really want.

But you have to take hold of the opportunity first! Are you ready to get a girlfriend?

Let’s get started.

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