About Melannie

Hey! I’m Melannie. A Christian Dating Coach for Men. I help you know how to get the girl of your DREAMS.

I’m a Certified Life Coach, Certified Confidence Coach and Certified Relationship Workshop Facilitator.

I excel at teaching good guys how to:

» Attract the type of woman you want

» Become confident and self-assured

» Date like a boss

» Sidestep bad relationships

» And ultimately how to get a girlfriend. Your DREAM girlfriend.

Not only are my methods based on Christian principles but I also don’t teach mind games or tricks. I’m all about actual tools that actually work. Dating, relationships and attraction are all about knowing the right skills and I’m here to teach you just that.

My Story

Several years ago I realized I had a problem. A big problem! I had recently left a bad relationship. Another one. Each time I was left with an aching heart, lowered self esteem and the question deep down “why wasn’t this working?”

I tried so hard! I put myself out there again and again. I compromised and bent over backwards and I was still rejected and hurt. Even when I was the one to end the relationship it was because I couldn’t take the way they treated me anymore. Then it hit me all at once, I was dating the same kind of guy over and over! I was reliving the same relationship. But why?

I took a healthy relationship class and everything became clear. I was repeating history, my history because it was all I knew. You see, I was raised by an extremely abusive father. My angel mother did her very best to protect us from him but my siblings and I grew up thinking being treated that way was normal. Since that was all I expected from guys those were the only ones I attracted.

I started studying more and more about the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships and started to see that society has a big problem. Most of us haven’t been taught about the essentials of a happy relationship so we muddle our way through, hoping to stumble into our dream relationship. The odds of this happening (especially when we don’t know the rules) are very, very slim to none. So many of us enter into (and unfortunately stay in) toxic and hurtful relationships simply out of ignorance. Others never figure out how to crack the “relationship code” and either settle for less than they want or stay single their entire lives.

I started applying the principles I was learning and was amazed at how my life turned around. I was filled with so much more happiness, self respect, confidence and hope. There was finally room for healthy relationships (the kind I’d been longing for all along) now that the toxic relationships were gone.

I decided to devote my life to teaching others how to have happy  relationships and how to avoid the bad ones. This is why I earned certifications and started coaching.

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Melannie Lewis is a Certified Life Coach specializing in healthy relationships. She empowers Christian men to find and attract their dream girl.

As an abuse survivor, Melannie has devoted her life to teaching others how to avoid unhealthy relationships and attract happy, healthy relationships instead. She is the founder of CoachMelannie.com

Melannie is a Christian and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She currently lives in northern Utah. In her spare time she loves to sing, dance and play The Legend of Zelda games.

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