Hey! I’m Melannie. A Christian Dating Coach for Men. I teach you how to find, attract, and keep your dream girl without mind games, tricks, or pretending to be someone you aren’t.

I’m a Certified Life Coach, Certified Confidence Coach, and Certified Relationship Workshop Facilitator.

I excel at teaching men how to:

» Attract your dream girl like a magnet

» Become confident and self-assured

» Date like a boss

» Sidestep bad relationships

» Have an unlimited dating pool

» Keep her once you get her

» And SO much more!

Not only are my methods based on Christian principles but I also don’t teach mind games or tricks. I’m all about Christian based and science-backed skills. Dating and realtionships can (and should) be fun! Once you know my methods they will be both fun and easy.

My Story

I have the HUGE blessing of teaching thousands of men how to get the girl of their DREAMS. Do you know what’s funny though? I actually used to really stink at relationships…

Long before I became a coach, I found myself in one bad relationship after another. I couldn’t understand why I could try so hard and still not have my dream relationship! Have you ever felt that way too?

It felt like I was broken or something. Then one day, I took a relationship class in my community, and everything finally made sense.

Relationships can be calculated! Bad relationships are bad for a reason and good relationships are good for a reason. Once you have the right strategy you get the relationship you want!

It’s just like science. When you have the right formula you get the result you want. No wonder I didn’t have my dream relationship! I had no idea what I was doing.

I started researching like crazy and applying what I learned. I was shocked by what happened.

Pretty soon I went from having no idea how to find “the one” to having an unlimited dating pool and attracting my dream relationship to me like a magnet! Dating became easy and fun.

This is the power of knowing the right strategy.

Once I learned these secrets (what I like to call “Being Attractive by Default”). I knew I had to share them with as many people as possible.

I looked around me and saw that most people teach to play mind-games and use tricks that don’t lead to a happy relationship.

My methods are backed by science and always come from a Christian perspective. This is why they always work! I knew I wanted to help everyone have their dream relationship.

So I became a Certified Life Coach, Certified Confidence Coach, and Certified Relationship Workshop Facilitator.

This is why I now have the huge honor of teaching thousands of men how to get the girl of their dreams!

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Melannie is a Certified Life Coach, Confidence Coach, and Relationship Workshop Facilitator. She is the creator of the online program “How to Get a Girlfriend” and specializes in teaching men the skills to get the girl of their dreams.

Known for her Christian based and science-backed methods, her “Attractive by Default” strategy is what sets her apart. Melannie makes dating and relationships easy and fun.

Melannie currently lives in northern Utah. In her spare time, she loves to sing, dance, and play The Legend of Zelda games.


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