Here’s What Toxic Women Don’t Want You To Know About Healthy Relationships…

Bad Relationships Be Free Forever! Coach Melannie Christian Dating Coach For Men

Have you ever been in a bad relationship? I sure have and it HURTS. The truth is you deserve SO much better. This is why I created my course Bad Relationships: Be Free Forever!

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“Melannie’s is not only fun, but one can learn so much from her and her experiences and she makes learning new things so much fun!”

“Having been married for 27 yrs I thought I knew all about relationships and dating. How wrong I was. Especially nowadays with dating apps, texting, etc. I felt like a fish out of water. Melannie provided all the tools and more to give you the best shot at getting that dream girl.”

“I’ve been more aware of how to act on a date.”

“I’m going to put myself out there. The future is bright.”

“I’ve spent too many years feeling like I’m not worthy of the Godly woman I want in my life. I’m glad God led me to Melannie’s site, whenever I meet her I know I will be ready to be the man she deserves.”

“I know now that nothing was wrong with me, I’m just shy and needed guidance.”

“I can tell more easily if a girl likes me.”

“I know when and how to make a move when the signs are there.”

“I have more confidence.”