So, what exactly do you do when a girl plays hard to get? Is it a sign that she likes you? How should you react? If these are questions you are asking then you are in the right place! In today’s video I give you 2 steps for success when it comes to a happy relationship and girls who play hard to get.

In today’s video I cover:

  • Common misunderstandings about playing hard to get
  • Why most advice you hear is actually wrong
  • How to really know if a girl likes you
  • How to find the kind of relationship you are dreaming of

Here’s the link I told you about in the video. Enjoy! 😊

The Top 5 Things Girls do When They are Interested.


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What has been your experience with playing hard to get? Tell me about it in the comments!

Know someone who could really use some help in this area? Be sure to share! 😊

13 Signs She's Waiting For You To Make A Move - Coach Melannie Christian Dating

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