Why Am I Single? (Spoiler: It’s Not Your Fault!) Have you ever looked at your love life and asked “Wait, why am I still single?” If you have you will be relived by what you learn in this video! I’m not going to be telling you a long list of reasons why you are still single but I will be sharing the main reasons you are still single and why it’s actually not your fault! With that said though you’ll also learn what you can do to change it. The best news is that it works every time! Let’s get started then with “Why am I Single?” (SPOILER: It’s Not Your Fault!)

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Why Am I Single? (Spoiler: It’s Not Your Fault!)

Why am I single?” Have you ever asked yourself that question? Maybe you’ve looked in the mirror at some point and thought “why am I single? I’m a nice person. I just want to love someone and treat someone right. I have a good job. I think I’m pretty attractive. So why am I single?

If you have ever found yourself asking this then you are going to love what you are about to learn. The truth is, this is about to change everything for you. I’m going to be giving you the answer to the question “why am I single?” and help you see why it’s not your fault at all.

Now, part of the reason I asked you if you have ever wondered “why am I still single?” is because I have been there too. Long before I became a coach I found myself in bad relationship after bad relationship. And those were the relationships I was actually able to get.

It was kind of a feast or famine situation. No relationship for a long time, all of a sudden a really bad relationship. And I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong.

I couldn’t figure out why what I was doing wasn’t working. I tried my best to be a nice person and to be a good person and I couldn’t understand why I could try so hard and God hadn’t led me to my dream relationship yet.

That’s When I Discovered…

Now, this led me to one evening being on my knees in prayer just begging with God. “What am I doing wrong? Like what’s wrong? Why am I single? Why can I try so hard and it not work?” Have you ever been in that situation? Have you ever had that discussion with God as well?

I was feeling pretty broken, pretty heartbroken, and as I was praying I suddenly realized that I didn’t have all of the answers.

You have probably heard the saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, right? 


I realized as I was praying that I was doing the same thing over and over again and I was expecting a different result.

But I didn’t get a different result, all I did was go from bad relationship to bad relationship when I was able to find a relationship.

Something needed to change, wouldn’t you agree?

It’s Not Your Fault That You’re Single

Now let’s pause for just a second. Was it my fault that I didn’t know what I was doing? Well, no. Nobody had ever taught me. I did not have any clue how to create a relationship and how to be who I needed to be to attract what I wanted to attract.

So the truth is if you’re asking the question I once asked, “holy cow why am I still single? Why isn’t this working?” then it’s not your fault, you simply weren’t taught.

If you’re like most people, your first experience with feelings and relationships started when you were in school. And if you were like most people you had no idea what to do.

You felt nervous and you felt a little bit embarrassed and you had nobody to talk to or you just didn’t want to talk to anybody about it, so you just kind of tried to figure out how to get the girl to like you.

Maybe you watched your peers and tried to see what they did to see if it worked. Maybe you turned to your favorite TV shows and tried to see what they did to see if that worked.

But you’ve probably never had anybody sit down with you and say “Okay. This is how you get a girl to like you and this is how you do things like that.

Where The Problem Starts

Usually, this starts pretty early on in school and it just continues through high school. And let’s be real here, high school is responsible for more bad relationships than probably anything else.

High school honestly just doesn’t teach us any good relationship advice whatsoever.

In addition to that, so many of us grew up in a broken home or in a home where our parents just didn’t teach us these things.

Even if they were completely well-meaning they just didn’t teach us because they probably don’t know the answers either. So how in the world are you supposed to know these things?

Unfortunately, there isn’t an obvious way.

It would be like somebody putting you in a car without teaching you how to drive and saying “okay, drive. Go. Let’s do this.” It’s not gonna work, right?

So is this making sense of why it’s not your fault? And wouldn’t you agree that it’s not fair to make you feel like it’s your fault? If you agree with that be sure to comment “AMEN!” In the comments below.

What To Do About “Why Am I Single?”

So basically it’s not your fault that you’re single, but there is something you can do about it. That sounds hopeful and exciting, right?

So let me continue with my story. As I was praying I had that aha moment, that light bulb moment of “whoa. I need to learn a few things and acquire some skills.

So that’s what I started doing.

God started leading me to learn one thing and then another thing and I started adding to my dating tool belt and started taking on new skills.

And it was kind of crazy. I would learn one thing and I’d start to apply it and I started to get some good results from that. Then I learned something new and I’d start to apply that and I got some awesome results from that.

And pretty soon my life had completely flipped around. I had gone from bad relationship to bad relationship to an unlimited dating pool and becoming a magnet for the type of person I was looking for.

That sounds way better than attracting bad relationships, right? It’s way better than wondering why I’m single. I finally knew everything I needed to know to be able to get my dream relationship.

This is what happens when you finally learn how to get a relationship in the right way.

You take those skills and you become a magnet for the type of relationship you are wanting. That is how you get results. Isn’t that exciting to finally know how that it’s not your fault and that you can change it?

Why Learning The Right Skills Is Important

I have a friend who had an experience very similar to mine. Unfortunately, he grew up in a toxic home, in a broken home. He had two very toxic parents and was kind of left to just figure things out on his own.

If anything, he was taught some very untrue things about relationships. 

This meant that as he got older and started dating, the first girl who noticed him, he started dating her and they ended up getting engaged. 

He was never more miserable in his entire life than when he was dating and engaged to this woman.

Now thankfully things didn’t work out and she broke it off with him and he never felt so relieved in his whole life.

He felt like he had been given a second chance at life and it caused him to kind of say “what am I doing? Do I like how I feel right now? Do I like the direction my life is going in?

And the answer was no.

So he decided to learn what he needed to learn to become who he needed to be to attract his dream relationship. Just like I learned.

And very quickly he had instead found his dream girl. They are married now and they have three adorable children.

And guys, they are serious relationship goals. They are one of the happiest married couples I know and they are the best of friends and crazy in love.

This all happened by him saying “wait a second. It’s not my fault I wasn’t taught these things, but I’m going to learn these things because I deserve to know these things, right?

He deserved to have his dream girl. So he learned the skills he needed and he was able to get that dream girl and have an amazing life.

How Do You Get These Same Results?

So if you have been asking “why am I single?” just know and take comfort in the fact that it’s not your fault.

You haven’t been taught these things. Society doesn’t teach us these things. If anything society teaches us a bunch of lies about relationships.

So it’s not your fault. Don’t be hard on yourself and never let anybody treat you like it is your fault because the truth is it’s just not.

But there is something you can do about it. Because yeah, it’s not your fault and it has happened to you unjustly but you don’t have to stay there. 

It only becomes your fault if you decide to stay there.

So don’t be the victim. Take your power back and let yourself move past this and finally have that girl and that life you are wanting.

One of the biggest lies society teaches you as men is that women want things that in reality women don’t want.

This is especially true when we’re talking about Christian women. They want something very different from what the rest of the world wants.

This is why I put together a free guide for you on the Traits Christian Women Want Most in a Man. That means if you have these traits then you have the traits she wants most. That sounds exciting, right?

It’s free, just check out the link in the description below, enter your name and email and I will send you this free guide ASAP.

The truth is, you just deserve to know these things and it will be such a relief to you. Like I said you’ve been taught a lot of lies and you deserve to know the truth. So click on that link and I will send you this free guide. 

What’s Next?

Thank you so much for reading my amazing friend! I hope you found this information comforting. If you did be sure to let me know in the comments below.

And if you think society just kind of needs to learn these things and be taught these things be sure to type “AMEN!” in the comments below. Let’s start a movement. I think that sounds good, right?

If we are not yet friends on social media there are links to that above this article as well. Be sure to check that out and say hi.

If you have a friend who has been told it’s his fault he’s single, oh my goodness please share this with him. He deserves to know these things too.

And I’d love it if you’d shout it out on your favorite social media platform. Thank you so much again my amazing friend and have an amazing day.


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