Toxic Women (Why Even Christians Aren’t Even Safe!) It’s sad to say but there are adult bullies even at church. If you don’t know about toxic women signs and signs of a toxic girlfriend you can easily get trapped by a toxic woman. Knowing the red flags of a toxic relationship and the signs of a toxic relationship will save you SO much heartache! Honestly, never date these types of women. It only leads to pain. It’s time to take your power back! Let’s get started with Toxic Women (Why Even Christians Aren’t Safe!).

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Toxic Women (Why Even Christians Aren’t Safe!)

Hello, my wonderful friend! Today’s video is on toxic women why even Christians aren’t safe.

Serious question for you: what is the difference between a man who feels like there are no good women left, who has only ever been hurt by women, and who feels like all relationships are one-sided, versus the guy who knows good women exist because he has his ideal girlfriend?

The man who is holding his dream girl instead of aching for one is the man who’s aware of these very important myths and does not believe them.

If you are sick of bad relationships and sick of being hurt and sick of one-sided relationships then pay very close attention because I’m going to be sharing those myths with you and helping you be able to get past it so that you can be the guy with your dream girl.

So pay very close attention and make sure you watch to the end.

My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men and my specialty is helping amazing guys get their dream girl and to stop being rejected and stop feeling embarrassed, stop feeling awkward and just be a total boss and have the relationship you’ve always wanted.

Here’s the truth: I get comments and DMs and emails from you every day telling me your situation and how you’re feeling and what you’re going through and so many of you frankly are heartbroken.

And you’re wondering “Am I the crazy one? Why is she treating me this way? Am I making this up? Is this a good relationship? What should I do?

And so often, the whole answer is that she is a toxic woman. No, it’s not you, you’re not crazy, it’s her.

So the purpose of this video is to make you aware of the common myths that are keeping you in all of this heartache so that you can move past it and you can be the guy with your dream girl.

So that you can be the guy with the girl who treats you right. Sound good? Let’s dive in.

Myth 1 – She Believes So She Can’t Be Toxic

Myth number one. And guys this may be the biggest myth of all of them. And that is that she’s a believer so she’s not toxic. Wrong. 100% wrong. Anyone can say they are a believer.

And the truth is toxic women prey on good Christian men. They just do. Why? Because you’re awesome and you’re nice and you’ll let her get away with whatever it is she wants to do.

A couple of stories to illustrate: one, I had a man reach out to me heartbroken, asking me to please share his story with all of you.

He met a woman, she seemed awesome, he was so in love, they went to church every week, everything seemed fine.

Now here he is years later, he has been miserable his entire married life because he married a toxic woman. She looked like she was the perfect believer, the perfect Christian woman.

She did that just long enough to get him and she is a narcissist who has belittled him and criticized him and been unkind to him his entire married life. He is in an unequally yoked relationship.

Yeah, she is “a believer” but he’s never been more miserable and more hurt.

Another man I know he served a two-year mission for his religion. He came home, met a girl that made his heart sing, he just thought she was amazing, went to church every week, read her scriptures, all the things she’s supposed to do.

And he has been miserable his entire married life. He’s one of the most miserable people I know because she’s a toxic woman, she’s belittling, she’s controlling, she’s mean, she’s unkind, she plays games with him.

The truth is some women purposefully find nice guys at church because they know that they can get away with anything.

This is not anything new. This is biblical. This is why we are told to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. People who look like believers but they’re not. This is why we’re told not to cast our pearls before swine.

Don’t give your heart to someone who doesn’t care about your heart and doesn’t want to give back to you. It’s all about ego and control.

If you watched this video (10 Types Of Women Who Are A Waste Of Time) we did talk about this there as well. Be sure to check out that link and it will help you with this a ton as well.

Bottom line: yeah there are unfortunately, it’s sad, it’s tragic, it shouldn’t happen, but there are women who are “believers” but in reality, they’re just toxic women.

So saying “well we met at church” or “we’re both Christian” is not a fix-all. That does not mean that it’s all going to be okay.

It’s very very important to make sure she’s not a toxic woman. Is this making sense so far?

Myth 2 – Toxic People Don’t Exist

Myth number two is that toxic people do not even exist. That is another massive myth, a massive lie.

In reality, research shows that almost half of people who are in a relationship are in a bad relationship, they’re in a toxic relationship. And the truth is that is just heartbreaking.

So let’s just think about this logically and take a very logical approach. Do you remember the bullies in school? And maybe you even have some bullies at work or in your life now as an adult.

Do you remember how they would lie and how they make some people think they’re the nicest person ever just to get away with things?

Like all the teachers thought they were super cool but in reality, all the kids knew they were jerks?

Or how they would pretend to be nice to someone so that they could just embarrass them and mortify them?

Guys that’s still going on as adults. This is why I call toxic people adults bullies. That’s all they are.

Yes, we grew up, we moved on, and we think that because we grew up everybody else did too.

The truth is so many people just stayed bullies. And they became even bigger bullies as adults.

So yeah the sad reality is there are toxic people in this world and if you’re not aware of them they take advantage of you because they are looking for the people who are not aware of them. After all, those are the people they can use.

Answer This For Me

Quick question for you. Have you ever known people like this? Have you maybe even dated people like this?

If you have let me know in the comments. I want to hear about it.

And if you’d like more videos on toxic women and toxic girlfriends and how to make sure you have a better relationship be sure to comment “TOXIC” in the comments below so I know to do that for you.

I also wanted to mention if you are sick of being hurt and sick of one-sided relationships, sick of being cheated on and bad relationships then check out my program Bad Relationships: Be Free Forever.

Guys the truth is I used to have tons of toxic people around me and I took everything I wish I would have known about toxic people and put it together in this program.

Everything I have learned about sidestepping these relationships, walking away from the heartache, and repelling toxic people, and now instead attracting healthy and good people into your life.

All of that is in this course so that you can finally stop experiencing all this heartache. If you act now I’m giving you three paid lessons totally for free so you can test drive the course. No credit card required.

You can get a sneak peek at the material and how much it can help you. So check out that link above to sign up for that.

Seriously if you are sick of bad relationships then what are you waiting for? Honestly, it is so freeing to finally be able to move past that.

If you are struggling to feel like there are any good women left what your problem is is you are attracting toxic women.

And it’s time for you to finally be free of that and know how to stop attracting toxic women. So check out that link. It will change your life forever.

Myth 3 – You Just Need To Love Toxic Women Anyways

Myth number three is that “she’s God’s daughter so I just need to love her, right?” Well yeah, you can love someone and still set boundaries though.

Jesus is the perfect example of setting boundaries. So often as Christians all we focus on is “well Jesus said love everyone.” and he did.

But have you ever noticed that he set some serious boundaries? Jesus still sets boundaries. “If you keep My Commandments then you can live with Me again. If you don’t you can’t.”

And as you read the New Testament he was always telling those, the Pharisees and the Sadducees and those who were against him, he was always very assertive with them and he always set boundaries with them.

The fact is if it’s good enough for Jesus it’s good enough for us, right? And so it’s 100% percent okay and appropriate and critical for us to set boundaries.

The fact is doesn’t God love you too? Yes, of course He loves you too. So why in the world would he want you to purposefully put yourself in a situation where you are continuing to be hurt?

The truth is if it’s hurting you it’s not helping her. It’s just not. That’s not how it works. Do you think God wants your children to be raised by a woman like that?

One of the things I do teach my clients in my program Bad Relationships: Be Free Forever is that, yeah you never want to judge a person, but you do have to judge the situation, you do have to judge how it is affecting you.

For instance, let’s pretend you’re walking home late at night and somebody starts screaming at you very threatening things and starts running towards you with a weapon.

You’re gonna run away and call the police, right? Obviously. Did you just judge that person? No. You didn’t judge the person at all. You didn’t have time to judge the person you were too busy running, right?

But you did judge the situation. You said “wow this is hurting me. There’s a huge potential here for me to be seriously hurt.” Which is what toxic people do to us too, right?

And you said “I’m done. I’m not going into this situation. I’m getting as far away from the situation as I can” and you took the necessary steps to avoid being hurt. What you did is you judged the situation, not the person.

So yeah don’t judge people but judge the situation. If it’s hurting you then you should avoid it.

Myth 4 – If She’s Toxic I Would Never Feel Awesome Around Her

Myth number four is “if she’s toxic then I would never feel awesome when I’m around her, right?” Wrong.

Toxic people would never have anyone pay any attention to them if they always showed their true colors. Toxic people are entirely driven by ego and pride and vanity. It’s all a big game to them.

And so they purposefully are sweet and as nice and as charming as they possibly can be to get your attention and to keep you around.

This is why so often they’ll be the coolest person in the world and then all of a sudden things don’t add up.

Maybe she makes you feel really bad and things kind of start falling apart. So you start to pull away and then she becomes the nicest person in the world again and she “just cares about you so much“.

This is the game they play with you. They know if they show their true colors all the time you wouldn’t waste another second on them. So they’re as charming and flashy as they can be to keep you around forever.

They like to see how far they can push you and they start showing their true colors, they start being unkind, they start playing games with you, only until they see that that’s not going to work anymore and then they’re super charming and super flashy all over again.

I have so many of you say “but I love her for the good times” or “sometimes she’s so amazing to me.” Guys that is so normal. That is 100% normal.

Anyone who’s ever been in a bad relationship and a toxic relationship knows that feeling. That is the game they play with you. But that’s not who they are.

If she legitimately cared about you she would treat you with respect because you’re an amazing person and you deserve someone who’s going to treat you well.

And if she’s not doing that all the time then does she care about you?

Another thing I teach in my program Bad Relationships: Be Free Forever is to ask yourself “how do I feel around this person? How do I feel before I see them and how do I feel after I see them?

Do you feel anxious? Do you feel nervous? Do you feel like maybe you’re not good enough? Does your self-esteem struggle?

And I mean overall, not just like “oh today it was amazing.” No. Overall how do you feel when you’re with this person or when you’re around this person? How do you feel about yourself and the world?

A really important question to ask yourself is if the rest of your life was just like it is right now and you felt just like you feel right now would you want it to stay that way?

Because research shows that it almost always gets a million times worse, not better.

So if you don’t like where your life is right now, if you don’t feel like you have her complete devotion, if you don’t feel like she treats you right, if you feel like it’s one-sided, if you feel exhausted, if you feel discouraged, then why would you want to stay there?

What’s Next?

To sum up, if you are struggling to find your ideal woman these myths and not believing these myths anymore are half your battle.

If you feel that good women do not exist and that only bad relationships exist your problem is that you are attracting toxic women. You are a magnet for toxic women.

This is what’s bringing in all that heartache and all of that pain. And the truth is you deserve better than that.

This is again why I created my program Bad Relationships: Be Free Forever so that you can turn it around so that you can be free from these bad relationships.

Instead be the guy with your dream girlfriend instead of the guy who’s surrounded by bad relationships and who always has a one-sided relationship instead of a loving, happy, healthy relationship.

So again seriously if you are struggling with this you need to check out my program. Honestly, what are you waiting for? You deserve to finally get past this.

There are good women everywhere you just have to learn how to attract good women instead of toxic women. So check out that link right now and I’ll see you over there.

Thank you so much for watching my amazing friend! I would like to hear from you in the comments. Have you ever been in this situation? Have you ever dated toxic women? I want to hear about it.

And do you want more videos about toxic women and bad relationships and how to avoid them? If you do be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Do you have a friend who is struggling with women like this? If you do, sharing is caring so be sure to share it with him. And I’d love it if you would shout it out on social media as well.

If we are not yet friends on social media yet we need to be. So check out the links for that above this article as well. Thank you so much again my amazing friend and have an amazing day.

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