Once You Stop Caring… She Starts Chasing? Wondering how to get a girl to chase you? You need to know this first… So many people on the internet are telling you it’s important to know why she’s not chasing you and how to get girls to chase you/how to get women to chase you. They say that women secretly love this. Sadly, they are massively mistaken about the psychology of attraction, what women think and female psychology in general. Want to understand women? Want to know how to get a girlfriend and how to get a girl to like you? This video is for you and there are NO lies or tricks that simply don’t work. Ready to dive in? Let’s get started with Once You Stop Caring She Starts Chasing!

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Once You Stop Caring… She Starts Chasing?

Hello, my wonderful friend! Today we are going to be talking about the “once you stop caring… she starts chasing” concept and why it will mess up your relationship life, permanently.

What you are going to learn today comes from both my insight as a woman as well as my extensive training and research as a certified coach.

If you want to avoid heartbreak, messing up your relationships, and frankly just being miserable, make sure you watch to the end of this video.

Not only am I going to be sharing five reasons the “once you stop caring she starts chasing” concept is incredibly flawed but I also have some very very special tips at the end that will help you feel better about this and actually know what to do that will get results instead.

Before we dive in if this is your first time here, welcome! My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men.

I help you stop wasting your time and stop wasting your money on dead-end relationships by learning the skills you need to get your ideal girlfriend. Not just a girlfriend, I’m talking about your dream girl.

All right let’s talk. The internet is full right now of so many people saying “get her to chase you“, “stop caring and she’ll chase you and once you walk away she’ll chase you.

And the truth is this will mess up your life, okay? This will not lead you to happy relationships. This is a terrible terrible tactic. In all honesty, it will wreck your life if you keep doing it.

The only way to get a happy relationship is to stop doing it and I have five reasons for you today that explain why. Ready to dive in? Let’s get started.

1 – It Logically Can’t Work

Reason number one is that the whole concept of one person chasing the other is actually flawed. It does not lead to a happy relationship.

As long as one person is chasing the other you never get together, right? You never connect. A healthy relationship, a happy relationship, has two people who come together. They’re close.

A relationship where one is chasing the other, there’s no closeness, there’s no connection.

So a real relationship, a happy relationship, the relationship everybody wants deep down, cannot be achieved if one is chasing the other.

Instead, you have to mutually move towards each other. Does that make sense?

With this being said you guys know if you’ve been following my channel for a while that I do teach you about the importance of pursuing.

That is completely different than chasing. And as a woman, there are certain things women have to do to in their own way pursue you as well and be invested in the relationship.

The very nature of chasing is that one person is running away and the other person is trying to keep up with them, trying to get their attention.

And that’s not a happy relationship, right? Who in the world wants to be in a relationship like that? The truth is it’s exhausting, it’s not happy, and it’s just not fun.

2 – It won’t Get You Long Lasting Relationships

The second reason the “once you stop caring she starts chasing” concept is flawed and will mess up your life is it actually doesn’t lead to a lifelong relationship.

Again if you’ve been following me for a while you know one thing that sets my channel apart from pretty much everything else on the internet is that I teach you how to have a lifelong relationship.

You know those cute old people who are like crazy in love in their 90s? Yeah, I’m talking that kind of relationship.

What most people are teaching on the internet right now is a whole bunch of mind games, a whole bunch of tricks.

And yeah they’re effective if you’re looking for one night fling, okay? I’m gonna be perfectly honest with you. But if you’re trying to get that lifelong happy relationship it’s not going to work.

Pay close attention because this is actually going to comfort you so much.

Any real and sincere woman, she just wants you to love her and she just wants to love you. She just wants to know who you are and she just wants you to know the real her and she wants just a happy, honest, open, relationship.

And any relationship that is playing mind games and making you chase her and her chase you and “now I can’t talk to you and now you can’t talk to me” that’s not sincere, that’s not honest, that’s not open. It’s exhausting.

And so what it’s going to do, is those sincere awesome women, it’s going to repel them. They’re not going to be interested, they’re going to walk away.

Now if this has not been your experience up to this point then it’s because you’ve been attracting toxic women which is a terrible terrible hamster wheel. Seriously it’s awful.

Be sure to watch this video (10 Types Of Women Who Are A Waste Of Time) and it will help you so much with this. As long as you’re attracting toxic women you’re never going to attract the type of woman you really want.

If you want that long-lasting happy relationship the “once you stop caring she starts chasing” concept is not going to cut it for you.

What’s Going To Work Instead?

Now real fast I want to answer this question because I know you guys are going to ask it.

“Okay, so I’m starting to see why this is actually a terrible idea, right? I’m starting to see why this will not work. Well, what’s going to work instead?” The truth is that’s exactly what I’m here for.

I’ve put together a free masterclass for you that teaches you exactly what you need to do to get your ideal girlfriend. Stop wasting time with mind games and silly tricks and just know exactly what does work.

You’ll learn the biggest mistakes that will keep you single forever, you’ll learn why you are not getting your ideal girlfriend and what to do instead to get her.

As well as my five-step framework I teach my paid clients to get their ideal girlfriends. So you’re going to want to make sure you check out this masterclass. It’s totally free, click here to check it out.

3 – It Attracts Toxic Women

Reason number three is that it actually attracts the wrong kinds of women.

This whole “once you walk away she starts chasing” does actually attract some women. I will be completely honest with you it does, but they are toxic women, they are drama queens.

Once You Stop Caring She Starts Chasing Graph 1 - Coach Melannie Christian Dating

This graph is what most people think a normal relationship looks like. It’s got some pretty high highs, right? But it’s also got some pretty awful lows and it’s not really progressing, it’s not really going anywhere.

But this is what most people think that’s just how it is. Up, down, up, down, hot, cold, hot, cold. The truth is that is actually not what a relationship should look like.

Once You Stop Caring She Starts Chasing Graph 2 - Coach Melannie Christian Dating

Here’s another graph. This is what a relationship should look like. It just goes up. It just progresses. You just get closer and closer as I talked about and you just get more and more in love.

Yes, you are going to have good days and you are going to have bad days. That is life. And you’re going to have things you need to work through. But ultimately you are always moving in an upward direction.

That is why again this whole concept of making her chase you is not going to lead to a lifelong relationship. It’s going to have those serious ups and downs and mess up your relationship and ultimately your life.

Real women, the type of woman you actually want to grow old with, she doesn’t have time for that first graph.

She doesn’t have time for all that drama and those ups and downs and guessing and trying to figure it out. She doesn’t have time for that so she will actually walk away from that.

A woman like that, if he starts “stop caring and playing it aloof” she’s going to turn around and she’s going to walk away because she’s looking for sincerity, she’s looking for honesty. It’s not going to work on her.

But the other women, the toxic women, they love drama. And so that up and down system is exactly what they’re looking for. So you are going to attract toxic women.

And whenever you’re in a relationship with a toxic person it’s a toxic relationship. It’s hurtful, it’s painful, and it’s miserable.

One of the biggest things to remember is if a relationship starts with mind games and tricks that is how it will end. One way or another that is how it will end.

Either you will have to do that your entire married life to keep her interested in you or as soon as the games stop she’s gone.

She’s gonna cheat on you, she’s gonna break up with you, she’s gonna break your heart, whatever it is, she’s done because ultimately she’s only in this relationship for those games. Doesn’t that just make sense?

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4 – Some Women Will Respond

Reason number four the “once you stop caring she starts chasing” concept is completely flawed is that many women will respond to that. They will, but it’s because of ego.

I have talked to some toxic women who have openly said “well he can’t break up with me. I have to break up with him.” So yeah, she’ll play the game to get you back, again she’s a drama queen, she’s got tons of ego.

She’ll try to get you back and she’ll start chasing you just so she can be the one to break up with you. That is a very hurtful cycle that sadly happens over and over again.

Again this is something toxic women do because those are the only types of women you’re going to attract if you’re trying to make her chase you.

Be sure to watch this video (Toxic Girlfriend Signs) as well on toxic women. Seriously it’s going to help you so much. It’s pretty much a good life skill to know how to identify toxic women.

But so many toxic women say “no he can’t break up with me. I have to break up with him.

And so once you stop caring and walk away she’ll chase you only until she gets you back and then she’s gonna play with you and break up with you. She will make you pay for making her chase you.

On the other side, the sincere, loving, awesome woman you are looking for, you start playing those games with her and she’s done. She’s gone, it’s over.

5 – It’s Immature

And our fifth reason is honestly that it’s immature. Point blank, it just is. Even if you happen to be the almost impossible exception where she is not toxic, it’s still immature, it’s still not a good idea.

If you go into a relationship with this concept and playing these games you are not setting your relationship upon a good foundation at all.

You are starting your relationship with mind games. This means your relationship started with you guys messing with each other’s heads.

Where’s the honesty in that? Where’s the integrity in that? Where’s the sincerity in that? There isn’t any, right?

How can there be trust in a relationship when it starts with you messing with each other’s heads? If you want a long-lasting happy relationship you’ve got to be mature.

What’s Next?

Now that’s it for our five reasons however there are two very important points I need to make before we end this video.

Number one: the reason the whole “make her chase you” concept is very very attractive to a lot of men is frankly because you’ve been played. Maybe you’re thinking that as you watch this video, right?

You’ve been hurt, you’ve been burned, and so the thought process is “well I’m never being burned again. I don’t want to be rejected anymore, I don’t want to be embarrassed anymore, so I’m going to make her chase me.

Remember though just like I showed you earlier that’s not how a relationship works. If one is chasing and the other is running away you never come together.

You have to mutually come together. So as long as one person is doing the chasing it’s not going to work and it’s not going to lead you to that relationship.

Also realize that if you’ve been played, if you’ve been hurt, if you’ve been burned, it’s for two reasons.

One, you are attracting the wrong types of women, and/or two, you don’t have the relationship skills you need to get that incredible relationship.

Again this is why I created my masterclass, which was just for you. So check out this link to learn what is stopping you from having that ideal relationship and how to instead move forward so you can get that long-term happy relationship.

If you’re sick of being burned, if you’re sick of being rejected, if you’re sick of being embarrassed and wasting your time and money, make sure you check out that link right now.

The second thing I really need you to know is this whole concept of “once you stop caring she starts chasing” is not completely flawed if by stop caring you mean stop obsessing.

It is true that someone confident, someone who is self-assured, and someone who is not obsessed and needy, yeah that’s very attractive and women are going to be drawn to that.

As a matter of fact, if you are needy and obsessed you’re actually going to push women away because it comes across as creepy and makes her uncomfortable.

So there is some truth to it if you mean don’t be obsessed and don’t be needy. But if you mean act aloof and play hard to get and all that yeah it is not remotely effective

 If you have been struggling with feeling needy and kind of hovering and being obsessed then again my masterclass is for you as well.

I specifically put it together so you guys would have one video you could go to to get solid answers and a solid game plan. So make sure you click this link and join us over there.

Thank you so much again for reading my wonderful friend! I want to hear from you in the comments.

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