How To Stop Being Shy And Awkward Forever! Wishing you knew how to be more confident? The cure to awkwardness and knowing how to not be socially awkward can be a bit tricky to figure out. But once you know how to cure shyness, how to stop being nervous and how to stop being shy around your crush, you are on the road to getting your ideal girlfriend. Being shy and awkward is much more common than youโ€™d think so you arenโ€™t alone in this struggle. Just remember that anyone who is confident had to learn how to stop being shy. Ready to get started? Letโ€™s dive in to How to Stop Being Shy and Awkward FOREVER!

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How To Stop Being Shy And Awkward Forever

Hello, my wonderful friend! Today’s video is on how to stop being shy and awkward forever.

I get so many questions from you guys asking “what do I do if I’m shy? Can I ever get a girlfriend if I’m shy?” And the answer is: absolutely.

Here’s something that you really need to be aware of: so many people are shyer than we think they are.

So often we think well we’re the only ones who struggle with this. When in reality if you could sit down and talk to most people they would tell you that yeah they know what it feels like to be shy.

It actually surprises a lot of people to know that I can actually be shy. The truth is this is a very very common thing and you are not alone in feeling shy or in feeling awkward.

Here’s what the secret is: the secret is to know how to handle that shyness. When you know how to handle the shyness the awkwardness is non-existent.

So yeah there are a lot of people who know what it feels like to feel shy but they know what to do about it.

There are certain skills that once you know them and you have those skills you don’t have to worry about being shy anymore and you certainly don’t have to worry about being awkward anymore.

So I will be sharing with you five of those skills today so that you know how to stop being shy and awkward forever

ย Before we dive in if this is your first time here my name is Melannie. Welcome to my blog!

I’m a Christian dating coach for men. I teach you how to stop wasting your time and your money on dead-end relationships by learning the skills you need to get the girl.

With that let’s dive into the five skills you have to know to understand how to stop being shy and awkward forever.

How to Stop Being Shy and Awkward Forever Skill #1 – Confidence

Skill number one is confidence. Now I want to take a second and explain this because so many people have been taught the wrong definition of what confidence really is.

So many people think confidence is just “manning up and making it happen.” That is not confidence, that’s just aggression, which will make women run away from you like crazy. That is not real confidence.

Trueย confidence comes fromย competence.

I want you to think for a second about the first time you got behind the wheel and started learning how to drive a car. Did you feel super confident?

For the most part, most of us didn’t. And if we did feel confident at first after we drove around for 15 minutes we quickly lost that confidence, right?

But when you get behind the wheel and you start driving a car now, you’re confident at it, right? You just know what to do.

You know how soon you need to hit the brake, you know how far to turn the steering wheel, you know how to merge, all of these things are now natural to you. Why? Because you are competent at it.

This is how you have gained true confidence. Doesn’t that just make sense? The key to being aย confidentย person is to beย competentย at what you are trying to do.

So one of the best ways to stop being shy and never having to worry about being awkward ever again is to be very competent at relationships, talking to women, interacting with women, and asking women out.

The more competent you are the more confident you will be. If you are not feeling confident it is because you just need to increase your competence. Otherwise, you would be feeling confident in that area.

I go into confidence a little bit more inย this video (How to Not Get Friend-Zoned)ย so make sure you give that one a watch as well.

How to Stop Being Shy and Awkward Forever Skill #2 – A Great Game Plan

Skill number two you need to know to understand how to stop being shy and awkward forever is you need to have a game plan.

If you know how to handle any given situation it’s not going to make you feel awkward and it’s not going to make you feel like you need to retreat.

Maybe you’ve heard the saying “If you are prepared you will not fear.” This is so important to remember when it comes to relationships, talking to women, life in general, and interacting with people.

When you have a game plan then you don’t need to feel awkward and you don’t need to be nervous because you know exactly what to do.

If you’re standing in front of a gorgeous woman and you want to talk to her, but you have no idea what to say, don’t know how to say it, don’t know what she’s thinking, and don’t know how to handle it you’re going to freeze up, feel terribly shy, and you’re going to come across as awkward.

And the truth is this is probably going to cause you to say the wrong thing and it’s going to be more awkward. So having that game plan is critical.

Now when I say have a game plan I do not mean a word for word script. I know that that’s very popular on the internet but the truth is that actually doesn’t work because it’s not your words.

And what if she says something that’s not on the script? Okay, now what do you say?

It’s like we talked about for skill number one, it’s about becoming competent.

So once you are competent at those things just kind of have a game plan and know some specific things to do, some specific ways to handle that situation.

How Do You Create A Game Plan?

Now I know creating a game plan can feel really overwhelming and the truth is there’s a lot of room for error. It’s easy to mess this up.

So I actually created a free masterclass for you where I teach you that solid game plan. It’s the same five-step method I teach my paid clients to get their ideal girlfriends.

So be sure to take advantage of that as I’ve prepared the game plan for you. Be sure toย click hereย and join me for this powerful masterclass so you can have a game plan that works.

How to Stop Being Shy and Awkward Forever Skill #3 – Believe In Yourself

Skill number three is to believe in yourself. Now this kind of goes hand in hand with confidence but we’ve already discussed how confidence is about being competent.

Believing in yourself is really about having self-respect and healthy self-love and a healthy feeling of self-worth.

If you believe in yourself then you can do this. You’re not going to feel awkward and you’re not going to feel shy, you’re going to feel empowered which is ultimately how you deserve to feel.

If you feel like a boss and if you treat yourself that way, if you see yourself that way, that’s how others are going to see you too.

Then that shyness dissolves, it doesn’t matter anymore, and the awkwardness is gone forever.

When you don’t believe in yourself and when you feel awkward then it just makes it a million times worse. You end up tripping over what you say and the situation escalates quickly.

Whereas instead when you honestly just believe in yourself and you have that healthy feeling of self-respect and self-worth then like I said shyness is gone, awkwardness is gone.

Quick question before we move on to number four. Are you guys enjoying this article? Would you like more videos on how to not be shy and how to not be awkward and everything that goes along with that?

If you would be sure to comment “YES!” in the comments below so I know to make that for you asap.

How to Stop Being Shy and Awkward Forever Skill #4 – Body Language

The fourth skill you need to learn to know how to stop being shy and awkward forever is body language. You really need to learn how to utilize your body language effectively.

If you’ve been watching my channel for a while you know that I teach you a lot of ways to read women’s body language.

And that’s crazy helpful, but knowing what to do withย your ownย body language is equally as important.

Now here’s something interesting about body language. Science tells us that when we feel a certain emotion it’s portrayed in our bodies.

So if for instance you feel awkward and you feel nervous people are going to see it in your body language.

But in addition to that when you put yourself in a certain position you tend to feel that emotion.

This is actually something actors will do a lot. If they put themselves in a certain position they feel that emotion and they are better at portraying that role.

So you can actually use this to your advantage. When you put yourself in the right body language then you come across as attractive and masculine and confident.

And that is going to impress her, it’s going to attract her, but it’s also going to make you feel amazing. And again that shyness completely dissolves and the awkwardness is just gone.

How to Stop Being Shy and Awkward Forever Skill #5 – Practice Alone

And we are to our fifth skill you need to know to know how to stop being shy and awkward forever. And that is to practice alone.

So I’ve already mentioned that you must have a game plan, critical that you have that healthy belief in yourself, that healthy feeling of self-worth, and that you have the right body language.

It’s important that all of these things, that you are practicing them when you’re alone instead of just winging it when you’re in front of her.

This is how you make it automatic. You’re not going to feel awkward, you’re not going to feel shy, because you just know exactly what to do. And then it’s very natural, simple, and easy.

This is why I spend so much time teaching my clients how to turn things into habits so that it is easy, it is natural, and it is automatic.

Make sure that you practice these things when no one is around so that it just becomes a habit for you and becomes very very easy.

How to Stop Being Shy and Awkward Forever Recap

And with that let’s do a quick recap. The five skills you need to learn to know how to stop being shy and awkward forever are first, confidence. And remember confidence comes from competence.

Skill number two is a game plan. When you are prepared you don’t need to be afraid because you just know what to do.

Skill number three is to believe in yourself and have those healthy feelings of self-worth and self-respect.

Skill number four is body language. When you present yourself as shy and awkward you’re going to feel shy and awkward. So instead you gotta rock it.

And skill number five is to make sure you’re practicing these things when no one’s around so that they become automatic and natural.

What’s Next?

Now as I mentioned earlier if you would like my help knowing exactly how to get your ideal girlfriend make sure youย click hereย to join me in my masterclass.

This is where you will learn why you’re not getting your ideal girlfriend and what to do instead as well as the five-step framework I teach my paid clients to get their ideal girlfriends.

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