How To Stop Being The Nice Guy (5 Tips To Use Now). Have you heard that “nice guys finish last” and that you should “stop being a nice guy”? You aren’t alone. This advice is crazy popular right now BUT it’s not totally true. If you decide to take on the “no more Mr. nice guy” attitude because you are afraid that nice guys finish last then you will want to pay close attention to this video. You are about to go from “how to stop being such a nice guy” to a totally hot nice guy that ACTUALLY gets the girl. Sound interesting? Join me in How to Stop Being “The Nice Guy” (5 Tips to Use Now) to learn what you need to know to finally know how to get a girl to like you and how to get a girlfriend!

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How To Stop Being The Nice Guy (5 Tips To Use Now)

Hello, my wonderful friend! Today’s video and article are on how to stop being the nice guy (5 tips to use now).

I’m sure you have heard “nice guys finish last“, “nice guys never win“, “no more Mr. Nice Guy“, all of those things. This is very popular on the internet right now and honestly, it’s easy to see why.

However, I think today’s article is really going to surprise you because I’m going to put a different spin on this.

Full disclosure: women actually really like nice guys and good guys. I know that’s not what you’ve been told.

And before you leave me hate comments, yes, you know who you are, and I know who you are. Before you leave me hate comments do yourself a favor and read the whole article. Seriously it’s going to put your mind at ease.

Here’s the deal: if you are searching how to not be the “nice guy” anymore it’s probably because you’ve been hurt, right? You’ve been rejected, you’ve been used, and you’re tired of it, right? It hurts.

And the truth is it’s wrong. That shouldn’t have happened to you and I’m sorry that has happened to you. But what you’re tired of is being used, right? You’re not tired of being a nice guy, you’re tired of being used.

I’m gonna let you guys in on a secret. You do not have to be used to be a nice guy. So many nice guys get the girl every single day. I’m a dating coach for men, I help and see nice guys get the girl every single day.

It just requires that you have the right skills and those are the tips I’m going to be going over with you in today’s video.

What I teach on my channel is how you can have a crazy happy lifelong relationship. I’m not talking about just an overnight fling, okay? That’s not what you are going to learn here.

And the reason this whole “nice guys always a loose” thing is so popular on the internet is because that’s what most people are trying to teach you to do, is to just have that one night fling.

So yeah, those types of women, they don’t really care about a nice guy. But if instead, you are looking for a crazy happy relationship, the kind of relationship where you fall in love, you stay in love for your entire life, that kind of woman, she is looking for a nice guy.

And it just makes sense, right? A nice guy is honest, he is loyal, he is true, he is someone she can trust. Those are the qualities that a woman is looking for in a lifelong relationship.

So if you’ve been told “well girls don’t like nice guys” then maybe you should ask yourself what kind of girls don’t like nice guys? The kind of woman that you want to love forever is going to love you forever because you are a nice guy.

But, there are certain skills you have to learn to be a nice guy who is totally hot and totally gets the girl instead of the nice guy who nobody wants to date because there is a difference, both do exist in this world.

Now as I mentioned before you just need to learn the right skills. I do teach all the skills you need in my paid program however I’m going to be touching on five of the most important and most powerful here for you today.

Before we dive into those tips if this is your first time here, welcome! My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men.

My specialty is teaching you how to stop wasting your time and stop wasting your money on dead-end relationships and heartbreak by learning the skills you need to get your ideal girlfriend.

The Right Mindset

With that let’s dive into our tips. Now as we start this I want to again just stress you don’t want to stop being a nice guy. You want to stop being the nice guy who gets walked on.

So often when we hear the term “nice guy” we think of a pushover. Kind of that Charlie Brown character. If you remember Charlie Brown and Snoopy, the Peanuts gang.

Nobody wants to date Charlie Brown because he’s a pushover. But he’s an amazing guy. He deserves so much more.

As opposed to Schroeder or Linus who are also really nice guys but they don’t get walked on and pushed around like Charlie Brown.

The whole goal here is not to stop being a nice guy. If you stop being a nice guy you’re not going to have your long-term relationship. Period, end of discussion.

So it’s not that you don’t want to be a nice guy, it’s that you don’t want to be the pushover nice guy anymore.

You want to be a very attractive nice guy. The kind of nice guy who gets women to crush on him and ultimately to fall in love with him. That’s the goal here. So let’s dive in.

How To Stop Being The Nice Guy Tip #1 – Identify Toxic Women

Tip number one for how to stop being the nice guy is to know how to identify toxic women.

The truth is toxic women will use nice guys like crazy. And like we mentioned at the beginning you’re sick of being used, right?

Toxic women will use you all day long. She’ll make you feel worthless, she’ll make your self-esteem just shatter, and she will make you feel like Charlie Brown.

Very similar to how Lucy and Sally and some of those characters treat Charlie Brown. So you must know how to identify toxic women and avoid them at all costs.

If you haven’t yet seen this video (Toxic Girlfriend Signs) be sure to give it a watch. It will help you so much with this.

I also have some others on this topic so make sure you check the link below this article to give those a watch.

Here’s the deal: as long as you are attracting toxic women you will not be able to attract the good, healthy, awesome women you are wanting to attract. So this step is key.

How To Stop Being The Nice Guy Tip #2 – Confidence

Sign number two is you really need confidence. What’s Charlie Brown’s biggest problem? He has no confidence.

Now, something most people don’t know is the way we gain confidence is we gain competence.

When we are good at something, when we know how to handle a situation, we feel confident, right? We just know what we’re doing.

It’s kind of like trying to sign your name with your non-dominant hand. It feels weird, right? And it’s really hard to do. But with your dominant hand, it’s a piece of cake.

Why? Because you’re good at it. You’ve done it a million times, you know exactly how to do it. With your non-dominant hand, it’s like “what am I doing?” Even though you technically should know how to do it you have no clue what you’re doing.

So if you want to be confident and if you want her to see you as an attractive nice guy you need to be good at dating. It’s as simple as that.

Here’s the kicker: I just talked about toxic women and how you want to avoid them. But guys, not all women are toxic.

I can’t tell you how many men reach out to me saying “hey she rejected me. She’s such a jerk. I think she’s toxic.” And I say “okay tell me the situation. Let me know what happened.

They explain it to me and I have to explain to them she’s not toxic. They made mistakes and it made her feel uncomfortable. It scared her. It made her feel awkward and it pushed her away so she rejected them because she thought they were creepy.

So often guys think “well she’s just toxic” when in reality they just don’t have any idea what they’re doing even though they think they do.

So if you want to stop being the nice guy who’s rejected and instead be the nice guy with his dream girl then you need to make sure you are gaining confidence by gaining competence.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “holy cow I don’t even know where to start,” right? That can feel so overwhelming.

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. I actually created a free masterclass for you where I teach you the same framework I teach my paid clients to get their ideal girlfriend. It’s a fabulous place to start gaining that competence.

Make sure to click here to give that a watch because the truth is you deserve to be confident, you deserve to have that confidence and this is the perfect place to start.

How To Stop Being The Nice Guy Tip #3 – Flirt With Her

Tip number three is flirt with her. If you want women to stop seeing you as the nice guy that they don’t want to go out with then you need to start portraying yourself as the super hot guy.

If all she sees you as is the “guy next door” or just the “really nice guy” then she has no reason to date you.

But if instead, she sees you as dating material, as a really attractive guy, and a guy who she’d enjoy getting to know better, and someone interesting, now she’s attracted to you.

Now she wants to get to know you. Now she wants to date you. Because she sees you as an attractive man, not just a guy. Flirting when done right is one of the best ways to increase attraction.

Now I do want to mention, because I know I’ll get comments about this, “every time I try and flirt it tanks.

Well, it’s probably because it’s coming across as awkward. What you are intending to come across as flirtatious is coming across as awkward. If it’s not working it’s because it’s not being done the right way.

When flirting is done the right way it’s super effective and it is never ever awkward. This is again where increasing your competence is so important.

So is this making sense so far? Are you enjoying this? If you are and if you would like more videos on how to get the girl as a really nice guy be sure to comment “YES!” so I know to make more videos just like this one for you.

How To Stop Being The Nice Guy Tip #4 – Pursue Her

Tip number four is to make sure you are pursuing her. Pay very close attention to this: if you want to stay friend zone material for life then never pursue a woman.

But if you want the attraction to increase, if you want her to see you as a man and see you as masculine and someone she wants to get to know better, then pursue her.

When a man knows how to ask a girl out the right way, how to approach her the right way, how to get her number the right way, how to flirt with her the right way, how to talk to her the right way, and he actually does those things, holy moly, he is so attractive.

When a man doesn’t do those things then she sees him as a boy. She doesn’t really see him as a man, she sees him as the guy next door or just a dude.

She doesn’t see him as an attractive man who’s like “whoa. I want to get to know him better. I want to date him. I want to spend more time with him.

For more on pursuing make sure you watch this video (This Makes A Woman Think About You Non-Stop).

And as I mentioned at the beginning everything I’m teaching you here I go so much more in-depth in my paid program How to Get a Girlfriend.

To get a sneak peek at the same framework I teach there then click here to check out that free masterclass you guys.

But the bottom line is if she sees you like Charlie Brown, she sees you like Charlie Brown. An amazing guy but not someone she wants to date.

Instead, you need to present yourself as an attractive man, as someone she would enjoy getting to know, and someone who believes in yourself. Again you gain confidence by gaining competence.

And the more you practice these things the more effective they are and you go from being the nice guy that she doesn’t want to make eye contact with and go out with to the nice guy that she’s in love with

How To Stop Being The Nice Guy Tip #5 – Set Boundaries

 Ready for tip number five? This one is a kicker, guys. Set appropriate boundaries.

One of the big things that keep really nice guys from getting anywhere in relationships is the fact that they’re a pushover. It’s the fact that nobody has any respect for them because they don’t have respect for themselves.

That is the reality of life. I know it’s not fair but that’s the way it is. If we don’t treat ourselves like we matter nobody else is going to treat us like we do either.

This is why it’s so important that we set appropriate boundaries. You are kind about how you set boundaries but you set them.

When you do this it helps you believe in yourself, it helps you see yourself in a new light, and helps you start treating yourself like the awesome man you really are.

You’re not “just a nice guy”, you’re an incredible man with so much to offer and you deserve to feel that. But as long as you’re letting people walk on you you’re not going to feel that.

So it’s important to set appropriate boundaries. This right here is what takes you from a boy in her eyes to a man. An interesting man, a powerful man, someone who is confident, someone who is attractive.

How To Stop Being The Nice Guy Tip Recap

If you are sick of being the nice guy who everybody ignores and you’re ready to be the nice guy who gets his dream girl to fall crazy in love with him these tips are key.

To sum up, tip number one is to make sure you know how to spot toxic women and avoid them.

Tip number two is to increase your confidence. You do this by becoming good at dating. You don’t know what you don’t know until you know what you don’t know.

So many men come to me having no idea that they’re actually really awkward at dating and relationships. So the best way to move past all of that is to just become really educated and really good about dating and attraction.

Tip number three is to learn how to flirt. Show her that you are a man and an attractive man, that you are interested in her.

Tip number four is to pursue her. Which has the same effect really as flirting. It helps her see you as a man instead of a boy.

Tip number five is set those appropriate boundaries. Charlie Brown would not be in the position Charlie Brown is in if he would set those boundaries.

Thank you so much again for reading! As I mentioned before, everything I teach here is covered in so much more detail in my program How to Get a Girlfriend.

To get a sneak peek at my framework and learn more about that check out the masterclass through the link right here.

Seriously if you are sick of being rejected and trying to figure it out on your own and would like to skip to the part where you get the girl then you are going to love my masterclass.

It’s precisely what I created my paid program to do for you so make sure you check that out.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have a friend who’s really struggling with being the nice guy that nobody wants to go out with please share this with him.

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And I want to hear from you in the comments. Did you enjoy this video? Would you like more videos on how to be a nice guy and get the girl? If you would be sure to comment “YES!”

Thank you so much again my amazing friend and have an amazing day!

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