How To Be Attractive To Girls (7 Things Guys Wear That Girls Love Fall Edition) Knowing how to be attractive to women can be tricky. These style tips for men will help! What you learn in this video will help you know how to attract women, how to impress a girl, how to get a girlfriend and how to be more attractive to girls. Honestly, having these men’s style tips will also help you know how to get your crush to notice you! Sound exciting? Let’s dive in to How To Be Attractive To Girls where you’ll learn 7 Things Guys Wear That Girls LOVE (Fall Edition)!

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How To Be Attractive To Girls Fall Edition

Hello, my wonderful friend! Today’s video is on how to be attractive to girls (7 things guys wear that girls love fall edition). If you want to look super attractive this fall then make sure you keep reading.

I’m gonna let you in on a little bit of a secret. The way you dress directly influences how attractive you are, but not necessarily for the reasons you’re probably thinking.

Yes, it certainly affects how you look, and so it affects your physical attraction. And let me just say as a woman, men who dress really classy and really sharp are so attractive.

I’m not even kidding. This is something girls talk about that you don’t know about.

Men who dress nice are incredibly physically attractive but there’s actually more to the picture than just that.

The way you dress actually affects you. It affects how you feel about yourself, it affects how you interact with other people.

As a matter of fact, when you dress nicely and you feel super attractive you’re more likely to flirt and you’ll be more successful when you flirt.

You’re more likely to pursue and you’re more likely to talk to that cute girl and get her number. And because you look so sharp and you feel so sharp you’re going to be far more successful.

This is why I teach my clients in my program that it’s important to dress to empower. I’m sure you’ve heard “dress for success” and “dress to impress” and there is some truth to both of these actually, there really is.

But I prefer “dress to empower” because when you feel good you are going to rock it. So I have 7 items for you today that are going to help you rock this season.

What If I Live In A Warmer Area?

Now I want to mention real fast that I get a lot of comments from you guys saying “what if you live in warmer areas?

Don’t worry. I have things on this list for those who live in cooler areas and those who live in warmer areas.

I also have a lot of you ask me “does this apply to men who are over 50?” Absolutely!

So many of you say “I don’t see anybody else my age wearing this.” That’s the whole point. If you want to stand out from the crowd then you need to do something that everybody else is not doing.

And I can tell you that what most men are wearing in that age range is not attractive and it’s not flattering. So you need to apply these things so you rock it. Sound good? Awesome!

Before we dive in if this is your first time watching, welcome! My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men.

I help you learn how to stop wasting your time and your energy on dead-end relationships, relationships that go nowhere, by learning the skills you need to get the girl of your dreams.

7 Things Guys Wear That Girls Love Fall Edition #1: Leather Jackets

With that let’s dive in. So my first tip on how to be attractive to women, things guys wear that girls love is a leather jacket.

If you saw this video (7 Things Guys Wear That Girls Love) you know that this is kind of my favorite item, honestly. And it’s for good reason.

If you watch movies and stuff you will often see the hero, the masculine, awesome hero, wearing a leather jacket.

There’s a reason for that: it’s effective. It looks strong, it looks confident, and it looks super attractive. It’s something that women love when guys wear.

Now a lot of you ask for pictures when I make articles and videos like this so I have added pictures above this article. So no matter what your style is there will be some pictures there.

But when it comes to leather jackets there are different ways you can do it. You can do kind of the same texture as the one I wear in the video above, you can do a suede that looks classy and sophisticated.

So a leather jacket is a fabulous go-to. Jackets in general help you look very well put together and very very classy and sharp. And they certainly are a really good look in the fall.

Again if you live in a warm area this one is probably not for you, that’s okay.

7 Things Guys Wear That Girls Love Fall Edition #2: Military Jackets

This leads us to my next tip on how to be attractive to women. Speaking of jackets, a military jacket is a very classic look. You can’t go wrong with it.

It gives you that fall vibe and that fall look. And making sure your clothes kind of reflect the colors of the season is an amazing hack.

This literally makes you appear much more modern and on top of things and proactive and driven and it makes you very attractive. A military jacket is very masculine looking as well.

And again there are pictures to all these above this article so make sure you check them out.

Now another bonus when it comes to jackets is jackets can be very slimming. I’ve had some comments from some of you asking “so what do I do if I need clothes that slim me down?” Jackets are the answer.

And if you’re in a climate that’s too warm for jackets you can always go with denim or a flannel button-down shirt and just unbutton it with another shirt underneath it and that can help so much with slimming.

On this topic, with everything I’m sharing with you today one of the best things you can do to make sure you always look amazing, to make sure you know exactly how to be attractive to girls, is make sure you have clothes that fit.

I’m not talking about you put the clothes on and you go “oh it feels like it fits.” No, you need to know the right way things should be fitting.

Because there’s a big difference between it feeling like it fits and it actually fit. It literally has the difference to transform how you look, how you feel about yourself, and how attracted she is to you.

Now I don’t have time obviously to get into that in this article, however, this is something I teach in my paid program in depth.

I teach the basics of men’s fashion and really if you want to just skyrocket your attraction and your success when it comes to getting the girl of your dreams then my paid program is the answer for you.

If you have not yet watched my free masterclass make sure you do that now. You will get a free sneak peek at the same five-step framework I teach my paid clients to get their dream girls.

And you’ll get a brief overview of what my program can help you accomplish. This is for men who want to stop wasting time and just want to skip to the part where you get the girl. So make sure you check it out.

7 Things Guys Wear That Girls Love Fall Edition #3: Denim Or Flannel Shirt

My next tip on things that guys wear that girls love is a button-down denim shirt or flannel shirt.

As I just mentioned when you kind of go with fall colors it makes you look like you’re super on top of things. It makes you look like you are very modern and very like driven and motivated.

Fall colors are very masculine, they’re very attractive. Women notice things like that. And so if you look like the guy who’s like got it all like together oh my goodness that is so attractive.

The biggest thing to make sure you are aware of when you are doing any kind of like button-up shirt is to make sure it is ironed.

Or if you hate to iron your clothes, totally hear you, I hate to iron too, there is this incredible invention called a hand steamer.

Seriously so many of you guys have told me that it has changed your life. And I see why because it has changed mine as well. A hand steamer seriously is the best hack ever.

You want to make sure your shirts and stuff are ironed or steamed because it really is that tiny little bit extra that makes the world of difference.

If your clothes are all like wrinkled and rumpled up then you look like you don’t really care. But if you’re the guy who has clothes that look super sharp oh my goodness that is so attractive.

I will share a link to a hand steamer that’s incredible as well above this article so make sure you check it out.

Button-up shirts are a fabulous option for you if you live somewhere warmer. You don’t have to have long sleeves, you can have short sleeves, but it’s a really classic look that you’re not going to want to ignore.

Before we get to our next tip I have a quick question for you guys. Are you enjoying this video? Would you like more videos on how to be more attractive to girls and things guys wear that girls love?

If you would like more videos on this be sure to comment “YES!” to let me know. That really helps me know what to make my videos on so comment “YES!” if you want more videos just like this one.

7 Things Guys Wear That Girls Love Fall Edition #4: Henleys

My next tip on how to be attractive to girls is henleys are insanely attractive, okay? A henley shirt is just hot.

It’s a dramatic upgrade from a t-shirt appearance-wise. And it really takes you from a boy to a man and it’s super attractive.

Again you want to make sure you are focusing on fall colors in the fall. Two colors that you can like never go wrong with are red and blue.

These colors are insanely attractive and pretty much everyone looks good in these colors. You have to find the right shade but the truth is oh my goodness red and blue are super attractive.

7 Things Guys Wear That Girls Love Fall Edition #5: Button-Up Shirt With Jeans

My next tip for you is if you wear a button-up shirt as we talked about earlier with jeans.

Don’t tuck it in or anything and make sure your shirt is pressed, but if you wear it with jeans this is a fabulous way to have a casual look that’s still sophisticated, classy, classic, modern, masculine, and just hot.

It’s just hot, okay? So never hesitate to wear those button-up shirts with jeans.

And your jeans can be khakis, you can wear black, you can wear just denim, whatever it is, whatever you have and what works for you, seriously it’s a fabulous look.

7 Things Guys Wear That Girls Love Fall Edition #6: Sweaters

My next tip for how to be attractive to girls is to wear sweaters. There is something just so classic about a really attractive sweater.

Make sure it’s not an ugly sweater, that’s why you need to make sure you look at the pictures above this article. Because you can kill your look completely with the wrong sweater.

But when you have a really classy sweater oh my goodness to her you come across now as a really classy, modern guy. You’re super sharp, super attractive.

And again this is going to directly affect how you feel about yourself. When you dress to empower you feel amazing. And sweaters are a really good go-to.

Now, this is especially true if you wear jeans, a button-up shirt, and a sweater on top. Whoa! That is an amazing look.

7 Things Guys Wear That Girls Love Fall Edition #7: The Right Boots

And our next thing guys wear that girls love is a good boot. Now you want to be careful with this because if you wear boots that look like you’re going hiking that can completely kill the look.

You want to make sure it’s a classic style, about ankle length is really really good. And you want it to be more of a dress shoe.

This is a very sophisticated, classy, modern way to dress and it makes a world of difference. Women really do notice these things.

Because the truth is as humans we notice these things even if we don’t know we’re noticing them.

What you put on your feet affects your entire outfit so this is one you want to make sure you do not ignore.

If you have a good, classic boot, it has a very attractive fall look and there are versions you can wear that are not quite so warm if you do live in a warmer area.

What’s Next?

And there you have it, 7 things that guys wear that girls love fall edition.

Seriously these clothes, they take it to the next level, they help her be more physically attracted to you, but they also help you feel more confident and more empowered.

And that’s a pretty incredible feeling, am I right?

Now would you like to know exactly how to skyrocket your attraction and skyrocket your confidence and your feeling of self-worth?

If you would I created my program just for you. If you have not yet watched my free masterclass now is the time my friend.

You will learn why you’re not getting your ideal girlfriend and what to do instead, but you’ll also get an overview of my paid program to see how it’s going to help you reach the next level and fast track it to getting the girl.

So make sure you sign up for that free masterclass now and let’s do this!

Thank you so much for reading my amazing friend! I want to hear from you in the comments. Did you enjoy this video? Would you like more videos like this?

And I want to hear which of these items you are going to start wearing first. Seriously tell me about it in the comments.

Do you have a friend who would like to know how to be more attractive to girls? If you do please share this with him. I know it will help him so much.

And if we’re not yet friends on social media check out the links for that in the description below as well. Thank you so much again my amazing friend and have an amazing day!

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