How Relationships Should Be (You Can Have Your Dream Girl!) Have you ever wondered about the signs of a healthy relationship? Or how to make relationships last forever? Sometimes relationships are rocky and many people think bad relationships are normal but you’ll be relived after watching this video! This is how all relationships should be AND I also go over how you can make sure you know how to have a good relationship. If you’ve been wondering how hard should relationships be these healthy relationship tips will be huge for you. Ready to dive in? Let’s get started with How Relationships Should Be (SPOILER: You CAN Have Your Dream Girl!)

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How Relationships Should Be (You Can Have Your Dream Girl!)

Hello, my wonderful friend! Today’s video and article are on how relationships should be. And spoiler: you can have your dream girl.

If you have ever been in bad relationships or dead-end relationships or even if you’ve not really seen a lot of happy relationships around you it can be a little discouraging, right? It can be a little intimidating.

After today’s video you are going to be so relieved because deep down we all really want that happy relationship, right? We kind of have that dream relationship in our minds.

And the truth is I think it’s going to relieve you to learn how relationships should be and what they should look like.

So I’m going to be going over that in this video and how you can actually get that kind of relationship. If you don’t have your dream relationship pay close attention and make sure you watch to the end.

Honestly, a huge part of creating the type of relationship you want is knowing what is possible and what it should look like.

Now before we dive in if this is your first time watching, welcome! My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men.

I teach you how to stop wasting your time and your money and your energy on bad relationships by learning the skills you need to get your dream relationship.

All right let’s talk about how relationships should be. I’m gonna throw a picture up here for you.

Once You Stop Caring She Starts Chasing Graph 1 - Coach Melannie Christian Dating

This is what most people think a normal relationship looks like. It’s kind of bumpy, right? It’s pretty extreme.

There are some huge highs, some low lows, and it’s all over the charts. Kind of looks exhausting though, right? Most people as I said think this is very normal.

This picture, on the other hand, is what a healthy relationship should look like.

Now I do want to be clear that relationships are going to have their ups and downs. You are going to have good days and bad days and things you need to work through.

But ultimately you are always progressing. You’re always becoming closer as a couple and your relationship is always moving upward. That is what a relationship should look like.

Now a lot of people are surprised by this because they haven’t seen it in their relationships in their past. They probably haven’t even seen it in some of the people around them.

If that’s you right now don’t worry. Just know that the reason this happens is if someone doesn’t have the dating and relationship skills they need then it’s really really hard to get that dream relationship.

But just being aware of some of the things that make up a really good, healthy relationship, that’s going to help you start to create that type of relationship.

I’m sure you’ve heard that history repeats itself, right? Well, that is only true if you don’t change anything.

But if you do change something it can’t repeat itself. Knowing these things and applying what I’m sharing with you is going to be a huge deal-breaker for you.

So now let’s get into some of the signs or some of the traits of a healthy relationship.

How Relationships Should Be Tip #1: Teamwork

Now the first thing I want to mention on how relationships should be is there should be a lot of teamwork.

As a couple, you should always be on a team. It should never be her against you or you against her.

Relationships should never be this battle for who tries harder or who offers more or who’s giving more or who’s taking more. It should always be a team.

Sometimes society glorifies fighting against each other with “boyfriend against girlfriend” or “girls against boys.” But the truth is that doesn’t bring happiness. You must work together as a team.

Ultimately you need to have the same goal. You need your goal to be happy as a couple and as individuals and that requires that you work together as a team.

Tip #2: Be On The Same Level

The second thing I want to mention on how relationships should be is that the two of you should be on the same level. Now let me kind of explain this with a quick story.

So a man came to me a while ago and said something like “hey, I have this dream girl, I’m completely smitten by her and I want to know how I can get her to notice me.

They knew each other a little bit, they had some mutual friends, but she had never really noticed him.

Now, this gal was incredible and it was easy to see why he was smitten by her. She was fun, she was funny, she was playful, she made everyone feel better when they were around her.

She was very driven and motivated, she was successful and very attractive, she took her health and her physical fitness very seriously.

And after he explained all these things to me I said “that’s great, that’s fabulous. Are you a match for those things? She has so much to offer do you have those same things to offer as well?

And that is one of the biggest things you need to ask yourself when you’re thinking about your dream girl and your dream relationship.

Now, this doesn’t mean you’re a clone of her, obviously. That would just be weird. You do not have to have the exact same personality traits, however, you need to have as much to offer as she does.

Relationships are all about balance. As humans we want balance. And if we have balance the relationship will work and you both will be happy.

But if one or the other is bringing more to the table, giving more or taking more, that relationship is out of balance. It can’t be happy, it can’t be healthy.

However, if you’re both bringing the same to the table, the same quality, the same level of things, well now you can have that happy relationship. Does that make sense?

Now thankfully the things the man in my story needed to learn are the things I teach in my program, so as long as he applies those things he’s not going to have to worry about this.

The truth is getting the relationship of your dreams and the girl of your dreams really starts with you and who you become.

And it’s actually really easy and really quick to learn these skills and apply these skills and to get the girl.

If you are looking for the fastest, the easiest, the best way to get the girl of your dreams, make sure you check out my program. Seriously it’s gonna save you so much headache.

Check out this link to watch my free masterclass where you will get a sneak peek at what I teach and an overview of my program. And there may or may not be a special bonus in there for you too.

Seriously this is the way to get the girl of your dreams. I created it specifically for men just like you.

So again just to sum up you must be on the same level, that you’re you have the same things to offer. Otherwise, the relationship will never be happy and it will never be healthy.

Tip #3: You Should Both Feel Safe

Now my next tip on how relationships should be is that you should both feel safe.

Have you ever been in a relationship where you just didn’t really feel like you could be you? Did you feel really vulnerable? That’s not a good relationship.

In a healthy relationship, both people feel safe with each other. Emotionally, spiritually, physically, and they feel like they can be vulnerable with each other.

There’s nothing better than having that special someone who you know always has your back.

Quick question before we get to our next tip. Are you enjoying this video and would you like more videos on how relationships should be and how to have a healthy relationship?

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Tip #4: Laugh And Play Together

Next up on how relationships should be is you should be able to laugh together, you should be able to play together.

This is what helps keep the spark alive. This is what makes relationships really fun long term.

You need to make sure you can laugh with each other. Never at each other, because that’s just not appropriate. You should really enjoy each other’s company.

The happiest couples are the couples who can be having a blast when they’re doing the laundry and washing the dishes because they just enjoy being together.

Tip #5: Have Respect For Each Other

Next up on how relationships should be is that you should respect each other. Now when I say have respect for each other I don’t mean that you “alpha up” and force her to respect you.

That’s not respect, that’s aggression and dominance and it does not lead to a healthy relationship at all.

Healthy women are gonna run away from “alpha-ing up” faster than anything. It’s trying too hard to force it so it’s not respect.

Remember that respect needs to go both ways, and if you’re “alpha-ing up” and trying to dominate then you’re not respecting her.

Again the relationship is not balanced and you can’t have a happy relationship. So make sure that there is mutual respect in a relationship.

Just remember that you should never have to force a relationship, you should never have to force respect.

Instead what you should do is become who you need to become to attract the type of woman who’s just going to respect you automatically.

And again that’s what my program teaches you how to do. So if you’re tired of women using you and disrespecting you then these are the skills you need.

So make sure you check out that free masterclass and get that overview of the program. It’s going to help you so much.

Tip #6: Build Each Other Up

And our next tip on how relationships should be is that you should always motivate each other and build each other up. You should always encourage each other to become better and better.

You know it’s a healthy relationship when you want to be better for them and for you and that they support you in that. Because if they care about you they want you to be better for you as well.

A lot of this really comes down to a growth mindset. Being willing to improve and do things that make you a better person and make you a better couple.

And there you have it these are some of the signs of a healthy relationship.

How Relationships Should Be – What’s Next?

Here’s the main thing I want you to remember: Your dream relationship is 100% possible.

People have their dream relationships every single day. All you need is the right skills to be able to attract that type of relationship and create that type of relationship. Again this is exactly what I teach in my program.

This is the very reason I created it, is so that you could have that. So if you want the fastest quickest easiest way to get your ideal relationship make sure you check that out.

There’s a link to my free masterclass in the description below. It will give you an overview of what I teach and a sneak peek at my program. So make sure you check it out right now.

Thank you so much for watching my amazing friend! I want to hear from you guys in the comments. Did you enjoy this video? Would you like more videos on how to have a healthy relationship?

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