What Women Want In A Man (The Truth Will Shock You!) Asking yourself “What do women want?” or need to know how to attract women? You’re in the right spot. You’re about to know what women really want, what women look for in a man and you’ll have a better understanding of female psychology. What women really want is VERY different from what you’ve been told. What girls want in a guy is actually going to comfort you SO much. Ready to know how to attract women and the things women find attractive? Let’s dive in!

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What Women Want In A Man (The Truth Will Shock You!)

Hello, my wonderful friends! Today’s video is on what women want in a man. And guys the crazy effective truth is going to shock you. No lie.

Be honest with me, are you an awesome guy and have a lot to offer, you’re a nice guy, you want to treat a woman right, and maybe people say you’re attractive, but one, you can’t get a girlfriend no matter how hard you try, or two, your relationships never last and never go anywhere?

If that sounds like you then the answers you need are in this article. You are going to love it so pay close attention and make sure you watch to the end.

If you’ve been watching my channel for a while you know one of the things that set me apart and set my methods apart is that I teach you how to have a crazy happy, crazy in love, long-term relationship.

There’s plenty of advice out there about how to have a one-night fling, that’s not what I’m about.

So if you’re looking for that special someone to have and to hold and to love and to love you for your entire life then these are the things you need to know.

Now before we dive in if this is your first time here, welcome! My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men.

I teach you how to stop wasting your time and your money on dead-end relationships by learning the skills you need to get the girl of your dreams.

Let’s talk about what women want in a man. Pay very very close attention, I’m about to share with you a massive secret, the secret that helps you know how to get a girl to fall crazy in love with you.

If you asked me to sum up what women wanted a man I’d have to tell you that it’s solid dating and relationship skills. If you work on just this you are going to be able to have the relationship and the girl of your dreams.

Now I’m going to be talking about some of those skills in just a minute but for a quick second let’s talk about why this is important.

What Women Want In A Man: Dating And Relationship Skills

Why do women care about solid dating and relationship skills? It’s not because she’s a jerk. And it’s not because she’s being super picky.

If you’ve been watching my channel for a while you know I’m very transparent about the fact that there are toxic women and I tell you to avoid them.

Maybe you’ve seen this video (Toxic Girlfriend Signs: It’s Not You, It’s Her). If you haven’t, be sure to check it out.

But the reason she wants you to have solid dating and relationship skills is that’s how you become attractive. That is how you become good at relationships. That makes sense, right?

It’s very similar to getting your dream job. If you want to have your dream job but you don’t have the skills for that job are you going to get hired? No. But when you have the skills then you can have your dream job.

Dating and relationships are the same way. When you have those skills you can have that relationship.

So many men are amazing in several areas of life. Like I mentioned maybe you feel like “I’m such a good guy, I have so much to offer, I have a good job, I’m fun to be with, I try to be a good person.

Those are all fabulous and amazing things. You should definitely keep doing that and you should be proud of yourself for those accomplishments.

Realize though that dating and relationship skills are a very important thing to also have and that’s what gets you your dream girl and your dream relationship.

Does this make sense so far? So give yourself credit for all the things you are doing right. You are really polished in those areas and that’s good. Now it’s just time to become polished in the dating and relationship area.

We’re going to go over a few of those dating and relationship skills that are game-changers. This is what women want in a man.

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What Women Want In A Man Tip #1: Confidence

So my first tip for you on what women want in a man, my first dating and relationship skill, is confidence. Guys, confidence is key.

When you are confident you don’t come across as needy, you don’t come across as creepy, or too aggressive. Confidence is a very balanced middle ground.

Now confidence is also a trait that I like to call attractive by default. As humans, there are just certain things we are attracted to. Confidence is one of them. When a man is confident he’s masculine and attractive.

Now here’s the important part, so pay very close attention. You cannot force being confident. You cannot fake confidence.

Confidence comes by knowing what you’re doing. When you don’t know what you’re doing you can’t be confident in it. It just doesn’t work that way.

Whenever you try to do something new you don’t feel super confident in it, right? But the better you get at it the more confident you feel. That’s just how life works.

So if you want to be a confident person it’s very important that you actually learn what you’re doing. This is how you become confident talking to her, flirting with her, approaching her, all of those things.

The bottom line confidence is not something you can just force by mindset alone. It’s something you have to learn the skills for just as I mentioned.

Again my free masterclass is going to help you so much with this so make sure you check it out.

Tip #2: Assertiveness

Now my next tip on what women want in a man is assertiveness. An assertive man is masculine and he makes her feel safe.

I’m gonna be really honest with you guys, women love nice guys. Women love good guys. If we are talking about the kind of woman who’s looking for a lifelong relationship.

If we’re talking about a really good woman who just wants to love and be loved, yeah, she’s looking for a nice guy, she’s looking for a good guy.

But here’s the tricky part: If you are a good guy and a nice guy, but you’re not assertive and you get walked on a lot, that is not attractive.

So it’s very important that you are an assertive person, that you do know how to set those appropriate boundaries.

This is why it’s something I stress with my clients. If you want to be respected and if you want to be the attractive, nice guy you need to make sure that you are being assertive.

Make sure you also watch this video (How To Stop Being “The Nice Guy”) to learn more about why girls like nice guys and how you can be the nice guy who gets the girl.

Because let’s be real: There’s a big difference between the nice guy who gets the girl and the nice guy who doesn’t. So you want to make sure you’re the nice guy who gets the girl.

Quick question before we move on: Are you enjoying this article and would you like more videos on what women really want and what women want in a man?

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And I would love to hear which of these tips surprised you the most. Make sure you comment and tell me about it.

Tip #3: A Positive Attitude

Now our next tip on what women want in a man is a good attitude. Guys, one of the biggest things I see keep really awesome guys single is their attitude.

I’m gonna let you in on another secret: People like people who make them feel good. It’s as simple as that.

And so someone negative, someone who is angry at women, someone who is bitter, someone who just kind of pulls you down, nobody wants to spend time with someone like that. Period, end of discussion.

But when someone looks for solutions rather than problems and focuses on the bright side and is uplifting, we want to spend our time with them because they make us feel amazing, they’re very attractive.

And again if you’re looking for a lifelong relationship you need to be someone she wants to spend her life with. And a positive attitude is a deal-breaker.

So one of the main things women really want, one of the main things she’s looking for in a man, is someone fun to be with, someone who’s uplifting and positive and enjoyable.

Tip #4: Religiously Compatible

And now we are to our next tip on what women want in a man. So you guys know that I am a Christian, right? And most of my audience is Christian and so I teach you about what Christian women are looking for.

This is very important so pay close attention, okay? Christian women, she wants a religious man. Obviously, she wants someone who believes the same way she does and who has the same priority she does.

But make sure you are not a religious snob, okay? That is going to chase women away so fast.

If you care more about other people noticing you’re religious than about your relationship with God, or if you come across as judgmental, critical, and like you know so much about everything, that’s going to scare girls away so fast.

Because the truth is that’s not religious that’s just being a snob and using religion as an excuse.

Make sure that you are not using religion as a way to be super cool or as a way to be better than someone else. That’s not what religion is about. Religion is about your relationship with God.

So bottom line what women want in a man is a man who has a very close relationship with God, who loves Jesus, but who doesn’t use religion as an excuse to be a snob.

Tip #5: A Supportive Man

Now our next tip on what women want in a man is a supportive man. What women really want, women who are looking for a long-term relationship is someone she would enjoy being in a long-term relationship with.

That makes total sense, right? Someone supportive makes us feel good so we want to spend time with them.

If you’re planning on a long-term relationship you want someone who’s there for you. You want someone who encourages you and someone that you can support and you can encourage as well.

And a supportive man, who supports her ambitions and her dreams, that right there is a deal-breaker, that makes women fall in love.

If you want women to like you then make her feel good when she is around you.

What Women Want In A Man Recap

So when it comes to what women want in a man the biggest thing you can do to make sure you get your dream girl and your dream relationship is to have dating and relationship skills. Solid skills.

Some of the really important skills you need are:

  1. Confidence
  2. Assertiveness
  3. A positive attitude
  4. Not a religious snob but have a close relationship with God
  5. Being a supportive person

These things are deal breakers and when you have these traits you’re very attractive to women.

If you are tired of being a really amazing guy but still not getting the girl or having your relationships just being dead-end and painful make sure you check out my free masterclass.

Seriously I help men like you every single day. Not only are you going to learn why you’re not getting a girlfriend you’re also going to learn what to do instead.

You’ll also get a sneak peek at my paid program if you decide you would like to work with me closer. This is the fastest, easiest, and best way to make sure you get your dream girl and your dream relationship.

Check it out and I will see you over there.

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