Top 11 Mistakes Men Make With Women (And What To Do Instead!) Want to know how to get a girlfriend, how to get a girl to like you and how to make a girl think about you? Knowing these dating mistakes guys make will save you a lot of embarrassment and heartache! A little dating advice goes a long way when it comes to knowing how to find a girlfriend. What women want from men is pretty simple once you know the right skills. Ready to know how to be attractive to girls? Let’s get started with Top 11 Mistakes Men Make With Women (AND What To Do Instead!).

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Top 11 Mistakes Men Make With Women

Hello, my wonderful friend! Today’s article and video are on the top 11 mistakes men make with women and what to do instead.

Are you sick of being alone? Are you a great guy and just can’t figure out why you’re not getting the girl? Pay close attention to these mistakes because if you’re making these mistakes, they will keep you single.

The difference between guys who get the girl and guys who don’t is the guys who get the girl aren’t making these mistakes. So if you want to be one of them, pay close attention and make sure you read to the end.

Remember that doing the same thing over and over again is never going to get you a different result.

So being aware of these mistakes and knowing what to do instead, approaching it from a different angle, is what’s going to change everything for you.

And thankfully, even though these mistakes are easy to make, once you know what to do instead, it’s actually pretty simple. Information like this is what makes getting the girl easy, fast, and a whole lot more fun.

Now before we dive into the mistakes, if this is your first time here, welcome! My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men.

My specialty is teaching you how to avoid bad and dead-end relationships by instead learning the skills you need to get the girl and relationship of your dreams.

Mistake #1: Thinking Physical Attraction Is Everything

Now the first top mistake I want to talk about is thinking that physical attraction is the only part of the equation.

Physical attraction is important. Obviously, right? There’s nothing wrong with that. That makes dating and relationships fun, and it’s definitely something you should be working on.

However, physical attraction is not the most important piece of this puzzle. It’s a part of the puzzle, but it’s not the biggest. Especially when it comes to women.

Women, this is science guys, physical attraction is not quite as important to them as some people think.

If you put all of your focus and all of your confidence in being physically attractive, it’s not gonna be what helps you get the girl at the end of the day.

Yes, pay attention to it, but other traits are far more important to women than physical attraction.

Be sure to watch this video (How To Attract Women) and this video (What Women Want In A Man). I’m able to go into more detail in those videos on the traits that are super important to women.

Bottom line, make sure your physical attraction is not the only thing you are working on.

Mistake #2: Never Making A Move

Our next top mistake men make with women is never making a move. As a coach, I see this every single day. There are so many awesome guys who just never make a move.

Here’s what you need to understand about women: When you don’t make a move, she takes it as rejection.

Women are very good at picking up body language. This is something science tells us women do better than men. Which means she thinks she’s being very obvious.

She thinks she is being insanely obvious, and she thinks you’re picking up on it, and you’re not making a move.

What that tells her is, “Wow, he doesn’t like me.” So you know what? She’s going to move on, and she’s going to find someone who does.

She’s not going to wait forever because she wants her dream guy, and she deserves to get him. And if you don’t make a move, she’s going to find someone who does.

Consequently, waiting forever to make a move is going to guarantee you stay single forever.

Mistake #3: Dating Like You Did In High School

Our next top mistake men make with women is doing the same things they did in high school as an adult.

Most people get their dating and flirting education from high school. And they just keep doing it as they get older, but it stops working.

This is especially true when you are looking for a happy, lifelong relationship. If you’re looking to marry the love of your life, you can’t use the same things you learned in high school.

Now she’s an adult woman. She’s looking for an adult relationship, wants to know that you’re mature and that you’re a man. She doesn’t want to see you like a schoolboy.

A lot of men think, “Why did it work in high school and college, but it doesn’t work anymore? Am I just broken?

What you learned then doesn’t work now. This is why it’s important to be proactive about learning about mature dating and relationship skills.

If you want to make getting the girl easy, fast, and a whole lot less stressful, then having those mature dating and relationship skills is the game-changer.

Mistake #4: Winging It And Guessing What Works

Now our next big mistake that keeps so many guys single is just winging it, just kind of guessing what will work.

This is what makes it awkward, makes it creepy, and what scares her away.

Now, what causes someone to wing it or to just guess? This comes back to having those dating and relationship skills.

Back in high school, you could kind of wing it. But now she’s really looking for someone confident and competent and mature.

If you just wing it and it comes across as awkward or creepy, she’s gonna go find another guy who doesn’t do that.

Not because she’s trying to be unkind but because it was awkward and it was creepy. She doesn’t know what to do with that, so she moves on to someone else.

So having a game plan, having a working strategy, and knowing how to move forward, that’s what makes it so much easier and so much more fun to get the girl.

How Do You Get The Right Skills?

Now you might be thinking, “That’s great Melannie, but how do I get those skills, and how do I get that game plan?” That’s why I became a coach, is to teach you those things.

And that’s why I created my program, so you would have the easiest, the fastest, the best way to be able to get that girl. I have seriously made it so easy for you it’s not even funny. I mean, maybe it’s a little funny.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to watch my free masterclass. You’ll learn about those skills, about that game plan, and you’ll get a sneak peek at my program if you’d like to work with me for the fastest and easiest way to get your dream girl.

If you’re sick of being alone and not knowing why this is your shortcut. So make sure you give it a watch.

Mistake #5: Not Knowing What To Say

Now our next big mistake men make with women is not knowing what to say.

If you don’t know what to say when you approach her, when you flirt with her, when you text her, etc., that’s what makes that awkward silence. Have you been there? It’s painful.

Not knowing what to say, not knowing how to do that friendly small talk, and all of those things make it awkward, makes it creepy, and makes you feel more nervous.

And the truth is you deserve to not feel nervous. You deserve to feel confident and in control.

This comes back to those skills and to that game plan. When you have the skills to make small talk and knowing what questions to ask, then knowing what to say is super easy. Makes sense, right?

Mistake #6: Being Needy And Aggressive

Our next big mistake is being needy or being aggressive. That will scare girls away so so quickly.

Be sure to watch this video (The Difference Between Chasing And Pursuing Women) for a little bit more on it. I’m able to go a little bit more in-depth.

But basically, when you’re trying to force it or when you’re like begging her to pay attention to you, that’s what makes you come across as aggressive or needy.

And usually, the reason behind this is desperation. Not having any idea how to get her to notice you, how to get her to be interested in you, not knowing how to create that attraction.

That’s what causes you to come across as aggressive or needy. And I know it sounds like a broken record, but this is the fact: You must have the right skills and the right game plan.

So make sure you click that link to sign up for my free masterclass. It’s going to rock your world and really comfort you.

Quick question before we get to our next big mistake. Are you enjoying this article, and would you like more videos like this one? If you would, then comment YES! It helps me so much to know what to make next.

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Mistake #7: Not Being Her Match

Are you ready for our next big mistake? Our next big mistake is not actively trying to be her match.

So many guys want a girl who’s a level 10, but they only are willing to work for a 3 or 4. That’s all of the efforts they put into themselves.

What you need to realize is she has worked like crazy to be a 10. Because what it takes to be a 10 is having the right skills. And she has worked like crazy to be a 10.

And frankly, if she’s worked that hard, she deserves a man who’s a 10 as well, right? That’s only fair.

But so many guys, they’re only willing to put in the effort for a 3 or a 4. They’re not willing to come up to a 10, and then they call her toxic, or they call her a snob or they say she’s a jerk because she rejected them.

She’s not rejecting you because she’s a jerk. She’s rejecting you because she’s worked like crazy to get where she is, and she really deserves someone who’s on the same level as her.

And frankly, God wants her to have someone who’s on the same level as her because He knows how hard she has worked.

So if you want a 10, then you need the dating and relationship skills to get you on the level of a 10 as well.

If you want a really amazing relationship, if you want a really amazing girl, then you need to make sure you’re rising to that level.

Otherwise, you are going to be alone forever, or you are going to have to settle for a toxic relationship.

Now before anybody panics, and before anybody freaks out, please realize I’m being honest with you here. The skills to get to a level 10, once you know them, are very simple and easy.

And as a matter of fact, they are so much easier than staying down at a 3 or a 4. They are so much easier and a whole lot more fun.

So don’t let that overwhelm you. All you need is the road map, all you need is the skills, and again that’s what I’m here to give you. So make sure you watch my masterclass and learn more about my program.

Mistake #8: Emotionally Attached Too Soon

Our next big mistake that men make with women is investing themselves emotionally into the relationship too quickly.

This is such an easy mistake to make. As humans, we all want someone, right? And if you’re single, you just really want that special someone.

Once you find someone awesome, it’s easy to move way too quickly. To emotionally turn her into your girlfriend or your wife before you’ve even gone out with her.

That’s a common thing that happens. But what that does is it creeps her out. It’s too aggressive, it’s too needy, and it pushes her away.

So it’s important that you go at the right pace and that you say, “Wow, she’s really awesome. I would like it to go somewhere, but I’m just going to enjoy getting to know her.

Not “oh my goodness, she’s amazing, I’m going to marry her.” That right there, that mindset, is going to push her away.

Mistake #9: Dressing Like You Did In High School

Our next big mistake is that you look the same way you did in high school. Kind of like we talked about earlier, the tactics you learned in high school worked in high school, but they don’t work as an adult.

It’s common for both men and women to kind of figure out their style in high school and then never change it.

However, if you’re trying to attract an adult woman, you can’t look like a high schooler. And a lot of guys will go into even their 50s and 60s still dressing the same way they did in high school.

This is why you must make sure you know how to dress confidently and attractively. And it’s simple to do on a budget once you know the right way. I make sure to teach you guys that in my program.

But if you want her to see you as a confident, attractive, masculine man, you can’t dress the same way you did in high school.

Your haircut and the way you dress needs to be modern and classy. This is how you increase your confidence, increase her attraction for you, and increase respect for you.

Mistake #10: Thinking Relationships Give You Confidence

Our next big mistake is thinking that a relationship will give you confidence.

This is very common, and again this kind of starts because of high school. “Those who are cool, those who are hip, have a girlfriend. Those who are losers, don’t.

That’s what they tell us. It’s not true, but that’s what they tell us. This means as we get older and as we start to grow up, everybody starts to think that self-worth is based on being in a relationship.

That is not what is going to give you confidence. There are tons of people in relationships who have zero confidence.

What really gives you confidence is skills. The skills that make you really good at dating and relationships, the skills that make you really attractive, and the skills that teach you how to have that healthy self-worth.

But if instead, you think confidence will come from a relationship, you’re not going to approach relationships the right way. You’re going to come across as needy and aggressive.

And again, that’s not what women want. That’s what’s going to push her away.

Mistake #11: Saying You Have Feelings Too Early

And our next top mistake men make with women is telling her you that have feelings for her before you’re official.

If you have not been dating her for a couple of months at least, don’t tell her you that have feelings for her, okay? And I mean seriously dating her.

If you tell her you that have feelings for her too soon, she goes, “Okay, this guy’s needy, this guy’s aggressive, this is creepy.” She doesn’t know how to react, and so she leaves.

That is pushing an emotional closeness that you don’t have yet. So that’s why again you have to take things at the right speed.

Do not tell her you that have feelings for her until you are ready to be official, and she is ready to be official.

Top 11 Mistakes Men Make With Women Recap

The top mistakes men make with women are:

  1. Thinking physical attraction is the only thing that matters. It is important, but other traits are far more important to women.
  2. Waiting to make a move. If you wait to make a move, you’re going to stay single forever.
  3. Using the same things you learned in high school to get the girl. You need developed skills if you’re going to get an adult woman to notice and fall in love with you.
  4. Not having a game plan. Just winging it and guessing what works. This is what makes it awkward and creepy.
  5. Not knowing what to say. Again, this kind of comes back to just winging it. This will make it awkward and creepy so fast.
  6. Being needy or aggressive and trying to force it. Remember, this comes from desperation. Instead, if you have the skills you need, you don’t feel needy, aggressive, or desperate.
  7. Not being her match. Expecting her to be a 10 but only being willing to get the skills to be a 3 or a 4. It’s not going to work.
  8. Emotional attachment before it’s even a relationship. Acting like she’s your girlfriend or going to marry you before you know her. This puts pressure on both of you and ruins any potential relationship.
  9. Keeping your high school style. Never improving your wardrobe or hairstyle. That will make her think you’re still kind of a schoolboy. Instead, you want to be attractive, masculine, and confident.
  10. Thinking your confidence will come from a relationship and putting way too much pressure on that. Instead, it’s skills that give you confidence.
  11. Telling her that you have feelings for her before you guys are official. That is not a good idea.

Top 11 Mistakes Men Make With Women What’s Next?

If you want to avoid all of these mistakes, that’s what I created my program to help you with. Make sure you watch my free masterclass through the link in the description below.

Thank you so much for watching my amazing friend! I would love to hear from you in the comments. Which of these top mistakes surprised you the most? I want to hear about it.

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