How To Talk To Girls (Keep A Conversation Going!) Wondering how to talk to a girl and never run out of things to say? These are the tips you need! Knowing how to make small talk, how to keep a conversation going with a girl and how to keep talking to a girl are all skills that help you know how to attract women. You need to know how to talk to women if you want to get them to like you. Thankfully, it’s really simple once you have the right skills! Ready to be good at talking to girls? Let’s get started then with How to Talk to Girls (Keep a Conversation Going!)

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How To Talk To Girls (Keep A Conversation Going!)

Hello, my wonderful friend! Let’s talk about how to talk to girls (keep a conversation going and never run out of things to say!)

Have you ever been talking to a really gorgeous gal, and all of a sudden, you had no idea what to say? Or have you ever really wanted to talk to someone, but you were afraid you wouldn’t know what to say?

It’s an awkward situation, and it’s very uncomfortable as I’m sure you know. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

These tips are simple but insanely powerful. They are going to help you go from that awkward situation to instead knowing how to attract her and have a lot of fun when you talk to gorgeous women.

I have six powerful tips for you, but the one that might be the most important is the last tip. So make sure you watch to the end to make sure talking to women is easy, fun, and increases her attraction for you.

Now before we dive in, if this is your first time watching one of my videos, welcome! My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men.

I help you learn how to avoid bad and dead-end relationships and instead learn the skills you need to get the girl of your dreams and the relationship of your dreams.

And with that, let’s get started with my top tips on how to talk to girls. How to keep the conversation going and never run out of things to say.

How To Talk To Girls (Keep A Conversation Going!) Tip #1: It’s A Skill

Now the first thing you need to know is it’s critical to shift your mindset. You must start thinking of talking to girls as a skill.

It’s easy to see other guys who are really good at talking to girls and think, “They were just born that way” or “they’re just talented, and I’m not.

And the truth is everybody has different talents, so some people are naturally better at things. But at the end of the day, everyone has to learn a certain amount of skill.

So if you can start looking at talking to girls as a skill instead of a special gift then you can guarantee you are going to be successful at this.

If you go in thinking that you’re not going to be good at it and it’s just going to be awkward, you’re going to fail every time.

Just like playing the guitar or driving a car or your career, it all comes down to skill. So if you can shift your mindset to “hey, this is just a skill and I can totally learn it,” you are going to be successful.

Keep that in mind as we go through the rest of the tips because the rest of the tips really are just skills that you can learn that will make you incredibly good at talking to women.

Tip #2: Don’t Be Too Flirty

Now, this leads me to my second tip for how to talk to girls. And that is to make sure you’re not too flirty.

There’s nothing wrong with flirting. As a matter of fact, I’m a big fan of flirting. I didΒ this video on how to flirt with girls, make sure you check it out.

Flirting is important and it’s fun. But a mistake I see a lot of men make is they put too much focus on flirting.

They really want to attract her or they really want to impress her and so all they do is flirt. And what that does is it comes across as insincere and not authentic. That’s not what you want.

You want there to be some playful flirting, but if it’s constant flirting or over-the-top flirting it comes across as creepy and she feels awkward.

At the end of the day, she really just wants to get to know who you are with a little bit of flirtation instead of constant flirtation and having no idea who you are.

So make sure you do not overdo the flirting. Take the pressure off of yourself. This is two people talking, getting to know each other, and seeing if they have anything in common.

Focus on getting to know her, chatting with her, and making her feel comfortable. That will dramatically increase your attraction. And if you want to throw in a little flirtation with it, you’re golden.

Tip #3: Focus On Asking Questions

Now my next tip on how to talk to girls is to focus on asking questions, not on talking about yourself.

It’s pretty easy when we’re nervous to just kind of talk about ourselves because we’re an authority on ourselves. And it’s something that we can talk about easily, right?

But if all you do is talk about yourself, it’s a one-sided conversation, and it tends to make you feel more nervous.

Remember that the whole goal here is for her to feel comfortable with you. For her to feel important, and for her to feel connected and attracted to you.

I’ve said it a million times before, but I’m going to again because it’s so important. People like people who make them feel good. It’s as simple as that.

So when you ask her questions, and you really communicate with her and connect with her, she’s going to feel really good when she’s around you. She’s going to feel comfortable with you.

When people ask us questions about ourselves, it’s something we are an authority on. So if you’re asking her questions about her, she feels important to you, she feels interesting to you, and she feels relaxed.

Asking her questions and the basics of small talk are absolutely key to knowing how to talk to girls easily and naturally and keep that conversation going.

It’s not about mind games or following a certain script. That’s not authentic and doesn’t let you be you. This is about being totally and completely you and just having those basic small talk skills.

Now I do go in-depth in my program on the basics of small talk and how to have questions to ask her no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

This way, it feels very natural, and so you stay very true to who you are instead of pretending or feeling like you have to follow a specific script.

I also give you a long list of great conversation starters so that talking to women is super easy, natural, and fun.

If you haven’t checked out my program, now is the time. Because not only will you learn how to talk to women like a boss, but you will also learn the steps, skills, and game plan you need to get the girl of your dreams.

To learn more, be sure to watchΒ my free masterclass. You will learn about the skills you need to get your dream girl, and I explain more about my program there. So make sure to click that link, sign up, and give it watch.

Tip #4: Don’t Ask Personal Or Awkward Questions

Now my next tip on how to talk to girls and how to keep the conversation going is to make sure you don’t ask questions that are too personal or that are awkward.

This is an easy mistake to make, which is why I take so much time in my program to teach you how to ask questions the right way.

Especially if you do not know her very well, you don’t want your questions to be too intense. That will scare her away and creep her out.

Asking the right kinds of questions is literally the difference between really attracting her or convincing her that you’re a weirdo. Therefore, you must keep things light, fun, and playful.

Quick question before we get to our next tip: Are you enjoying this video on how to talk to girls? Should I make more videos on how to talk to girls?

Honestly, this is a topic I love, so I’d love to make more if this is something you want to hear about. If you do, be sure to comment yes.

That lets me know how you guys are enjoying these videos and what to do videos on in the future. And if you have any questions or suggestions for other videos, make sure you leave that in the comments as well.

Tip #5: Practice Confident Body Language

My next tip might surprise you. It is to practice confident body language. When you have confident body language, it increases her attraction for you because confident body language is masculine and super attractive.

Also, it makes her feel calmer, safer, and it makes you feel less nervous and more confident.

As a matter of fact, body language is one of the most powerful tools you can learn. This is why I teach it in my program and why it’s one of the biggest things my clients tell me that they use to see results the fastest.

If your body language is nervous and awkward, that’s how she’s going to see you, that’s how you’re going to feel, and it’s going to tank.

But if instead, you’re confident and masculine, you feel amazing, she sees you as amazing, and it goes much better.

Tip #6: Have A Game Plan That Works

Now my next tip on how to talk to girls is pretty critical, so pay close attention. Make sure you have a game plan. Have an idea of what you are going to say before you’re in the situation.

It’s normal when we’re standing in front of someone we think is really attractive for our minds to go blank. Have you been there? It’s terrible. But you can avoid that if you have your game plan that works.

If you know what you’re going to say, and if you have questions in mind, the go-to list you always fall back on with your questions that you’re going to ask, then it is automatic.

That way, even when you can’t think straight, it’s automatic, and it’s natural. Now you can be a little flirtatious and attract and impress her instead of having those awkward pauses and having no idea what to say.

The best way to have that game plan and to make sure it is automatic is to have your basics down. To have the basics of small talk and to know what questions to ask her.

This is again why I teach that in my program. If you haven’t yet checked it out, be sure toΒ watch my masterclassΒ and learn more about my framework, why it’s so effective, and how it can help you too.

How To Talk To Girls (Keep A Conversation Going!) Recap

All right, let’s sum up. How to talk to girls tip number one is to shift your mindset. Stop thinking of it as a special gift. Instead, it’s just a skill.

Even guys who seem really good at it had to learn that skill. If you believe it’s a skill and you believe you can learn it, you will be a boss at it.

Number two, don’t be too flirty. Yes, you can flirt, and it’s fun to flirt, and it’s good to flirt, but if that’s your entire focus, it’s gonna come on way too strong, and it’s going to freak her out.

My next tip on how to talk to girls is to focus on asking her questions, not talking about yourself. This is going to make both of you feel more comfortable and connected.

And that leads us to our next tip, which is to avoid asking questions that are awkward or too personal. That’s a fast way to convince her you’re a weirdo. And you don’t want that.

The next tip on how to talk to girls is to practice confident body language. It increases her attraction and makes both of you feel a whole lot more comfortable.

My last tip is to have a game plan. When you know exactly what you’re going to do in that situation, it’s automatic, it’s easy, and it’s remarkably fun.

Because the truth is you’re talking to a cute girl. How fun is that? So you definitely want it to be automatic so it can be fun and enjoyable.

Now to become a total boss at talking to women and ultimately to become a total boss at getting the girl of your dreams, do make sure you check out my program.

Learn more about it by watchingΒ my free masterclass. This is the fastest and easiest way to get the girl of your dreams, so be sure to check it out right now.

Thank you so much for watching my amazing friend! I want to hear from you in the comments. Did you like this video? Would you like more videos on how to talk to women?

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