“Why Can’t I Get A Girlfriend?” Answered (And how to change it now!) Every day I have someone ask me “Why can’t I get a girlfriend? I’m good looking!” Or “I’m an attractive guy… Why can’t I get a girlfriend?” Or “I’m a nice guy! Why can’t I get a girlfriend?!” Have you felt this way too? You will LOVE this video. I’m answering your “why can’t I get a cute girlfriend” questions and teaching you how to get a girlfriend fast. Once you know the right skills everything falls into place. Ready to know how to find a girlfriend? Let’s get started!

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“Why Can’t I Get A Girlfriend?” Answered

Hello, my wonderful friend! Today’s video and article are on “why can’t I get a girlfriend?” answered. And I’m going to be teaching you how to change it very quickly.

I have men asking me all the time “why can’t I get a girlfriend? I’m good looking, I’m an attractive guy, I’m a nice guy, why can’t I get a girlfriend?

You are in the right place because, as I mentioned, I’m going to teach you how you can turn it around very quickly. And what you’re about to learn is really really going to comfort you. So make sure you read to the end.

If this is your first time reading one of my articles, welcome! My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men.

I teach you how to stop wasting your time and your energy on bad relationships and how to actually get your dream relationship by learning the skills you need.

As a certified coach, what you are about to learn comes from my extensive training, my extensive research, and my insights as a woman.

Now, as I mentioned, I have men ask me all the time “why can’t I get a girlfriend? Is there something wrong with me? Should I just give up?

Pay very close attention, okay? If you remember nothing else from this video, I want you to remember this. You are not broken. There is nothing wrong with you and it is certainly not hopeless.

I help men like you all the time and you can turn it around so quickly. I promise you there is nothing wrong with you. Here’s the honest truth: What is happening is actually very normal and very common.

Most of society is just guessing what works with relationships. And those people who are just kind of guessing what works are usually where we get our education from when it comes to dating and relationships.

As we grow up we just kind of mimic what we see in the world around us. Maybe you were raised in a home that maybe wasn’t ideal, which is very common with the divorce rate so high.

Or many people will mimic what they saw on TV or what they saw in movies. Which is not remotely good advice at all. Like 99% of the time. Or they mimic what they saw in high school or what they saw in college.

The bottom line is most people are just kind of guessing what’s going to work at relationships and those are the people we get our education from. Most importantly, it doesn’t work.

It’s not that you’re broken, it’s that you’ve been given the wrong advice and the wrong education about dating and relationships. This is especially true when you are looking for a happy, life-long relationship.

If you’re looking to attract a high-quality woman, the kind of woman who will laugh and cry with you, she’ll be your biggest supporter, she’ll walk by your side. That’s the kind of woman you can’t just guess what will work.

You need actual, solid skills. So if you are asking right now “why can’t I get a girlfriend?” the answer is you’ve been taught the wrong skills. And now it’s time to learn the right skills.

And guys, get excited, this excites me so much, because the best part is you can actually turn it around very quickly. This is the main thing my clients tell me, is how quickly they see results.

That’s the power of learning the right skills. So what we’re going to do is cover some of the biggest reasons really awesome guys can’t get a girlfriend.

After that, I’ll explain what to do instead so that you can get a girlfriend. Because the truth is you totally deserve to have an amazing gal. That’s what I want for you, that’s what you want, so let’s dive in.

Why Can’t I Get A Girlfriend? You’re Too Pushy Or Aggressive

So one of the most common answers to “why can’t I get a girlfriend?” is a lot of guys, without realizing it, are really aggressive or really pushy. That’s kind of how they come across to women.

If you want to freak out a really good and high-quality woman be aggressive or be too pushy. This often happens when a guy is trying to pursue and he just doesn’t know how to do it the right way.

So if you feel like you have to force it, force the relationship to work, force the attraction, force the conversation, or if you ever feel like you have to be dominant, those are signs that you’re being aggressive and pushy.

It’s really common advice right now to try and be dominant, but here’s what you need to know: Being Dominant only attracts toxic women.

A real woman, a high-quality woman, she’s looking for an equal partner. She’s looking for someone she can be vulnerable with because he’ll also be vulnerable with her.

She’s looking for someone human, who’s real. Not someone who there’s always this fight over who’s dominant and who’s going to submit and who’s not.

A real, high-class woman is going to run away from that. She’s going to find a guy who’s actually going to treat her with respect. Again this is a very easy mistake to make so don’t beat yourself up for this if you do this.

But if you are coming across as aggressive, if you’re coming across as pushy, yeah, you’re not going to be able to get a girlfriend, you’re not going to be able to get that high-quality gal.

So how do you turn this around? How do you prevent this from stopping you anymore?

All you need to do is understand the appropriate way to pursue a girl, the right way to pursue a girl, and then start using and applying those skills.

Pursuing, when done right, increases your attraction, increases your confidence, and really creates a healthy relationship. All you need to do is know how to pursue the right way instead of the aggressive, pushy way.

Giving Your Heart Away Too Soon

Now the next thing that causes a lot of really awesome guys to not be able to get a good girlfriend is giving their heart away way too soon.

This makes you come across as very needy. It puts a ton of pressure on her and makes her uncomfortable. And therefore, she is going to reject you. She’s not going to want to get to know you any better.

Now let me kind of explain what this means. It’s common when you meet someone new, maybe you work with her, maybe she shops at the same store as you, or maybe you have a mutual friend, whatever it is.

Then you think “oh my goodness, she’s the one. I’m going to marry her. I’m totally in love with her.

And you give your heart completely to this gal before you even really know her. This can even happen if you’ve only been on a couple of dates with her.

If you just give her your heart way too soon, that makes you feel desperate, that makes you feel needy, and it pushes her away. It freaks women out. And yes, it will keep you from ever getting a girlfriend.

So what do you do instead? What is going to work that will actually help you get your ideal gal?

What you need is to understand the correct mindset for relationships, how to approach them mentally. Then increase your confidence so you don’t feel desperate and needy, instead, you feel empowered.

This will help you attract her so much easier, so much faster, and it’s going to make you feel better and lead to a healthy, happy relationship. That’s better than a desperate and needy relationship, right?

If you want to get your dream girl, you must not give your heart away too soon.

Now I do want to mention that everything I’m teaching you in this article and so much more is things I teach you about in my program.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed right now or even just feeling like “hey, I really want to learn these skills now, and I want to fast track it to success,” that’s what I created my program to do for you.

To learn more about my program, the skills you need, and creating a really solid game plan, make sure you watch my masterclass. No lie, if you want the best way to get your dream girl, my program is the way to do it.

The results my clients get just makes me giddy inside and I would absolutely love to help you do the same. Be sure you watch that free masterclass now to learn more.

You Need An Effective Game Plan That Actually Works

So my next answer to “why can’t I get a girlfriend?” is you have to make sure you have an effective game plan when you talk to and flirt with girls.

If you find that women don’t respond well when you talk to them or text them or chat with them, it means you don’t have an effective game plan. Even if you have a game plan, it’s not effective.

Talking is how women connect. It’s very important. And when you know how to talk and flirt the right way, whoa, you’re very attractive to her.

But when you don’t have that effective game plan, that’s what makes it awkward, that’s what makes it creepy. And you don’t want that, right?

That’s not how you want her to see you. Instead, you want her to be very attracted to you. And that’s why you must have a game plan and know step by step how to create that attraction.

If she doesn’t feel comfortable with you, if she doesn’t feel attracted to you, she’s going to move on. She just is. She doesn’t want to waste your time, she doesn’t want to risk hurting you, so she will just move on.

So yes, this will keep you single. But what do you do instead? You must have an effective game plan and know how to create conversations that are flirty and fun.

Also, you must know how to communicate with her in a way that increases attraction, makes her feel safe with you, and makes her want to get to know you better.

Ultimately this is a very important part of getting her to fall in love with you. As an added bonus, having that game plan really increases your confidence and makes you feel amazing. Which that’s pretty cool, right?

Speaking of which, if you are enjoying this video so far, be sure to comment and let me know.

If you would like more videos just like this one with those tips to getting your ideal gal, make sure you comment yes. Let me know about it, and if you have any questions, leave them there as well.

You Need To Learn Confident Body Language

Okay, are you ready for my next tip on “Why Can’t I Get A Girlfriend?” Answered? Another one of the big reasons awesome guys can’t get a girlfriend is because they are not practicing confident body language.

If you’ve seen this video (How To Flirt With Girls: 7 Crazy Effective Tips), you have probably heard me talk about this before. If you haven’t seen that one yet, make sure you check it out.

About 80% of communication is non-verbal. And women, scientifically, are very good at picking up body language. They are actually far better at reading body language than most men. It’s just how God created us.

This means 80% of what you are telling her is through your body language. If your body language isn’t confident or attractive, if your body language is arrogant, needy, aggressive, or awkward, that’s her first impression of you.

Therefore it’s very important that instead, you are practicing confident and masculine body language.

Because here’s the truth: You’re an awesome guy. You have so much to offer, so it’s time to let women see that, to let the world see that, and for you to feel that.

That’s another one of the benefits of body language, you actually feel it when you use it. This is one of the things my clients tell me that they like the most about my program.

This one skill can get results faster than almost anything else, so don’t ignore it.

I know it kind of sounds small, “well it’s just how I stand. Why would that matter?” No, it matters, and it’s going to make you feel amazing.

If your body language is not confident, if it’s not masculine, if it’s not attractive, that is going to stop you from getting your dream girl. It just is.

So instead, you must learn good body language and learn those skills, and then you apply and practice it.

Stop Playing Mind Games (They Don’t Work!)

Now my next answer to “why can’t I get a girlfriend?” is if you’re playing mind games, you’re not going to get your dream girl. You will attract a toxic girl, but you will not attract your dream girl.

Now a lot of people don’t think they’re playing mind games, but they actually are. And usually, it’s because they kind of go into panic mode, which is normal.

If you don’t know what to do, it can be easy to just look for a quick trick or a quick hack and see if it works.

For instance, you may have seen this video I did on once you stop caring, she starts chasing. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to watch it right now.

Not caring, acting distant, making her jealous, that’s a mind game. Or as I mentioned earlier, trying to be dominant or too aggressive, that’s a mind game.

Not texting her back for a long time, that’s a mind game. Acting like you don’t care, playing hot and cold, all of these things, that’s a mind game.

A high-quality woman, she does not have time for that, frankly. Because again, she is looking for that equal partnership.

She is looking for someone who treats her with respect because she wants to treat him with respect. But she cannot really respect you if you are trying to play with her mind, so she is going to move on.

What she is looking for are loyalty, love, and equality. Consequently, if you are playing mind games, the relationship is not going to work.

So what do you do instead? Well, the main reason people will use these mind games is that they’re trying to increase her attraction for them.

Mind games are not how you increase attraction. They’re not. As a matter of fact, if she’s a high-quality woman, that will destroy her attraction for you.

What you need to do instead is you need to learn the actual skills that do increase attraction. You need the skills that will maintain that attraction and keep that happy and healthy relationship long term.

Is this making sense so far? With all of the tips I’ve shared with you, here’s the good news: Even if it feels overwhelming right now, just know that each of these things is simple when you know how to do them.

It can sound a little overwhelming. “Wait, what? How in the world do I do that?” I promise you that it’s simple and easy. Which is why my clients do get results so quickly.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed or if even just feeling like “I want to stop guessing. I just want to fast track it to success,” do make sure you check out my program.

Again, click here to watch my masterclass, where you will learn more about my program, more about the skills you need, and how to get the results you want.

“Why Can’t I Get A Girlfriend?” Answered Recap

Let’s sum up. If you are asking right now, “Why can’t I get a girlfriend?” you are not broken. There is nothing wrong with you. All you need are the right skills.

Some of the most common reasons why awesome guys stay single and do not have a girlfriend are:

  1. Being pushy or aggressive and freaking her out that way.
  2. Giving your heart away too fast, which is needy and scares women.
  3. You need an effective game plan when talking and flirting with women. If you do not have an effective game plan, you are not going to increase attraction.
  4. You need to make sure you are practicing confident body language. This skyrockets your attraction, gets attention, increases your confidence, and makes you feel amazing.
  5. Playing mind games. Mind games will chase away high-quality women so fast.

The bottom line is, there is nothing wrong with you. All you need to do to turn this around and turn it around fast is to learn the skills you need. If you have not yet seen my free masterclass, check it out now.

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