The psychology of ignoring a woman. Have you heard to “ignore her to attract her” or “stop caring and she’ll start chasing” or even “ignore her to get her”? Some will say that the psychology of ignoring someone you like is effective BUT… that isn’t actually the case UNLESS you want to attract a toxic woman. Crazy, right?! If you’ve been told about the psychology of ignoring someone you love you deserve to know the FULL truth instead of the half truth you’ve been given. If you really want to know about female psychology and what women really want this video is going to be a game changer for you! Ready to dive in? Let’s get started with the Psychology of Ignoring a Woman…

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The Psychology Of Ignoring A Woman

Hello, my wonderful friend! Today’s video and article are on the psychology of ignoring a woman and why it will actually sabotage your relationships and your happiness long term.

Yes, we are talking about why the psychology of ignoring a woman will actually cause you to lose her.

This comes from my extensive training and research as a certified coach. As well as my insight as a woman. Also, I will be sharing with you what you need to do instead that actually works to get the girl.

I have some incredible tips and insight for you today. Each one is important, so make sure you read to the end because I would hate for you to miss the last one.

Real quick before we dive in, if this is your first time watching one of my videos, welcome! My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men.

I teach you how to stop wasting your time, money, and energy on bad and dead-end relationships by learning the skills you need to get your dream girl.

The Psychology Of Ignoring A Woman Does Work… For Toxic Women

Okay, let’s talk about the psychology of ignoring a woman. The first thing you need to know is that it does work if you are trying to attract a toxic woman.

Toxic women are very drawn to this tactic. And if you’re looking for a one-night fling or miserable relationship, then yes, it is a tactic you could use.

One thing that sets my channel apart is I always teach you how to have a happylifelong relationship.

That’s what my skills and the things I teach will get you, is that happy, crazy in love, lifelong relationship. You will not get that kind of a relationship if you ignore her to get her attention or to come back.

The truth is toxic women love drama. They love drama. They are addicted to it, and they thrive on it.

So yes, ignoring them is definitely gonna get their attention, and it’s going to kind of upset their ego a little bit. “Uh-uh, no. You can’t walk away from me. I’m the only one allowed to walk away from this relationship.

And so yes, it will temporarily get her attention. If you saw this video (Why Can’t I Get A Girlfriend?), you know that playing mind games will never get you the relationship you ultimately want.

Just know that if you’re trying to attract a toxic woman, yeah, this will work. But if you want that happy, lifelong relationship with an amazing woman, then ignoring her will not work for you.

Ignoring A Woman Will Never Get You A Happy Relationship

This brings us to the second thing you need to know about the psychology of ignoring a woman. And that is that this tactic will not get you the kind of relationship you want ultimately.

Here’s why: If you have to ignore her to get her to pay any attention to you, what kind of relationship is that? There’s no trust or respect, is there?

Ignoring someone is the literal equivalent of treating someone as if they are not there. When two people ignore each other, there’s no closeness, there’s no communication, there’s no loyalty, there’s no love.

I’m sure you’ve heard me mention this before, but there was a massive study done where they asked the participants what the number one thing they were looking for in a partner was.

And do you know what it was? It was kindness. Where is the kindness in ignoring her? That doesn’t sound very kind to me.

Recently I made this video on the whole concept of “once you stop caring, she starts chasing.” And if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a good one.

But I had someone leave an impressive comment on that video. Basically, he said he kind of felt that his girlfriend was pulling back a little bit, and it made him nervous.

And he had heard others say, “Ignore her, walk away, and she’ll come back, and she’ll chase you.” He said he kind of started to do that, but it didn’t feel right.

So then he watched my video, and he thought, “You know what? We’ve got to be mature about this. If we’re a couple, we’re a couple.” Just like I explained in that video.

And so honestly guys, he’s a rockstar, and he said, “You know what? No. I’m gonna be a mature adult about this.

So he talks to her and just said, “Hey, is everything okay?” And it turned out that she was going through some difficult things in her life and was feeling overwhelmed and upset from the complications.

He pointed out, and I love this, he said, “What kind of a boyfriend would I be if I had just walked away from her when she was going through things so difficult?

Instead of ignoring each other, they were able to be adults about it. And that right there is what makes a good relationship and what brings the relationship closer.

What Kind Of A Relationship Do You Want?

So you really have to ask yourself, what kind of relationship are you looking for? One with honesty, loyalty, communication, and love? Or one where you have to ignore each other to keep any kind of a relationship?

I want to pause right here and answer the question, “Okay, so what do I do instead? What is going to work? What is going to help me get my dream girl?” It’s simple.

All you need to do is know how to attract the right kind of woman instead of those toxic women. Because like I said, it will attract toxic women, so you need to know how to attract the right kinds of women.

Also, you need to know how to skyrocket your attraction. When you have those things in place, you don’t have to play mind games with her.

The truth is these things are not hard once you learn what they are and apply them. Besides, it makes you feel a lot better, instead of feeling like you have to ignore her again. That’s exhausting, right?

There are simple and easy ways to increase your attraction, really connect with her, and make her feel amazing when she’s around you. This makes a woman fall in love and want to spend time with you.

Now I know that can sound a little overwhelming. Don’t worry, I’ve got you. I literally teach my clients this in my program all day long. And what I love the most is how quickly it can happen, how quickly they get results.

So please don’t let all of this overwhelm you. To learn more about the skills you need and about a solid game plan, make sure you watch my free masterclass.

I’ve put together this completely free training for you so you can know how to move forward and get your dream girl.

Ignoring A Women Sets The Relationship Up For Failure

The next thing you need to know about the psychology of ignoring a woman is that it actually sets a precedence for the rest of the relationship.

Can you imagine a marriage where you have to just start ignoring her regularly to get her interested in you again? That doesn’t sound like much of a relationship, does it?

This is again why you just need to ask yourself what kind of relationship you are ultimately looking for. Do you want one full of mind games, or do you want a real relationship?

If you’re going to have your ideal relationship, your dream relationship, you must define what that is. You must know what that is and decide if you want it.

And if you don’t want a relationship based on mind games, do not play them. Otherwise, you will have to play those mind games for your entire relationship.

If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you watch this video (How Relationships Should Be). It goes more into what a real relationship should look like and that you can have it.

The truth is people get their dream relationships every single day. It’s 100% possible. You just need to know what it is and be committed to getting it.

Speaking of which, show your commitment right now by commenting ‘BOSS!’ in the comments below.

Something about making that commitment and saying, “Yes, I’m committed to this.” is ultimately going to help you achieve that. So make sure, right now, just pause and say ‘BOSS!’ in the comments.

Technically Ignoring Is Bullying

Okay, the next thing you need to know about the psychology of ignoring a woman is that technically it’s bullying. Think about it.

If you saw two kids playing on the playground and one of them just decided to ignore the other one, that’s wrong, right?

Somebody would need to sit them down and say, “Hey, you can’t treat people like that. That’s not how we treat people. That’s not nice.

A romantic relationship is supposed to be the closest, best relationship in your life. Why would you treat that person that way? Why in the world would ignoring her be okay?

Why would ignoring your dream girl be appropriate? Bottom line, it’s not. Just like you don’t want to marry a toxic person, she doesn’t want to marry a toxic person.

If you play mind games and ignore her, she will walk away. High-quality women, the kind of women you want, need to be treated with respect. And if you ignore her, she’s going to go find someone else.

It Doesn’t Allow You To Be True To Who You Are

And our next thing on the psychology of ignoring a woman is that it doesn’t allow you to be true to who you are. You have to pretend to be something you’re not.

I remember talking to someone once, and they said, “I just really want to text them back. But I feel like I have to wait, and I don’t want to. I just want to text them.

Have you ever felt that way too? The truth is it’s exhausting to try and pretend you’re someone you’re not. To not be true to who you are just to play the mind game.

If you have to play mind games with them, it’s not a real relationship. Whenever you play mind games, you are actually being manipulative. And that’s never going to lead you to the type of relationship you want.

You must be true to who you are. And again, that high-quality woman you’re looking for, she just wants to know the real you, and she just wants to fall crazy in love with you. She doesn’t want any mind games.

The Psychology Of Ignoring A Woman Recap

Let’s sum up what you’ve learned so far. When it comes to the psychology of ignoring a woman, the first problem is that it only attracts toxic women and actually repels good, high-quality women.

In addition to that, it’s not gonna get you the happy relationship you are looking for. You can’t have a good relationship that’s built on ignoring each other.

And a quick reminder, to learn more about the skills you need and how simple they are to learn, do make sure you watch my free masterclass.

The next thing is to remember that this sets a precedence for how the rest of your relationship will go.

If you have to ignore her now, you are going to have to ignore her later. And that just doesn’t sound like a good marriage, don’t you think?

Next, remember that this is technically bullying. Ignoring is bullying, and that’s just wrong.

And the next thing is to remember that it doesn’t let you be true to who you are. You have to pretend to be someone you’re not.

You deserve to be in a relationship where you can be entirely you and where she totally and completely loves you for you.

Thank you so much for watching my amazing friend! I want to hear from you in the comments. Did you enjoy this video? Would you like more videos like this one?

If you would please leave me a comment, comment yes. And if you have anything particular you’ve wondered about, tell me about it, and that will help me know to make a video on it.

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