How To Impress A Girl (7 Crazy Effective Ways!) Want to know how to get a girl to like you? These tips are key! Whether you are looking to know how to impress a girl over text or just how to impress women in general these tips are crazy effective. This is how to attract a girl, how to get a girl to like you and how to get a girlfriend. Iโ€™ll let you in on a little secretโ€ฆ what matters most to her is who you really are! There are not tricks. Itโ€™s just about being you. Are you ready for the tips? Great! Letโ€™s dive in to How to Impress a Girl (7 CRAZY Effective Tips!)

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How To Impress A Girl (7 Crazy Effective Ways!)

Hello, my wonderful friend! Today’s video and article are on how to impress a girl (7 crazy effective ways!)

Would you like to know how to impress a girl without mind games and without pretending to be someone you’re not? You could just be yourself, and she would like you for you.

That would be amazing, wouldn’t it? That’s what you’re about to learn. Make sure you read to the end so you know how to make sure you go from being rejected to impressing her and attracting her very easily.

Now before we dive in, if this is your first time watching one of my videos, welcome! My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men.

I teach you how to stop wasting your time on bad and dead-end relationships by just learning the skills you need to instead have your dream girl.

I’m a certified coach, and I’ve done the research, so everything you learn from me is science-based instead of mind game-based.

Now speaking of not wanting to play mind games and tricks, I’m gonna let you in on a huge secret.

Are you looking for a lifelong relationship with a high-quality woman? If yes, what those types of women care about the very most is who you are. That’s what attracts and impresses her the most.

So no, you don’t have to play mind games. You just need to be able to show her you would make a great partner because that is what matters most to her.

These tips are going to help you know exactly how to show her that you would be a great partner and someone she would want to spend the rest of her life with.

So with that, are you ready to get started? Let’s dive in with tip number one.

How To Impress A Girl (7 Crazy Effective Ways!) – Tip #1: Notice The Small Things

Tip number one for how to impress a girl is to notice the small things. This right here is what’s going to help you stand out from the crowd and completely eliminate the competition.

I have a quick story to illustrate. Several years ago, my sister and I were at an event and were wearing heels for this particular event.

We were waiting in a foyer standing against the wall in these heels and there was a couch in the foyer and there were three men seated on that couch.

They noticed us, but not one of them stood up and let us have their seat. Yes, we are fully capable women, we chose to wear heels, and yes, we are fully capable of standing in those shoes and were prepared to do so.

But if one of those guys or a couple of those guys had gotten up off the couch and offered us their seat he would have become an absolute hero in our eyes.

Why? Because that’sย noticing the little things.

Notice the little things about her. What’s important to her, how she might be feeling, something maybe a little bit difficult like standing in heels and your feet hurting.

Noticing those little things and helping her, whoa, that right there is how you become a total heartthrob in her eyes and really help her see that she can trust you.

It helps you completely eliminate the competition, as I talk about inย this video (13 Tips On How To Get A Girlfriend).

Something small like noticing her favorite show is coming out soon and talking to her about it or noticing she had a rough day and bringing her favorite treat.

All these little things are really huge game-changers. That is how you impress a girl.

Tip #2: Listen To Her

Now my next tip is to listen to her. As women, we bond by talking. And when somebody listens to you you feel important, don’t you? You feel like you matter. Therefore you must listen to her.

For instance, when you’re having a conversation with her don’t think so much about the next thing you’re going to say. That’s very easy to do when you’re nervous.

Have you done it before? I think we’ve all done it before. Instead of focusing on what impressive thing or cool things should I say next, focus on actually hearing her, connecting with her.

And if you’ve been listening to her and paying attention to her, you will be able to ask her a question about something she just said.

That right there impresses her because not everybody does that, and it really makes her feel connected to you. You listened to her, she matters to you, she’s important.

So calm down and instead of trying to decide what you willย sayย next, listen to her and decide what you willย askย next.

Tip #3: Make A Move First

Now my next tip for how to impress a girl is to make a move first. If you’ve been watching my videos for a while, you’ve heard this before because it’s so important and so crazy effective.

Do you want to impress her? Do you want to appear very confident and masculine in her eyes?ย Pursue her. Make the first move.

What this does is it shows her that you’re a gentleman, it shows her that you’re confident, and you have enough respect in yourself and enough trust in yourself to be willing to do that.

If you sawย this video (How To Get A Woman To Think About You Non-Stop), you know being vulnerable is one of the traits we like most in another person.

Being someone willing to make the first move, whoa, that’s attractive. It makes her feel more drawn to you, and it makes her feel safer with you. That is going to impress her because most men aren’t doing this.

Do you want to stand out from the crowd and her to notice you first? Make sure that you are making the first move, that you are pursuing her.

Now before you freak out, it’s normal for that to be scary, okay? It’s okay if it’s a little bit scary. That’s 100% normal.

All you need to make pursuing easy, fun, and successful, instead of ending in rejection, is the right skills and the right game plan. That is the secret.

I have a free masterclass that will teach you more about this so you can go from being alone and rejected and ghosted to instead make getting the girl easy and simple.ย Click here to give it a watch.

Tip #4: Learn New Things

Our next tip for how to impress a girl is to learn something new and always be learning new things.

One of the best ways to make sure you are always an interesting person is to be learning something and have a growth mindset. This keeps her after you get her and how you initially get her to fall in love with you.

Learning something new and being involved means you’re always adding to who you are, you always have something interesting to talk about, and always have something interesting you’re doing.

This is another thing that most people aren’t doing. So if you want to stand out from the competition, and therefore have no competition, make sure that you are always learning something.

I mentioned earlier that who you are is what really impresses her. If you are always learning and always improving and always involved, that is really going to impress her.

That masterclass I mentioned is going to help you with this as well and help you know how to totally eliminate the competition. So do make sure youย give it a watch.

Tip #5: Laugh At Yourself But Don’t Put Yourself Down

Okay, my next tip for how to impress a girl may really surprise you. This tip is to make sure you do not put yourself down.

It’s good to be someone who can laugh at yourself and not take yourself too seriously. Those are attractive traits.

But sometimes people misunderstand, and they think that making fun of themselves is the same as laughing at themselves. It is not.

Laughing at yourself is if you make some kind of a mistake or let’s pretend you like spill milk all over your shirt, you laugh and say, “oh my goodness, oh well, whatever, it’s okay. I’m still human.” You laugh it off.

Making fun of yourself is “well, I’m too stupid for that,” or “I’m too fat. Nobody would want me anyway,” or “well, I just am not attractive. Otherwise, I’d have a girlfriend by now.

Things like that make everyone instantly feel uncomfortable, even if you’re trying to pass it off as a joke.

They don’t know what to do because if they agree with you, “yeah, you are too stupid for that,” well, that’s insulting.

But if instead, they say, “no, you’re not too stupid,” then they had to disagree with you to do that and put you on the spot. And so everybody instantly feels very uncomfortable.

On the flip side, if you are someone who doesn’t make fun of yourself, someone who builds yourself up, and someone who supports yourself as much as you do for other people, that’s impressive and attractive.

Quick question before we get to our next tip on how to impress a girl. Are you enjoying this video? Would you like to see more on how to impress a girl?

If you would comment ‘impressed!’ in the comments below and I will know to make more for you.

Also, I’m curious. Which one of these tips do you find the most helpful? Please leave me a comment and let me know.

Tip #6: Be Well Groomed And Well Dressed

Okay, my next tip for how to impress a girl is to be well-groomed and well dressed. This is another thing I have mentioned before, and it’s because it’s so important.

Can I be honest with you, really bold, really upfront? She likes to see you looking good, okay? She just does.

Just like you like to see her looking good, it really impresses her when a guy has enough self-respect and takes the initiative to look nice. That right there, that’s impressive.

She is looking for a 10 out of 10, just like you should be. And you must show her you are a 10 out of 10 by how well-groomed you are and how well dressed you are.

Science tells us we have three seconds, you guys, three seconds for someone to decide if they are attracted to us or not. And so you must show her in those three seconds that you are a 10 out of 10.

So make sure you have a sharp modern haircut, that you keep your facial hair trimmed and looking nice, that you obviously have good hygiene, and that the clothes you wear are modern and classic and masculine.

This is one reason why I teach the basics of fashion in my program. It’s powerful, important, and when you do it right, it’s highly effective.

It turns her head and makes you stand out from the crowd, impresses her, and makes her want to get to know you better.

Tip #7: Smile

Now my next tip for how to impress a girl I think is really going to surprise you too. This tip is to smile. Oh my goodness, smiles are so powerful.

When someone smiles at us, we feel this huge relief, we feel connected to them, and she’s actually going to see you as more confident and more respectful.

Something I think is difficult for men to understand is as a woman, her initial instinct is to make sure she’s safe with you. And if there’s anything that’s going to make her feel like she’s not safe, she’s done.

A smile is a great way to show her that you are a kind person, you are a respectful person, you are a confident person.

As a man, you aren’t as used to having to tell if you’re safe or not as a woman is, for the most part. Because she knows you’re stronger and she wants to make sure she’d be safe with you.

So smile, show your teeth. That tells her so much about you, and it makes us like people more when they smile.

A lot of men have been told, “no, she will disrespect you if you smile. You gotta be tough, you gotta be cool.” The truth is that’s not effective unless you’re trying to attract a toxic woman.

Again, as I mentioned earlier, if she’s a high-quality woman looking for a long-term relationship, she’s asking if you would make a good partner. Being “super cool” doesn’t look like a good partner to her.

But someone who smiles, who’s interested in her, who connects to her, who’s kind, that’s the kind of guy she’s looking to spend the rest of her life with.

A smile is especially effective if she feels like she’s the reason you are smiling. That right there melts her heart and gives her butterflies. So smile and smile big.

How To Impress A Girl (7 Crazy Effective Ways!) – Recap

Let’s sum up what you have learned so far about how to impress a girl.

  1. Notice the little things. If she knows that you notice the little things that are important to her, that matter to her, and then you act on that, whoa, that’s impressive, and that’s attractive.
  2. Make sure that you listen to her. We all want to feel important and listened to. And if you’re the guy who’s listening to her, wow, you just impressed her.
  3. Be the first to make a move. Most guys aren’t doing this, so if you do, wow, she sees you as confident, attractive, masculine, and you just impressed her.
  4. Learn something new. Interesting people are attractive and impressive people. So make sure you have a growth mindset, and you’re learning new things.
  5. Be as building and encouraging to yourself as you are to others. No one likes to spend time with those who put themselves down and make fun of themselves. Be encouraging, supportive, and positive about yourself too.
  6. Be well-groomed and dress well. If she’s a 10 out of 10, she is looking for a 10 out of 10. It only takes three seconds for someone to decide if you are attractive, so make those three seconds count.
  7. And also, make sure that you smile. There’s a ton of power in a smile so let it shine.

And as I mentioned, it is normal for pursuing a girl to be scary and make you nervous. All you need are the right skills and game plan, so do make sure youย watch my masterclass. It’s going to help you so much with this.

Thank you so much for watching my amazing friend! I want to hear from you in the comments. Should I make more videos on how to impress a girl? If I should, be sure to comment ‘impressed!’

And tell me which of these tips you found the most helpful and are going to start using first.

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