How To Find Your Soulmate (Every Christian Needs To Know This!) Have you ever wondered how to find out who your soulmate is? As a Christian Dating Coach for men, one of the biggest things I see keeping amazing Christian men single is misunderstanding soulmates and how to find one.

This applies if you are looking for Christian dating after divorce, Christian dating advice in general or wondering how to know if she’s the one. If you want to find your soulmate pay very close attention! Let’s get started with How to Find Your Soulmate (EVERY Christian Needs to Know This!)

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How To Find Your Soulmate

Hello, my wonderful friends! Today’s video and article are on how to find your soulmate (every Christian needs to know this!)

If you struggle to meet good women, if you are tired of never having a serious relationship, or if all of your relationships are dead-end and bad and you’re sick of it, pay close attention.

You will learn how to find your soulmate, and what stops you from finding her. So do make sure you read to the end because each of these tips is very important.

Before we dive right in, if this is your first time reading one of my articles, welcome! My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men.

I teach you how to stop wasting your time and energy on bad relationships by learning the skills you need to instead get your dream girl and relationship.

I’m a certified coach, so what I teach you comes from science and not mind games. With that, let’s dive into the first thing you need to know about how to find a soulmate.

Tip #1: You Find Your Soulmate By Being Her Soulmate First

The first tip to finding your soulmate is that you find your soulmate by being her soulmate first.

I want to be very clear about something. I totally believe in soulmates. I really do. It looks very different from what most people think a soulmate really is.

For most people, a soulmate is like a cheesy Hallmark movie. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good cheesy hallmark movie.

But most people think you just walk into the store one day and you accidentally bump into each other and poof, it’s your soulmate, and you found them, and it was fate, and it was meant to be.

And the truth is that’s not actually how it works. The belief in a soulmate is common among Christians. And I say this as a Christian.

What most Christians don’t know is the whole concept of a soulmate is not biblical. It is actually anti-biblical. When most people talk about a soulmate, they are talking about someone who completes you.

I’m sure you’ve heard the line “you complete me,” right? We’ve all heard it. That is actually anti-biblical. Because as Christians, we know and believe that the only one who can truly make us whole is Jesus Christ, right?

That concept of a soulmate is flawed because another human being can never make us complete.

So what is a soulmate? A soulmate is that special someone who absolutely loves you. They see into your soul, they see your flaws, see your strengths, see it all, and they love you.

Also, they are that shoulder to lean on, that shoulder to cry on, your biggest supporter. That definition of a soulmate is real.

The important part is for you to attract that type of person you need to also be that type of person.

It’s not just fate, you walk into the grocery store, and angels sing, and you fall in love, and it’s happily ever after. Being soulmates is more of a decision than it is an event.

I’ve honestly said this a million times. If you’ve taken my program, you have most definitely heard me say this. The best way to get your dream girl is to be her dream man.

It is as simple as that. And it’s about doing that in a way that stays true to you. It’s never about pretending to be someone you’re not. But the key to getting your dream girl is to be her dream man.

That’s what my whole program is about, is becoming that dream man and showing her that that’s who you are.

Because the truth is you already have a lot of the qualities she’s looking for, but if you don’t know how to show her that, it’s not going to matter, is it?

So instead of thinking of it as finding your soulmate, you create that type of relationship by who you are. The two of you create that relationship by being the soulmate for each other.

Have you ever heard that you find the right one by being the right one? It’s this exactly.

Are you tired of struggling to meet your soulmate? Are you tired of dead-end relationships that go nowhere and are incredibly heartbreaking? And are you tired of just never having a serious relationship?

If any or several of those is you, then this is what you need to focus on: Learn the skills that you need, learn the game plan, so you know how to execute those skills, and that is how you get your dream girl.

And that’s how you get your dream girl without wasting a ton of time. Because it can be very overwhelming to try to piece it together, right?

Would you like my help with this? So many of you have been asking me lately how you can get coaching from me. My program is where you get coaching from me, and the first step is to watch my free masterclass.

And the best part is my black Friday and holiday sales are going right now. So when you watch my free masterclass, you will get access to that price.

It’s time to make finding your soulmate easy, don’t you think? Be sure to check it out, and I’ll see you over there.

Tip #2: Finding Your Soulmate Starts With Action

Okay, the next thing you need to know about how to find a soulmate is that love is kind of like being an architect. Let me explain.

Let’s pretend it is your dream job to be an architect. You want it so bad, you want it with every fiber of your being, you want to be an incredible architect.

So you go from company to company trying to get them to hire you as an architect.

But when they look at your resume, it’s not very impressive, because you didn’t go to school for it, you’ve never done any work in this area, you really have no idea what you’re doing.

Are they going to hire you? No, they’re not going to hire you.

Or let’s pretend instead that it is your dream to become an architect. So you get the schooling you need, you get the work experience you need, you become really good at it.

Are they going to hire you now? Of course, they’re going to hire you now. When you can show them that you are the ideal person to fit that role for them, yes, they are going to hire you.

It’s the same with soulmates. So do you get rejected a lot? Do you struggle with being ghosted and struggling to attract the right types of women? If yes, this is key.

Make sure you also watch this video (Reasons Why Women Reject Men) on rejection. It will help you with this as well.

And realize, guys, I gotta be honest with you, God is always going to do the heavy lifting in every area of our life. He just is. That makes sense, right?

But He’s not going to put in all of the efforts for you. You need to show Him that you are also willing to put in your effort, or it’s kind of a little bit disrespectful.

For instance, when Jesus turned the water into wine, He had them fill it up with water first. Was that because He couldn’t fill it with wine on his own? Of course, He could.

Instead, they had to take action and show faith. Moses had to raise his rod before the red sea parted. As a matter of fact, he had to be standing at the red sea and have come all this way before the miracle happened.

The Bible is full of examples of people who had to act in faith, and then God created the miracle.

Speaking of which, I want to hear from you in the comments. Can you think of any other examples of that? Please tell me in the comments. I would love to hear about it.

Also, if you want more videos on how to find your soulmate, be sure to comment “soulmate!” down below, so I know to make more on that.

The bottom line is, God will always do the heavy lifting. He does expect us to do our part first though.

Just like the architect, if you want to be a good architect, you have to go to school, you have to learn what you’re doing, and then you get the job you want.

Tip #3: Choice Is Far More Romantic

Okay, the next thing I want to teach you about how to find your soulmate is probably going to surprise you. It is far more romantic if your soulmate is based on choice rather than fate.

Do you know what’s really cute? Knowing that she could have picked any man on this planet, but she chose you because she wanted you. That’s incredible, right? That’s a great feeling.

What doesn’t feel so good is, “Well, I had to marry you because that’s the person God chose for me.” That’s not romantic at all. If there’s no choice, then does it really matter?

This causes many relationships to fail miserably and causes so many people to miss out on what could have been their soulmate.

The belief of “well, God picked one person for me, and it’s that person,” causes a lot of people to end up with someone that God never chose for them, and then they blame God for it.

Or they get really lazy in the relationship. “Well, God said that we should be together, so it’s just going to work.” And it causes their relationship to turn toxic, and that’s not what you want, is it?

So what is really romantic, sweet, and adorable is knowing that she could have chosen anyone, but she chose you.

This is why as long as you’re learning those skills and you have that game plan, getting your dream girl is really simple. Because when you are an obvious choice, you have no competition.

Tip #4: Believing There Is Only One Soulmate Makes You Unhappy

The next thing you need to know about how to find your soulmate is that people who believe in the one and only, that there’s only one soulmate, only one person out there for them, tend to be less happy.

Research shows us that they don’t enjoy life as much. If you wait to find the person who completes you, you can’t ever be whole because you are always chasing to finding that person that doesn’t exist.

For needy people, this is their problem. So if you struggle with being needy, pay close attention to this.

As I mentioned earlier, a human being can’t fill that in us. This causes people to sabotage themselves. Instead of becoming the soulmate for their soulmate, they instead just chase a soulmate, and it never works.

This also causes a lot of people to abandon ship, so to speak. They meet someone who could totally be their soulmate, but because they think, “Well, if it’s destiny, it’ll just be perfect, and it’ll work out wonderfully.

Because they believe that if anything rocky happens in the relationship, if anything they need to work through comes up, which is normal, they abandon ship.

Oh, you must not be my soulmate,” and they go and find someone else. But it doesn’t work with them, so they go find somebody else again. This leads you to have a whole bunch of dead-end relationships.

So yes, soulmates are very real. That type of relationship where you’re crazy in love with each other happens every day.

There are so many couples who are crazy in love, and the reason they’re in love is that they became the soulmate for their soulmate.

How do you do this? How do you avoid looking forever and never finding your soulmate? You learn the dating and relationship skills you need, and then you have a game plan of how to use those skills.

And again, would you like my help with that? If you would, the first step is to watch my free masterclass.

How To Find Your Soulmate – Recap

Let’s sum up, shall we? When it comes to knowing how to find your soulmate, the things you need to know are:

  1. You find your soulmate by being her soulmate. Like I say in my program all the time, the key to getting your dream girl is to be her dream man. You do that, and it’s easy because you’re the obvious choice, right?
  2. Love is like being an architect. If it’s your dream to be an architect, but you have no idea what you’re doing, you’re not going to get the job. But if instead, you show God you’re willing to do your part, and you go through the process of learning what you’re doing, now God can help you get that job. We have to do our part, and then God steps in.
  3. It’s far more romantic when love is a choice rather than fate. Wouldn’t it be adorable if she could have had anyone on this planet but she chose you? That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?
  4. Remember that those who believe in the one and only and that there’s only one person for them, their one and only soulmate, they tend to be less happy, and frankly have less happy relationships. That’s not what you want. This is why again it’s important to remember that you find your soulmate by being her soulmate.

If you want my help with all of this, I would absolutely love to help you learn these skills. The first step is to watch my free masterclass.

Thank you so much for reading, my amazing friend! I want to hear from you in the comments.

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