How To Be More Romantic! Make dating fun and charm your dream girl for keeps. 😏 You want to make your gorgeous dream girl feel wonderful, right? You are about to discover how to be more romantic as a man so you can easily charm her.

➡️ If you are wondering how to be more romantic to women in general or if you’re in a relationship and want to know how to be more romantic as a boyfriend, these tips are what you need to know.

Once you discover how to be more romantic in a relationship dating become insanely fun and keeping your dream girl doesn’t feel like an uphill battle. ✅ Ready to learn these exclusive secrets? Let’s get started with How To Be More Romantic!

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How To Be More Romantic!

Hello, my wonderful friend! Let’s talk about how to be more romantic. This is how you can make dating fun and charm your dream girl for keeps. ❤️

Being romantic is easier than you think if you know what it actually means. When you are a romantic person dating becomes incredibly fun and exciting.

And if you have ever struggled to keep a relationship, you need to know how to be more romantic.

You are about to discover what you need to know about romance so you can see her smile, give her butterflies, and steal her heart.

👉 You’ll walk away from this article understanding 3 ways you can be romantic that you can start today, so make sure you read to the end.

Now, as we dive into how to be more romantic, I want to also mention this video that teaches you attractive habits women love. That is going to help you with this as well.

So the first step to being a more romantic person is to understand what it even means. First, you need to know what romance does not mean. And most people get this so wrong. 💡

If you misunderstand what romance is and you chase that, and you try to make that happen, you’re going to be incredibly frustrated, and your relationship is going to fail. It just is. So this is pretty important, right?

Romance And Infatuation

Let me explain it very basically. There are two stages to falling in love. The first stage is what we call the infatuation stage. Most people think this is the only stage, and they chase the infatuation feeling.

So what infatuation is, is a natural high. It is chemicals going off in your brain, and you are high on infatuation.

Now, that’s, of course, how God created us, it’s not like it’s a bad thing, but many people think that infatuation, that feeling, that high, is romance. It is not.

➡️ How love works, is initially, we’re attracted, we’re infatuated, we feel that high, and then one of two things happens.

You either, one, come down off that infatuation and say, “Yeah, this is not going to work. I do not want to be with you forever.

Or, two, you say, “You know what? I’m off that high, I see your flaws, I see how human you are, but this is going to work, and I love you, and you’re my best friend.” And that’s when you get a deeper love.

Yes, you can still feel infatuation throughout that as well. But you’re not only coasting on infatuation anymore. And it’s much healthier and much less stressful.

So if you mistake infatuation for love and assume that that’s how you become romantic, you will exhaust yourself and be very frustrated if you can’t always have that high.

And the truth is that’s not what romance is at all, so it’s not going to work. That mindset will stop you from attracting high-quality women. 👈

Be sure to check out this video on what women look for to learn more about that.

So don’t misunderstand me. You should have butterflies throughout your entire relationship, okay? It should be super fun.

Don’t assume I’m saying that it shouldn’t be, because it should. It just matures, and it becomes so much better than this artificial high we experienced at the beginning.

Romance Is Different For Everyone

So infatuation does not equal romance. Another thing you need to know about romance is it’s not the same for each person, okay? 💡 Each person is a little bit different so expect that.

And it’s not necessarily a big show or a big presentation. There’s not a one-size-fits-all when it comes to romance.

So what is romance then? If it’s not infatuation, and if it’s not a massive show of affection, what is romance?

It’s as simple as this. ➡️ Romance is sincerely showing someone you care about them and helping them feel important to you. That is romantic. Romance is showing her that she is important to you.

When we care about someone, we want them to know that. And when somebody cares about you and they let you know it in a way that matters to you, that makes you feel amazing.

How To Move At The Right Pace In Relationships

Now, I’m going to share with you three ways you can be more romantic today, but first, I need to offer a word of warning. Being romantic does not work unless you move with the right pacing.

You need to make sure that you’re far enough along in the relationship to be romantic. Otherwise, it will creep her out. 😬

For instance, let’s pretend it’s her birthday, and you think it would be a cute idea to send her a box of chocolates at work and wish her a happy birthday.

Let’s also say you’re dating her at the time, even if it’s a little early in the relationship, but you are dating. She’s going to get that box of chocolates, and she’s going to be over the moon.

She’s going to think it’s the coolest thing in the world, she’s going to want to share with all her co-workers, she’s going to tell her family and her friends, she’s going to think it’s so cool. ✅

Now let’s pretend instead that you are NOT dating her, and you send her this box of chocolates.

She’s creeped out, she’s scared, she’s thinking, “Whoa, why is he doing that? He’s acting like there’s a closeness here that is not here. I’m scared.

So before you can be romantic, you must be moving at the right pace in the relationship. Otherwise, romance is not going to help you.

👉 If moving at the right pace is not something you know how to do, you need to learn it right now. And if you don’t learn you’re honestly just setting yourself up for rejection and ghosting and embarrassment.

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How To Be More Romantic #1 – Pursue Her

Okay, let’s talk now about the three ways you can be a more romantic person. I think you’ll be surprised how simple they are. 🔥

My first tip for how to be more romantic is to pursue her. When you pursue her, it is very romantic to a woman.

I don’t really think a woman can explain that to you because it’s just something built into who a woman is.

Anytime you act masculine, it’s attractive to her. When you lead out and show your confidence and your strength and your masculinity, that is romantic. That is attractive.

Every girl dreams of a man who pursues her. She wants to tell her friends, she thinks it’s adorable, and it’s fun for her. It makes her feel safe, protected, and loved, and helps her see you as her superhero.

Now by now, you might be thinking, “Okay, Melannie, but that’s terrifying. What if I mess it up, what if she blocks me on social media, what if she tries to get a restraining order? What if she just flat out rejects me?” 😬

And the truth is it is scary, but it’s only because you don’t know how to pursue women.

When you go through my program, you discover how to pursue your dream girl naturally without creeping her out, so you can stop worrying about upsetting her and being ghosted.

This way, you increase her attraction for you naturally while feeling like a masculine a strong man. 💪

Don’t let this lack of knowledge hold you back anymore. You deserve to feel masculine, to feel strong, to stop being afraid of this. You can learn more about my program in that free training I mentioned earlier.

Watch my free masterclass today to learn more about how you can discover all of these secrets fast.

#2 – Flirting Is Romantic

Okay, my next tip for how to be more romantic is to flirt. Flirting is so fun, and it’s a fabulous way to be more romantic.

Flirting, just like pursuing, is something you should do throughout the entire relationship. 💡

It makes it fun, it makes it exciting, it makes her feel more attractive, it makes you feel more attractive. It’s a fabulous way to show her that you care about her, that she means something to you.

And she’ll naturally want to flirt back with you, which is also really fun, right?

Okay, be honest. Has anything I’ve shared with you up to this point about being romantic surprised you? Do you think I should make more videos on how to be romantic and what it means to be romantic?

If you think I should, comment “romance” in the comments below. 💬 Your feedback helps me so much, so thank you for doing that.

#3 – Dress Nicely

My next tip for how to be more romantic is to dress nicely for her. And let her know that you want to dress nicely for her because you’re attracted to her and want her to be attracted to you.

Isn’t it adorable when a girl wants to look really attractive to you? She gets all dressed up, does her hair, and wants you to notice. Just like you think that’s cute, she thinks it’s really cute when you do that as well. 😍

And just like you need to understand how to pursue and flirt, you need to make sure you’re dressing nice now so that it’s a part of who you are.

The truth is dressing nice and attractive shouldn’t be overwhelming. For instance, when you go through my program, you discover how to dress like a model on a budget so you can turn classy women’s heads fast.

➡️ Not to mention, dressing nicely makes you feel incredibly confident. Now you can keep your dream girl’s attention and give her butterflies.

Can you imagine how good it would feel to give your dream girl butterflies, like all the time? That would be cool, right? Honestly, it shouldn’t be stressful.

How To Be More Romantic – Recap

Okay, let’s sum up what you have learned about how to be more romantic. First off, being romantic does not equal infatuation, okay? You can be incredibly infatuated and not remotely romantic.

What romance actually means is showing someone you care about them. And when you give someone the feeling that they matter to you, that’s what lights that spark. That is romance. ❤️

Now 3 of the ways you can do that are, one, pursuing her, two, flirting with her, and three, dressing nice for her and letting her know that you want her to think you look hot.

Thank you so much for reading, my amazing friend! I want to hear from you in the comments.

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Thank you so much again for reading, my amazing friend, and have an amazing day!

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