THIS Makes Her Pursue YOU~ 😍 (How To Make A Girl Chase You Forever) If you want to know how to get a girl to like you this video was made for you!

Female psychology may sound intimidating but I’m about to make it crazy simple for you. ➡️ Any man who wants to make a girl pursue you because you want a happy, lifelong relationship needs to be in on these secrets.

Making her chase you looks VERY different than most people think. Are you ready for these powerful insider secrets? ❤️ Let’s get started with This Makes Her Pursue You! (How To Make A Girl Chase YOU Forever)

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This Makes Her Pursue You!

Hello, my wonderful friend! Let’s talk about how to make a girl pursue YOU.

Knowing how to get her to pursue you is life-changing. However, it looks very different than most people think.

I’m explaining a little bit about the difference between how men and women pursue each other. Because it’s very different, and it should be. There’s a good reason why it’s different.

I’ll also reveal how you can actually get her to pursue you! 💡

So if that’s something you want to know how to do, if you wanna avoid the heartache of a woman who never pursues you, make sure you stay with me.

As we dive in, welcome! My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men and the creator of Attracting Lasting Love Academy.

I’m your go-to source to learn how to find the adorable girl you’re dreaming of and make her fall so deeply in love with you that she’s by your side forever.

You may have seen this video I posted a little while ago about how women pursue men. Because the truth is women totally pursue men.

➡️ But if you’re looking for a gentle, sweet, tender, and gorgeous woman, you must make sure you find a woman who pursues you femininely.

If you try and expect her to pursue you in a masculine way, the relationship won’t work, okay? It can’t. So make sure you watch that video.

As we go into this, understand that a feminine woman will pursue you in a feminine way.

However, these things I’m revealing to you are how you get her to have those feelings for you, desire a relationship with you, and want to pursue you.

So with that, let’s get started with the first tip to make a girl pursue you~

This Makes Her Pursue You #1 – Mind Games Don’t Work…

The first thing is to focus on making her fall in love with you. ❤️ And I mean a forever kind of love.

When a woman falls in love with you, she’ll pursue you. And she’ll pursue you forever. That’s how it works.

The problem is most people teach and focus on mind games and creating lust rather than creating genuine love.

I can’t tell you how many people are taught the wrong tactics, they don’t know that that’s what they’re being taught, but they are.

And then they come to me and say, “Melannie, I can’t attract a woman who’s not a loser,” or “Melannie, all women are fake,” or “Melannie, all women are toxic.

But they don’t realize that the problem is those are the only women they’re attracting. 😬

Because rather than focusing on making a woman fall so in love with you that she wants to marry you, they’re using tactics that lead to mind games.

And that’s why you’re failing at relationships over and over and over again.

So it’s time to erase that. You can’t use any more of those tactics because they’re not serving you.

Instead, you need to reset and focus on what makes a woman fall so in love with you that she becomes the special best friend that you get to share all your secrets with, raise children with, and come home to every night and know that her gentle smile is always there for you.

So rather than focusing on mind games like pulling away, acting aloof, etc., focus on what makes a woman fall in love with you and shows her you’re the partner she’s been dreaming of.

As a Coach, this is what I walk my clients through in my Academy 24/7. ✅ It’s remarkably simple, so don’t let it sound overwhelming because it doesn’t need to be.

#2 – Two Kinds Of Safe

The second thing you need to know about how to make a woman pursue you is you must make sure she always feels safe emotionally.

We’re gonna talk about two kinds of “safe” right now.

The first one is emotional. And this is the most important for women.

Whenever a woman gets to know a man, she’s gauging if this relationship will be beneficial to you and her. And that emotional safety has to be there.

So if something makes her feel uncomfortable or awkward, or if he comes across as needy or aggressive or as someone who pulls her down, those are giant red flags to a woman.

She doesn’t feel safe emotionally, so she moves on. ❌

Some other things are she’s always paying attention to who you are as a person, and how you treat her, how you treat other people.

If anything makes her feel like maybe he’s not compassionate, sincere, or authentic, even with others, that’s a red flag to her that he’ll be that way with her. And so those are all reasons for her to move on.

You Might Be Pushing Women Away Without Knowing It

I don’t know how to say this any other way, so I’m just gonna say it, okay?

So many men think this isn’t their problem, but it actually is.

Men and women think differently. And just like the most attractive women understand a man’s needs, it’s critical that you understand her needs and how to create emotional safety.

Emotional attraction is the most important thing to women. Most men think it’s physical attraction, but it’s not. Science has proven this.

The only exception would be a toxic woman because you’re just a trophy to her.

👉 But if we’re talking about a genuine, loyal woman, it’s emotional attraction.

So are you struggling to attract the kind of woman you want?

Are you sick of coming home to an empty house and thinking, “I have no idea why I’m still single“?

Then it’s time for you to master attracting women emotionally.

Because when you master this, everything changes!

I see this in my clients in my Academy daily. So don’t miss my free masterclass, where I talk to you more about emotional safety and the power behind it.

It’s easy! All you have to do is click here now and claim your free training.

The 3 secrets I’ll share with you there are secrets every man needs to know. No matter how good or terrible you think you are at relationships, they’ll serve you forever! 🔥

One of the main things that stop her from feeling emotional safety is those bad tactics we talked about earlier.

Mind games and psychological manipulation are only effective for one-night flings, okay? You can’t even call them relationships.

Instead, it’s time to learn what makes authentic women fall in love, and I’ll reveal more about that in the free training.

#3 – Respect Her Physically

Okay, The next thing you need to know about how to make her pursue you is you must make her feel physically safe with you.

We just talked about being emotionally safe. It’s also critical that she feels physically safe with you.

Many men struggle to understand this, and that’s totally alright. 👍

You’re stronger than her, okay? She wants to avoid any conflict or harm. And so it’s very important that she feels physically safe with you.

An example of this would be one time I met a guy at a large party, and it was obvious he was trying to get my attention.

However, in trying to get my attention, I walked past him, and he kicked me to get my attention. And it hurt.

That was a red flag. I didn’t even dare walk to my car alone because he was freaking me out. 😬

So, obviously, you’d never do that, but realize these are the things women are watching out for.

And so if anything happens, if you treat her rough, unkind, etc., those are red flags.

But another way that’s perhaps even more important is she must know she’s always safe. As in, you’d never try anything. You know what I’m talking about, right?

You’ll never ask her to do something that’ll make her uncomfortable. You’re never going to touch her inappropriately. She needs to know that her purity is always safe with you.

That right there is a game-changer or a deal-breaker for so many women.

So help her feel physically safe at all times, don’t make off-color jokes, and don’t say anything that could be suggestive or anything like that.

These are ways that you help her feel like she can trust you, she’s safe with you, and you’re the kind of man she could see herself spending her life with. ❤️

And when a woman sees that, yeah, she’s gonna pursue you. She’s dreaming of a man like you. She wants a man like you. She goes to bed at night wondering why she hasn’t met a man like you yet!

So showing her these things are what makes her think, “Yes! That’s the guy I want to pursue~

#4 – Pursing Must Go Both Ways (Or It Fails)

Okay, my next way to get her to pursue you is ridiculously helpful, okay? And it has two parts.

Part one is to read her signs that she’s pursuing you, to notice that she’s pursuing you. And secondly, pursue her back.

When a woman shows interest in you, she’s as nervous about rejection as you are.

And when she shows that, she thinks it’s obvious, okay? She thinks you know she’s interested in you because women pick up on those cues very fast, so she thinks you are as well.

👉 So if she shows interest and you don’t respond, that’s painful.

And you often don’t get another chance because she’s mortified, crushed, and hurt. She put herself out there, and you didn’t respond.

So you must read the signs that she’s interested in you, that she’s pursuing you, and then you also follow up and pursue back.

If you haven’t yet seen this video on signs a girl is pursuing you, it’s life-changing.

The last thing you wanna do is make her feel uncomfortable when you pursue her, which is why so many men are afraid to pursue women.

You’ve got to know the correct way to pursue a woman. It’s one of my favorite things to teach my clients because it gives you that confidence boost and helps you become ridiculously attractive.

So you should never be afraid of pursuing, just of pursuing incorrectly. And don’t be afraid of it, just learn the correct way to pursue women.

Would you like my help with this? And mastering the 5 secrets that make a woman fall madly in love with you?

I walk you through and help you master this super simply in my Academy.

You’ll learn more about this in my free masterclass. So if you’re serious about cutting out the heartache and taking the fast track to success and love, that’s where you need to go. ✅

So again, click here now, and I’ll give you the deets.

This Makes Her Pursue You – Recap

Okay, let’s recap what you’ve learned about how to make a woman pursue you!

Number one is to focus on what makes a woman fall in love. Don’t focus on mind games and things that lead to one-night flings. They’re not effective. That’s not the relationship you’re looking for.

Number two, focus on making her feel emotionally safe with you. Again, there can’t be anything that says this relationship is not worth it. Instead, show her you’re the partner she’s longing for.

Number three, focus on making her feel physically safe with you. And that means she doesn’t feel like she’ll ever be harmed, but also she knows her purity will be respected and admired.

And number four, make sure you’re seeing the signs that she’s pursuing you and you’re pursuing her back.

Thank you so much for reading, my amazing friend! 🎉

I’d like to hear from you in the comments. Do you want more articles on how to pursue, how she pursues you, etc.?

If you would tell me in the comments. Because I need more ideas for what you wanna know about pursuing. It really helps me to have that feedback.

So if you’d like more articles like this, comment “pursuing” to let me know.

Be sure to share this with a friend who also needs to know how to make a girl pursue him. And if you do not yet follow me on social media, there are links above this article.

Thank you so much again, my amazing friend, and have an amazing day!

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