Girls Melt When Guys Do This! 😍 (Create Intense Attraction FAST!) What women find attractive in men is going to surprise you! The secrets for how to attract women and how to melt a girl’s heart are crazy simple yet insanely powerful.

It’s easy to feel that what women want is complicated and exhausting. If you feel that way, you’re getting your dating advice from the wrong source!

➑️ What attracts women (if we’re talking about women who are loyal and hate drama) is simple and sweet. It’ll leave you feeling hopeful and empowered.

Ready to know what these secrets are? Let’s get started with Girls MELT When Guys Do THIS (Create INTENSE Attraction fast!) ❀️

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Girls Melt When Guys Do This! 😍 (Create Intense Attraction Fast)

Hello, my wonderful friend! Okay, girls melt when you doΒ this. This is how to create intense attraction fast. That sounds like a pretty good thing to know, right?

Is there a gal you know who melts your heart? She gives you butterflies and makes you feel excited and happy around her.

And maybe you don’t know a gal like that right now, but you’re longing for that relationship, for that connection where you can look into her eyes, feel those butterflies, and feel true joy~

The good news is in a loving, happy, healthy relationship, this is what happens. You make each other feel wonderful and feel that intense attraction. ❀️

This is why as a Coach, I teach my clients how to find and create that kind of love. It’s ridiculously addicting and beautiful!

We’re going over some of the easiest and simplest ways to create that intense attraction. It’ll surprise most people.

So if you want the easy way to create that powerful attraction without playing mind games or pretending to be someone you’re not, this is for you.

And some of my very favorites are towards the end, so make sure you stay with me.

As we dive in, welcome! My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men and the creator of Attracting Lasting Love Academy.

I’m your go-to source to find the love where you give each other butterflies and feel like you’re on cloud nine through the entire lifelong relationship. πŸ’‘

All right, are you ready to know how to melt a girl’s heart? Let’s get started with my first secret!

Girls Melt When Guys Do This #1 – She’s Self-Conscious Too

The first thing is to calm her fears. We all have things we’re self-conscious about. We all have things that we feel make us unattractive or dorky in some way.

And when we meet that special someone who helps calm those fears, holy cow, that right there makes us long to be with them more and more, and it’s certainly going to melt her heart.

So it’s simple things like letting her know you think she’s pretty without makeup, or maybe she feels a little self-conscious about her laugh, she thinks it’s silly or doesn’t sound good, and you reassure her that it’s wonderful.

πŸ‘‰ Little things like that make her want to be around you more, melt her heart, and help her fall in love with you.

Just like the things you’re self-conscious about, you want someone to calm those fears, she’s longing for that as well. And it makes a huge impact!

By the way, if you haven’t seenΒ the first video I made on things men do to melt a woman’s heart, make sure you watch it. There are 11, and you definitely wanna know what they are.

#2 – Be Her Support

Okay, the second way you can melt her heart is to back her up.

We’re all in situations sometimes where we need a little backup. We need somebody to have our back, someone to support us. And she may even need someone to stand up for her sometimes.

And when a man does that for a woman, oh my goodness, you become her hero, her night in shining armor, and it means so much to her! πŸ”₯

So, for example, if you’re discussing something with a group of people and she has an idea, back up that idea and support her.

Okay, there’s something I saw in a movie a little while ago, and it really bothered me.

The guy was going through something emotional. And the girl he was supposed to be falling in love with sided with someone else instead of supporting him through what he was going through.

And it bothered me because you should be there to support the people you care about.

Rather than telling him he was wrong and needed to get over it, she should have supported him and his decisions.

The same is true in real-life relationships. ➑️ We should be there to support each other.


So whether it’s a dream or an idea she has, or if someone’s treating her unkindly and you assertively help them know that they should stop, when you’ve got her back, you become her hero.

#3 – Cheer Her On!

This leads us to the next way you can melt her heart. And that is to cheer her on.

Let me ask you a question. Do you want a woman who encourages you, cheers you on, and is your motivator and cheerleader who believes in you?

Of course, you do, right? She wants the same thing from you! πŸ’‘

She wants you to help her feel like she can do it, help her to feel like she does have what it takes.

So whether it’s something small like making cookies, or something big like pursuing a dream or an ambition, being the man who’s there for her, encourages her, cheers her on, it sets you apart.

This melts her heart, makes her feel intensely attracted to you, and like she wants to spend as much time with you as possible, and, naturally, the rest of her life.

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#4 – The Little Things Count

Okay, my next way to melt a woman’s heart and start creating intense attraction is to notice the little things and keep coming back to them.

For instance, notice something like her favorite color and then keep coming back to that.

Hey, I got you this one because I knew it was your favorite color.” “Oh hey, that’s your favorite color. That’s so awesome!

Paying attention to those little things makes her think, “He thinks about me. He’s sensitive. He’s caring. I must really matter to him!” And that, in turn, makes her naturally care about you more. πŸ’₯

So yes, her favorite color. And, obviously, even more things. Her favorite candy bar, music, TV show, or even how she feels about certain situations, times of the year, or weather.

When you notice those little things and remember them about her, it makes you stand out and makes her feel incredibly treasured, which is a good feeling.

#5 – Big Dreams Make Lifelong Relationships

Okay, my next way to melt her heart is one of my favorites. This secret is to dream big with her.

Let me ask you this. Do you wanna be in a relationship with a woman who has zero ambition for the relationship? She’s like, “Look, we have a relationship, the end.

That sounds pathetic, right? That doesn’t sound fun at all. 😬 That’s actually a pretty exhausting relationship to be in.

Wouldn’t you instead be in a relationship where she wants the happiest relationship you can create?

She wants to make you feel remarkably loved. She wants to constantly be working to make the relationship as good as it can possibly be.

That sounds way better, right?

➑️ That’s the kind of relationship that dreams are made of. And people live that dream every single day.

One of the first things I teach you when you join me in my Academy is how to set your relationship goals and then how to reach them.

And the reason why is one, it sets you up for success. You deserve to have your relationship goals. You do!

And two, it makes you intensely attractive to her because you have what it takes to create that dream relationship.

So being someone who dreams big and creates those dreams with her, that’s sexy, irresistible, addictive, and it’s what everyone longs for in a relationship!

So when she meets you and sees that you do that, holy cow, yeah, you’re going to melt her heart~ ❀️

#6 – Dress To Empower Yourself

Okay, my next secret for how to melt a girl’s heart is to purposefully look nice to her.

Sometimes when it comes to the way we present ourselves and our style and how we look, we forget that it’s a sign of respect.

When we get dressed up nice for someone, we’re showing that person that we respect them. And just like you want her to look super cute and attractive for you, she wants to see that in you as well.

It’s an adorable feeling when she opens the door and sees the guy she’s crushing on and knows that he got dressed up super hot for her. That’s an amazing feeling!

Something I also teach my clients how to do in my Academy is how to own their personal style and boost their confidence. πŸ’ͺ

And the beautiful part about this is these two things can work together. The way you dress directly affects how you act. And so I call it “dressing to empower.

So not only is she gonna notice you’re looking super hot, but it’s also going to dramatically boost your confidence, which makes you intensely attractive as well.

So owning your personal style, which doesn’t have to be complicated, melts her heart and creates that intense attraction.

#7 – Do What You Each Enjoy Together

Okay, my next secret to melting her heart is to be willing to do the things she enjoys with her.

There’s something special about being willing to try new things with someone, or being willing to do something with them even if it’s not your favorite thing to do.

This shows us that somebody cares for us and that we matter to them, especially if it’s not our favorite thing. πŸ’‘

And when a woman sees that in you, one, it’ll show her that you’re fun to be around. And two, it’ll show her that you’ll be a good husband and father.

Because as humans in relationships, we’re gonna have things we have to do sometimes that aren’t necessarily our favorite.

But when you care enough about her to be willing to do that with her, that says a lot, and it definitely melts her heart~

Now speaking about that lifelong love, I’ll remind you one more time. Do you want to avoid heartache, frustration, and anxiety by learning the only effective strategy that makes a woman fall in love?

πŸ‘‰ And let me just say, it has nothing to do with mind games, it has nothing to do with pretending to be someone you’re not, it has nothing to do with exhausting effort.

If you want that lifelong love, if you’re sick of the hamster wheel of rejection, heartache, and broken relationships, it’s time to learn these secrets!

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Girls Melt When Guys Do This – Recap!

Let’s recap how you can melt a girl’s heart and create that intense attraction. You ready?

Number one is to calm her fears, those feelings of anxiety and insecurity. We all want someone to tell us that we’re attractive and desirable. We all want someone to help calm feelings of anxiety and inadequacy.

Next, make sure you back her up. Make sure you’re there for her, that you support her. It’s critical in a relationship to have each other’s backs.

Next up is to cheer her on. πŸŽ‰ We all need someone who believes in us, encourages us, and builds us up. And when we find someone like that, they’re intensely attractive.

Next up, remember the little things and come back to them. Things like her favorite color or time of year. When you purposefully go out of your way to remember those things about her, it shows her that she truly matters to you and makes you truly matter to her.

Next is to dream big with her. Remember, nobody wants a subpar relationship. Nobody wants a relationship that “happens.” Everyone wants a relationship where both people are committed and want to create a happy, loving relationship. So dream big and chase those dreams together!

Next, look nice for her on purpose. When she sees you looking so nice and knows that you did it for her, that’s ridiculously adorable~

And be willing to do the things she loves with her. That makes her feel like she matters to you, which is a magical feeling! ❀️

Thank you so much for reading, my amazing friend! Be sure to share this with a friend. It’ll help him so much, right?

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And I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Would you like more on how to melt a girl’s heart? If you would, comment “melting” to let me know.

Thank you so much again, my amazing friend, and have an amazing day!

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