Ask Women These 6 Questions And She’ll Be Impressed! Knowing how to keep a conversation going is key to making you feel more comfortable with beautiful women while also creating intense attraction.

These are great questions to ask on a date and some of the best first date advice there is. If you’re wondering how to impress on a first date, these questions are your quick win! Ready to know what they are? Let’s jump into Ask Women These 6 Questions And She’ll Be Impressed!

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Ask Women These 6 Questions (Transcript)

Ask women these 6 questions! And let me just say, she’s going to be impressed when you do.Β 

Whether you are trying to ace that first date, or you’re looking for some things to say at a party to wow her, these six questions are sure to capture her attention and make her want to be with you more and more.

And if you’ve ever worried about how to keep the conversation going, then this video is for you, so make sure you watch until the end.Β 

Are you ready to know what these six questions are? Let’s dive in!Β 

Question #1

First question is, “what’s your story?” When I’m teaching about small talk and good conversation and connecting with her, this is one thing I love to share with my clients in my Academy. It’s a really great go-to question.Β 

You can just ask her her story in general, or you can ask her the story behind certain things, like the story behind her name or the story behind why she decided on that career. We love stories as humans. They’re ridiculously exciting and enchanting to us.Β 

And when you ask her the story about her or about something in her life, it helps her open up to you. It’s definitely not something most people ask, so you stand out from the crowd very, very quickly.Β 

It also, as humans, when we’re talking about ourselves, we tend to relax a little bit because it’s something we’re the authority on. It’s something we know the answers to. And again, it’s going to help her really connect with you.

So, ask her, “what’s your story?” or “what’s the story behind this?” or “what’s the story behind that?” Pretty easy, right?Β 

And actually, before we get to the next question, my name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men and your go-to source to learn how to find the woman of your dreams, the right woman for you, without mind games and without tricks.

Ask Women These 6 Questions #2

Okay, the next question to ask her that will wow her is, “what would you say is the most important thing I should know about you?” There are a couple of reasons why this question is so powerful.Β 

One, is it shows her that you really want to get to know her, that you’re really interested in what’s important to her and what matters to her. It helps her feel like she can confide in you, like she can trust you.Β 

And also, it helps to just have a clear shot to just say something that needs to be said. Something like allergies or something that just drives her crazy or a certain dietary need, whatever it is. Being able to just say these things to you is ridiculously helpful and definitely impressive.

Now when it comes to this question and really all these questions, there’s a special trick that I love. Again, this is something if you’ve been through my Academy you’ve heard. It’s one of my favorite things to teach. It’s totally okay when you’re texting, getting to know her, when you’re on a date, whatever it is, to just embrace the fact that you wanna ask each other questions.

So just do something like play 20 questions, okay? “Hey, let’s play 20 questions,” and ask her these questions. It becomes less awkward because you don’t have to slide and fit these questions into the conversation. Instead, you just embrace the fact that you’re both gonna be asking each other questions. So use that trick. It’s very, very helpful.Β 

And actually, since we’re talking about questions and talking to women, there’s another video that I know you’re going to love. If you haven’t yet seenΒ this video on specific things to text the girl you like, you need to see it. It’s going to help you. You literally can use the lines I give you.

Ask Women These 6 Questions #3

The next question to ask her that will certainly get her attention is, “what is the biggest, craziest dream you have?” As humans, we all have dreams, right? Even if we never tell them to anybody else.Β 

But those dreams make us feel great inside. And sharing those dreams with someone, especially someone who would be very responsive to that and encourage us and say, “oh, that’s so cool,” that is a really, really fun question to answer.Β 

And it’s going to automatically make her feel more connected to you because you know something about her that’s pretty personal, however, is really fun to talk about. Her biggest dream is going to tell you what’s most important to her, and so knowing that little tidbit of information goes a long way.

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You deserve to reach your wildest dreams with love, and I’m here to help you do it. It helps to have someone who knows what to do.Β 

Ask Women These 6 Questions #4

Let’s keep going with our questions to ask her that will certainly impress her. The next question is a fun one. “What is something about you that would surprise me the most?”Β 

This is a fun kind of wild card question. It allows her to share things about her that maybe would be harder to discover on your own. It allows her to share something that she particularly likes about herself or something unusual. And that’s a fun thing to talk about.Β 

Again, I can’t say it enough times. As humans, we love talking about ourselves. It gives us a little bit of a rush, and there’s not necessarily anything wrong with that as long as you’re not, you know, as long as you don’t go overboard.Β 

So her sharing these things with you is a very, very enjoyable thing for her and is going to impress her that you actually wonder and want to know these things.

Ask Women These 6 Questions #5

Okay, next question is another really fun one. “What would you like to be famous for?” It’s kind of fun to think about being famous, right? From time to time.Β 

Even if it’s not something you ultimately would want, just the thought of, “hmm, what would I like to be known for? What would I like to be famous for? What would I like my contribution to the world to be?”

This, again, allows her to share a side of herself that she may not be able to share as easily because most of us aren’t that famous. It also helps you really get to know who she is on the inside, right?

Because if she wants to be famous for one thing versus another helps you understand what’s most important to her, and it leaves plenty of room for fun conversation after as well.

Ask Women These 6 Questions #6

Okay, my next question that will certainly impress her is possibly my favorite question. You ready to know what it is? Oh, and as a side note, this is probably not a first date question. You probably wanna know her a little bit better before you ask this. However, it’s great. Here it comes.Β 

“What matters most to you in a relationship?” If you think about it for a second, that’s a really powerful and important question, right? And it’s really important to her as much as to you to make sure you’re on the same page.Β 

The very first thing I guide you through in my Academy is understanding what it is you want in a relationship and setting those relationship goals because you can’t really have your biggest dreams if you don’t really know what they are, right?Β 

It’s very, very difficult to find something you’re not even looking for, cause you don’t know you’re looking for it. And if you’re considering a relationship with her and she’s considering a relationship with you, it’s important to know what your ideal relationship would look like so that you know if you’re on the same page, you’re fulfilling each other’s needs, this relationship is going to be exciting and fulfilling and full of love.Β 

And if it’s not going to be that, it’s really important to know. So have fun with this, getting to know what’s important to her and the kind of love and life you can create together. Having discussions like this is going to show an emotional maturity and that you’re proactive about a relationship, which is definitely something that’s impressive.Β 

And remember, if you want to know how to find that girl who’s going to be willing and ready and anxious to chase your wildest relationship dreams with you, this is something I can teach you how to do.Β Go toΒ to learn more.Β 


Okay, should we recap real fast these six questions? I think we should. Let’s do it!Β 

Question number one is “what’s your story?”Β 

Number two is, “what would you say is the most important thing I should know about you?”Β 

Number three, “what is the biggest, craziest dream you have?”Β 

Number four, “what would surprise me the most about you?”Β 

Number five, “what would you like to be famous for?”

And number six, “what matters most to you in a relationship?”Β 

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