5 Phrases That Make A Girl Instantly Fall For You! 😍 Want to know what to say to women? Have you been wondering how to flirt with women so you can make her yours? What you’re about to discover has the power to give her butterflies and melt her heart~

Knowing how to make her fall in love is going to help save you from a lot of stress. A great place to start is by knowing things to say to a girl that instantly makes you stand out so she can fall for you.

Ready to learn these juicy secrets? Let’s get started with these 5 phrases that make a girl instantly fall for you!

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5 Phrases That Make A Girl Instantly Fall For You! (Transcript)

Five phrases that make a girl instantly fall for you. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could say something that would melt her heart and help her fall for you fast? Get ready because what I’m about to share with you is intensely powerful when it comes to making her yours.Β 

Does that sound like some secrets you’d want to be in on? Then make sure you keep watching and especially that you watch to the end, because I do have a bonus at the end. I wanted to keep it to just five things, but I had to go to six, so I threw in a bonus one just for you.Β 

As we get started with these five magical phrases, there are two things you need to know right at the start. We’ll go over it real fast.

First, as I share these kind of secret weapon phrases with you, be sure that they come from a sincere place, okay? You can’t just take these phrases and just use ’em and expect them to work. If you don’t mean it, you shouldn’t be saying it.Β 

That’s just kind of a good rule for life. If you don’t mean it, you shouldn’t be saying it. So make sure it comes from a place of sincerity. That right there is what truly makes it the most magical.Β 

The second thing you need to know is some of these phrases probably shouldn’t be used at the beginning when you’re just starting to get to know her. If you’ve seenΒ this video, then you probably know why.Β 

5 Phrases That Make A Girl Instantly Fall For You #1

With that, are you ready for these phrases? Let’s dive in. Number one is “you matter to me.” That right there is just, that’s pretty good.Β 

Everybody, everyone wants to feel like they belong. You want that, right? So does she. We want to feel like we matter, like we’re cared about. And when someone tells us that we matter to them, that the world is a better place because we’re in it, it automatically endears you to them and makes you care about them more.Β 

In my Academy, I teach you about attractive by default traits, and this is a great example of that. When someone makes us feel like we make the world a better place, we instantly are more attracted to them. By default, we tend to like them.Β 

So a simple, “you matter to me,” right there will make her heart beat faster. You might even get to see a little bit of that cute blush, which is always a total win, right?

5 Phrases That Make A Girl Instantly Fall For You #2

The second phrase that helps a girl instantly fall in love with you is, “do you wanna talk about it?” If you sawΒ this video, you may have seen this one coming.Β 

Women bond through talking and they need to feel heard. Everyone needs to feel heard. You need to feel heard, right?Β 

When you show her that you care enough about her to just be still, to just listen and just really connect with her like that, holy cow, I can’t even explain how attractive that is. It melts her heart. This is definitely a trait women look for in a lifelong partner. So when she sees that trait in you, it’s going to hit her heart hard.Β 

5 Phrases That Make A Girl Instantly Fall For You #3

Okay, the third phrase is, “I like you.” Let me ask you a question. Are you attracted when a woman is really feminine? Does it make your heart beat faster and give you those butterflies? This is exactly how she feels when she sees you as masculine and strong. It helps her quickly see you as a man, and it gives her those butterflies.

One of the best ways to do this and have her see you as masculine is to pursue her. And telling her at the appropriate time that you like her, that you have feelings for her is one of the best ways to pursue. When you show that confidence and masculinity, it does something special to her for sure.Β 

And this doesn’t mean that you have to just guess when the right time is and just desperately hope that she likes you back. You deserve to pursue her successfully and to charm her and attract her on a deep level, while also feeling that confidence boost that you’ll get from pursuing a woman successfully.Β 

This is why pursuing is one of the many things I help you master in my Academy and why so many men say, “yeah, I had no idea it was this simple. This simplified it so much.”Β 

Can you imagine how much better that would feel if pursuing felt simple instead of overwhelming?Β 

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And not only will you discover these three secrets, but you’ll also get a sneak peek at my Academy and what you’ll learn there. So to watch this so you can stand out from the crowd and quickly charm and attract her, go toΒ CoachMelannie.com/Masterclass. Set yourself up for success and love by watching it today.Β 

5 Phrases That Make A Girl Instantly Fall For You #4

Are you ready for the fourth phrase that instantly makes her fall for you? This phrase is one of my all time favorites. It’s, “you always look beautiful to me.” This is especially powerful if maybe she’s having a bad hair day or maybe she hasn’t put her makeup on yet, or something happened and she’s feeling self-conscious and maybe she confides that in you.Β 

If you then tell her that it doesn’t matter to you, you still think she looks beautiful. That right there, wow, that is a good way to make her fall in love with you.Β 

And as I mentioned at the beginning, it has to come from a place of sincerity, okay? You can’t lie to her about this. One, she’ll know you’re lying to her. And two, that’s just not the right thing to do. It’s not going to make her fall in love with you. So with all these things, do make sure it comes from a place of sincerity.Β 

Everyone has things we’re insecure about. And whenever someone calms those fears, holy cow, it really just makes us feel safe with them. This is something she’s looking for in husband, a man who’s understanding, who’s kind, who’s patient, who’s gentle and respectful.Β 

Those things right there, when you say things like, “hey, it’s okay. You always look beautiful to me,” or, “I think you look gorgeous no matter what,” wow, that right there helps her see, “yeah, maybe this man should become my husband.”

5 Phrases That Make A Girl Instantly Fall For You #5

The next phrase that helps her instantly fall for you is, “how can I help?” It sounds simple, but knowing that she can depend on you, that you’re there for her, holy cow, that transforms the way she feels about you and the way she sees you. It melts her heart fast.Β 

Something as simple as offering to help her in some way shows that you are a gentleman. It shows that you’re understanding, you’re compassionate, you are looking out for her. These, again, are all traits that show her you will be an amazing husband and father.Β 

And every woman who’s looking for a long-term relationship and not just a fling or something dumb like that. Every woman who wants forever love is always asking herself, “is he going to be a good husband? Is he going to be a good father?”Β 

So seeing that you’re supportive and that you’ve got her back, that is what she wants to see. It certainly goes straight to our heart.

Bonus Phrase!

Okay, are you ready for the bonus one? This is another one of my favorites. This one actually gives me butterflies just thinking about it. This phrase is, “I’ll always be here for you.”Β 

It’s adorable. There’s no way around it. Knowing that someone will always be there, that we can always count on them, means the world to us. This is certainly important for people who are looking for forever love, right?Β 

Someone who wants that happy lifelong relationship, who wants to wake up next to that person they can always count on, who makes their heart happy, not only that, but saying something like, “I’ll always be here for you,” helps her see you as protective and capable and strong and masculine.

It also helps her see you as loving and supportive, and these are all things that really make her feel like saying “I do” is a really, really good idea. That’s pretty exciting, right?Β 

Your Next Steps!

Now at this point, you might be wondering, “okay, but Melannie, how do I find that kind of girl?” The kind of gal you are just aching to be with.

Or you might be thinking, “okay, but what else do I need to do to make her fall in love?” Because the truth is these phrases are pretty magical and they’re pretty powerful, but you can’t just rely on, like, five phrases alone, right? Like, it’s common sense that that’s not going to instantly make all relationship dreams come true.

Don’t worry about that. This is what I walk you through in that free training. I’m going to be revealing to you the secrets that make a woman fall in love with you on the deepest level. Meaning so deep she wants to wake up by your side for the rest of her life. She wants to shower you with those sweet, gentle kisses forever.

That sound like something you’d wanna know how to do? If it is, then you gotta go watch it. I can’t wait for you to see it. Just go toΒ CoachMelannie.com/Masterclass.

Thank you so much for watching, my amazing friend. Do you have a friend who needs to know these magical phrases? Share it with him.Β 

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Thank you so much again, my amazing friend, and have an amazing day.

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