11 Best Compliments To Give Women 😍 (Do THIS To Get Girls To Like YOU~) Knowing how to talk to women and charm them can seem intimidating. However, once you know the right mindset and strategy, it’s super simple!

You’re about to learn how to compliment a girl in a way that makes her heart flutter for you. So whether you’re wanting to know how to approach and talk to a girl or how to flirt with women, these compliments will help you win her heart!

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11 Best Compliments To Give Women~!

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11 of the best compliments to give a girl. Using the right compliments quickly makes you stand out in the crowd. It makes her heart flutter and pulls her to want to get to know you better. So would you like to know what the best compliments are to give a girl?

The last thing you want is to say something corny. This is going to make her feel awkward and uncomfortable. That’s a recipe for disaster. So I’ve prepared a list for you of some of the best compliments that are also diverse.

So you can use them if you know her pretty good and or you can use them if maybe you’re just starting to try and spark that attraction and get her attention.

Either way, it totally works. As they say, if you’re prepared, you shall not fear. So you might want to take notes on this one. It’s good. And let me just say that the last compliment I’m going to share with you is one that’s Always overlooked, but ridiculously powerful. So make sure you stay with me till the end of the video.

As we dive in to these compliments, I’m also just going to quickly mentionΒ this video. These are flirtatious lines to say that drive girls wild. So if you haven’t seen that one yet, I’ll put a link in the description below and make sure you give it a watch with that.

11 Best Compliments To Give Women – #1

Let’s get started with the first compliment that is sure to make her smile, make her heart flutter. This compliment is your smile makes me happy.

Part of the reason this works is everyone wants to be complimented on their smile, obviously, but there’s a deeper. Reason why this compliment works. Whenever you can mention how she makes you feel, it makes the comp, the compliments stand out even more and makes it a million times more powerful and makes her heart flutter.

So saying something like your smile makes me feel happy right there. One lets her know you like her smile and two lets her know that you feel something about her. Which is definitely going to make her feel some things too.

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Compliment #2

The second compliment that all girls love is your eyes are beautiful. I, it’s just like a classic one. that a lot of people might think, Oh, hey, maybe I should skip that one. Don’t skip that one. It’s adorable.

Or if again, you wanted to mention how she makes you feel, because we just talked about how adding how you feel in there makes the compliments even more powerful. Say something like your eyes make me feel alive or your eyes make me feel happy or whatever it is.

Complimenting someone’s eyes is always. Your eyes are the window to your soul. And so it’s a very impactful compliments.

Compliment #3

Okay. The next compliment is you’re good at fill in the blank. You know her, I don’t obviously. So compliment her basically on something she is good at. We all want to feel noticed and appreciated.

We all want to feel like we’re good at something. Something I say a million times in my academy is people like people who make them feel good. At the end of the day, attraction is, is truly that simple. That’s attraction in a nutshell. People like people who make them feel good. That’s honestly why the only kinds of women who enjoy mind games and tricks are women who like drama.

They’re, they’re addicted to the drama and that in some weird way makes them feel good. But authentic people just want to be around authentic people. And this compliment is a fabulous example of that by letting her know that you’ve noticed what she’s good at. And it’s more than just her looks. It’s who she is as a person.

That right there is going to make her feel good. It’s going to make her want to be around you more and more.

Compliment #4

The next compliment actually illustrates this perfectly as well. This compliment is you’re so smart at the end of the day. Yes. We all want to be physically attractive to someone else and we want to be noticed.

We want people. to think we’re hot. However, if she’s someone who’s looking for a lifelong relationship, is that what you’re looking for to someone who wants to be by your side forever? She does also want to know that you like her for more than just her body, that you like her for more than just her looks.

So knowing that you also think she’s smart and intelligent shows that you respect her and that you matter to her as a person as well. And that feeling right there. It’s addicting. That’s what we all long for.

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Compliment #5

The next compliment is I love how confident you are. And honestly, you can fill in.

any traits there. It doesn’t have to be just confident. When you notice something about her that stands out, that matters to you, let her know that these are the kinds of compliments that she is going to play over in her mind over and over and over again. And she’s going to treasure, and they’re going to really affect her and make her heart flutter.

So something like, I love how confident you are, or it could be how positive you are, whatever it is. girls love it. The next compliment is, I always feel amazing when I’m around you. Again, we’re talking about how she’s making you feel. This, another pro tip, this is also a really easy way to pursue her and, and kind of start flirting with her without coming across too aggressively.

Compliment #6

Okay. The next compliment does have to do with how she looks because. Yes, she does. Again, she wants to know you think she’s attractive. Okay. This compliment is, wow, you look good in everything or you always look stunning. This can be, you know, when you very first see her, like if you’re going on a date or maybe if she’s talking about a new outfit or just bring it up randomly, letting her know that to you, she is beautiful is a very, very magical, magical feeling.

Compliment #7

The next compliment is your hair is so beautiful. Girls always want to know that their hair looks good. Always. And being specific about things, again, a specific thing that you think is beautiful, her eyes, her smile, her hair. Yeah. Specifics are adorable. And actually with this in mind, I have a quick question for you.

I purposefully chose some compliments that weren’t too cheesy or too romantic just so that you could use them in. any kind of a situation. However, the fact is sometimes girls really like cheese, okay? Sometimes a cheesy compliment can be the most romantic kind of compliment. So would you like a video maybe where I share some more compliments like that?

If you would, comment cheesy to let me know. This feedback really does help me. So. Let me know. Otherwise I probably won’t make that one. And I want to give a huge shout out to everyone who’s so amazing with the super thanks. Thank you for supporting Christian wholesome content. Thank you for supporting me.

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Compliment #8

Okay. The next compliment is you look great in that fill in the blank, that dress, that color, that hat, whatever it is, point out again, the specifics, letting her know that she looks really nice in that She’s going to love that. Okay. And then she’s going to try and wear it when she’s around you as much as she can.

And if it’s like a specific color, she’s going to try and fill her wardrobe with that color because she wants to look really good for you. So those little specific things, they really do matter a lot to women. It makes her entire day, actually, it makes her entire day for days.

Compliment #9

Okay. Disclaimer with this next compliment I am going to share with you. It’s a really cute one, which is why I really wanted to put it on the list. Make sure though you’re like in a relationship before you use this one. Okay. Otherwise it’s coming across way too aggressively. Okay, we’re good. You understand that? Wait until you’re in a relationship.

This compliment is I love every inch of you. Let’s be real. We all have some insecurities. We all have some things that we worry we won’t be good enough for the person we love and we’re attracted to. And so knowing that you love All of her is absolutely adorable. That’s what everyone wants to hear.

Compliment #10

And the next compliment, this is one that is frequently overlooked, but it’s very, very powerful if you want to create emotional closeness in a relationship, which if you’re looking for lifelong love is very important. This compliment is to praise her for the non toxic things she does, let her know that you appreciate them.

For instance, if, if she, you know, if she’s a positive person, if she dresses modestly, if she dislikes mind games, if she’s mature and respectful, point out the appropriate things she does and let her know that it is a compliment. It matters to you kind of like if you’re just a good man who’s just trying to do good things.

You want to be noticed and recognized for that, right? And there’s nothing wrong with that. You, you honestly, you should be, you should probably be recognized a lot more than you are. She feels the same way. She wants to be reassured that her The amount of effort she puts into trying to be a good person matters as well.

And so if you can point out those things and let her know, it doesn’t have to be like a big deal. You can keep it really casual, but letting her know that that matters to you and you’ve noticed and you appreciate it, that’s a big deal.

11 Best Compliments To Give Women – Your Next Steps!

Now that you know these heart fluttering compliments, your next step is to understand how to unleash your hidden inner attraction more and more until she just can’t resist you.

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Now that’s where I will show you the game plan and teach you where to get started. So to go toΒ CoachMelannie.com/Masterclass, there’s a link in the description below and a link in the pinned comments. As a coach, I truly believe every good man. Deserves to be with a good, loving, loyal woman. And that’s why I love helping my clients achieve in my Academy.

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