Do you ever feel like it’s taking forever to find a loyal girl? You know, the kind who’s soft and loving and tender. She wants to give her life and her love to you alone.

If you’re feeling like it’s taking forever and you’re frustrated, then this video was made for you. You’re about to discover one of the biggest reasons why it feels so long and how you can turn it around so that it’s fast and easy!

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How Long Does It Take To Attract A Loyal Woman? (Transcript)

Do you ever feel like it’s taking forever to find a loyal girl? You know, the kind who’s soft and loving and tender. She wants to give her life and her love to you alone. If you’re feeling like it’s taking forever and you’re frustrated, then this video was made for you. You’re about to discover one of the biggest reasons why it feels so long and how you can turn it around so that it’s fast and easy.

Can you imagine knowing what’s been holding you back so you can finally blast past it? It’s a beautiful thing, so keep watching. As we get started with this, I’m also going to mentionΒ this video. Make sure you give it a watch as well. I’ll put a link in the description below. It will help you with this as well.

Okay, here we go. The first thing you need to know about attracting a loyal woman is that there are. We’re going to talk about two of the most important ones in this video. The first one is what we’ll call initial attraction. It’s what initially gets us interested. It’s when we notice someone cute and our heart starts to beat a little bit faster.

You’ve experienced this, right? When you see that cute girl and. You notice she’s really cute and the more you look, the more you like, and your heart starts to flutter.

The same thing happens to girls. And the main thing that triggers that initial attraction is physical attraction. The way you hold yourself and how you take care of yourself. That’s the first kind of attraction. And it’s an important one.

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Okay, back to attraction. Initial attraction is very important because it’s what gets us interested and helps us get to know someone better.

There’s More Than One Kind Of Attraction

Now here’s the big secret. You ready? Most people think that’s all that you need for a relationship to work and for it to work forever.

They think once they have that initial attraction, that’s the most important thing. And then everything else will fall into place after that. What they don’t realize is that they need the second kind of attraction, a deeper attraction. Without that deeper attraction, the deeper attraction is kind of like the anchor, like the anchor of a boat.

It keeps it there without that anchor. is not really going to matter. The reason people who are frustrated in relationships are frustrated is because most of the time they’re stopping at this initial attraction. They don’t go for that deeper attraction. They, they don’t know how the initial attraction can fade and, and, and.

disappear entirely in a pretty short amount of time if you do not have that deeper attraction. Now, here’s the good news. Once you have that deeper attraction, when you understand how to create that, you can attract a loyal woman on a deeper level in a couple of months. It doesn’t have to take very long.

You can literally help her want to be with you for the rest of her life in just a couple of months when That deeper attraction is there. I’m not saying you should get married after just a couple of months just to be clear, but you can definitely have both of you wanting marriage in the near future.

That’s how powerful this deeper attraction is. Do you see how it far outweighs the initial attraction? That’s why this is the entire basis of what I teach in my academy is how to create that deeper attraction. And that’s why the men who apply those strategies can have their lives changed in a pretty short period of time.

How To Attract Women Fast!

So what is the answer to how long does it take to attract a loyal woman? The answer is, well, if you can ignite that deeper attraction, it can happen really fast. Now we’re going to be talking in just a second about what that deeper attraction looks like. But before I get to that, I want to. To point this out because it’s important.

If you are watching this and you are feeling frustrated and you’re feeling overwhelmed and you feel like you give more than you ever get back and you’re starting to wonder if all women are just jerks, if that’s you right now, I can almost guarantee that this is your problem. And it’s not your fault that nobody taught you how to create that deeper attraction.

How could it be your fault that nobody taught you? However, at this point, it is your responsibility to decide what to do about it. So let’s go over some of those traits that create this deeper attraction. And if you’d like me to explain it to you and walk you through it in great detail, that’s what my Academy is all about.

And I can’t wait to see you there. To learn more and to join me today for just 53. Watch my free masterclass. That’s where you’ll get the introduction that you need. Just go toΒ There’s a link in the description below and the pinned comment. And remember you can join today for 53, but this is a limited time offer.

So make sure you act on it fast. I’ve done the work I’ve put in the research so you don’t have to. So if you want it to be easy, that’s where you need to go.

Trait #1

Okay. Let’s talk about these traits that create that deeper attraction. One of the first things that creates that deeper connection and attraction is the way she feels when she’s around you.

When she feels safe and protected and happier when she’s around you, she’s going to want to be around you all the time. That makes sense though, right? When you find a girl who makes you feel amazing when you’re with, when you’re around her, you just want to be around her more. That’s just how we work as humans.

I’m sure you’ve heard me say it. You know, it’s coming. Here it comes. People like people who make them feel good. And when she feels safe with you, when she feels protected, when she feels happier and encouraged and all those good things, yeah, she’s going to want to be around you a whole lot more.

Trait #2

Okay. The second thing that helps create this deeper attraction is that she wants to know, she needs to know that you’re going to be a good husband and father. If she’s a loyal girl, cause that’s what we’re talking about is loyal girls. She’s probably looking for a lifelong relationship.Β 

When this happens, a girl is always asking herself, is he going to be a good husband and a good father? This is even true if she’s a little bit older, maybe she already has kids from a previous marriage, she still wants to make sure you’re going to be a good dad. There are simple things that girls notice that, and they’re always trying to pay attention to, because if she sees a red flag, That’s what makes her like, get scared and, and pull away so that you don’t waste your time and she, she doesn’t waste your time.

However, if she sees those green flags, that’s what makes her say, whoa. Wow. This is really good. This is one reason, again, why female insight from a female coach is so powerful. So make sure you watch that free masterclass to get some of my best secrets.

Trait #3

Okay. And the next thing that dramatically impacts that deeper attraction is when she can see that you are a man of integrity.

A girl who is looking for a fling or a girl who’s just looking for a guy to add to the list of guys, you know, whatever, she honestly could not care less about. You, who you are and what you’re about. She couldn’t care less. All that kind of girl cares about is what you can give her. Your personality and who you are in no way matters.

However, a girl who is loyal and soft and tender and loving, she wants to make sure that, that a relationship with you is going to stay intact. She needs to know that her loyalty and her love is going to be safe with you. Basically, she needs to know that you’re a man of integrity. She needs to know that your eyes are not going to wander, that you have compassion, that you are kind and sincere and upright.

Just like you want to know those things about her. Makes sense, huh? Society, and especially the media, are trying to convince people that integrity Just isn’t important at all. Like as a matter of fact, people who have integrity are just a little bit, not really that cool. But I want you to stop and think for a minute when you think about the people, you know, who have a real integrity.

There’s some of the people you respect the most, aren’t they? They’re, they’re the kind of people that if you need something, you know, they’re the one you’re going to go to.

So in reality, someone who has integrity is. It’s the best kind of person. So do you want her to crave your affection? Do you want her to feel safe and protected and sheltered by you? Then make sure you are being a man of integrity.

How Long Does It Take To Attract A Loyal Woman – Next Steps

Thank you so much for watching, my amazing friend. I know this was kind of an unusual video, but I hope you enjoyed it because it was packed with powerful information. And remember, your next step, if you want to, if you need more, you want to, Take your next step and move forward.

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