Married Sex Dispelling Myths and Embracing Intimacy. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hey friend! Ever wondered if true intimacy and sizzling passion can survive the wedding bells? ๐Ÿ’ Let’s bust some myths together!

Discover how marriage, especially Godly unions, unlock the door to the most fulfilling intimacy you’ve ever dreamed of. ๐Ÿš€

Join me now for a revealing dive into love, intimacy, and finding your dream girl. Your love story is just beginning. ๐Ÿ’– Watch now and transform your journey to love!

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Married Sex: Dispelling Myths and Embracing Intimacy

Many individuals harbor deep-seated fears about the prospect of entering into a marriage devoid of love, intimacy, and sexual fulfillment.

Yet most fail to realize that beneath these apprehensions lies a profound truthโ€”one supported by research findings that may surprise you.

Studies unequivocally show that married sex surpasses all other forms of sexual intimacy, including cohabitation arrangements.

Married couples not only engage in more frequent sexual encounters but also report higher levels of satisfaction.

Interestingly, religious couples emerge as frontrunners in experiencing the most gratifying and regular sexual activity, contrary to prevailing misconceptions.

Despite these compelling statistics, society often perpetuates myths that advocate for premarital cohabitation or early sexual involvement as prerequisites for a fulfilling marriage.

The notion that such experiences are essential for fostering intimacy within a marital union is fundamentally flawed.

It’s crucial to differentiate between isolated instances of marital challenges and the broader institution of marriage itself.

Just because a particular marriage may have encountered difficulties in maintaining intimacy does not indicate an inherent flaw in the concept of marriage.

Each relationship is unique, and problems within one should not be generalized to all.

For those who worry that abstaining from premarital sex will hinder intimacy in marriage, rest assured that this fear is unfounded.

On the contrary, saving oneself for marriage can cultivate a profound sense of anticipation and desire that only intensifies over time.

This shared commitment to waiting exclusively for each other can lay the groundwork for an incredibly fulfilling and passionate sexual relationship.

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Video Transcript:

So many people live in fear of getting into a marriage where there’s no love, there’s no intimacy, there’s no sex.

However, what most people are completely unaware of is research shows us that married sex is by far the best sex, including better than people who just live together.

Research shows us that married couples have the most frequent sex and the most satisfying.

And they also show that religious couples in particular have the most satisfying and frequent sex.

That is completely different from what we hear. All these voices of, “Oh, you better live together first,” or, “Oh, you have to sleep with her, or you won’t have any intimacy in your marriage.”

That’s not true at all.

Now, I know some people who are watching this are probably thinking, “Okay, but what about their marriage? They didn’t have any sex in it.”

Or maybe you’ve had a past marriage that had no intimacy. That’s not that there’s a problem with marriage. That was a problem withย thatย marriage.

Don’t group the two together. That’s not how it works.

So if you are someone who has been worried that if you save yourself from marriage it means you’re destined to not have intimacy in your marriage, that’s not the case at all.

As a matter of fact, the two of you have been waiting to share this for a long time, and the desires have only been growing over a long period of time, so it can lead to a very, very exciting sex life, especially when you’ve saved that for just each other.

Now the next question is, “Okay, so how do I find that love?”

What if you’re like, “Amen, sister, I hear you, but I’m still single. I’m still alone. I don’t know why.”

I do know why. That’s why I’m a coach. That’s why I created my Academy for you.

I know what the problem is, I know how to fix it, and I’ve helped so many men fix it fast.

So to start your love journey, to get to that adorable dream girl with consistent and fulfilling sex every night because you’re married to her, go toยย and learn more.

You can have as much intimacy as you want once you’re married.

You need to decide what works for the two of you, but you gotta get to the point where you’re actually married.

I’m going to help you do that. So watch that free masterclass and learn more now.

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