How to Get a Woman to Think About You Non-Stop (3 Proven Ways!) Have you ever wondered how to make a girl think about you all the time? When you are crushing on a gorgeous woman it’s totally normal to want her to like you. In this video we’ll cover how to get a girl to think about you based on science. If you are wanting to know how to get a woman to think about you all the time then sit back and get ready for some powerful tips! Let’s get started now with How to Get a Woman to Think About You Non-Stop (3 Proven Ways!)

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How to Get a Women to Think About You Non-Stop (3 Proven Ways)

Let’s talk about how to get a woman to think about you non-stop. I have 3 proven ways today that I think are going to blow your mind.

What I share with you today is based on science. Which if you are so tired of playing games and still not getting the girl then you are going to be relieved and empowered from what you learn today.

Now I recently did a video on how to make a woman think about you all the time and you guys loved it. I also did another video on the same topic and again you guys loved it so much that I knew I had to do another one for you.

Story Time

So how do you get a woman to think about you non-stop, and ultimately get a girlfriend? Because that’s the desired result, right?

Here’s a quick story to help illustrate this.

I know this guy and he’s awesome and when he was in his sophomore year of college he saw this beautiful woman. She was so gorgeous and he started crushing on her but in his own words, she was always surrounded by like 15 guys.

He started asking himself “How can I stand out? How in the world am I going to get her to agree to a date with me when she can have a date every day of the week?” Have you ever felt that way too?

So he started thinking about it and he came up with a plan. And his plan was genius. He decided “Well, I just have to offer her more value than anybody else and then it’s pretty obvious who she’s going to go out with.”

Now, this is not monetary value, although there’s nothing wrong with monetary value. But what he did is he made sure he had a better offer than any of the other guys.

He had more to offer as a person, in who he was, and also in the time that she spent with him. He made sure that when she went on a date with him she had way more fun than anybody else. Also, he paid more attention to her, was nicer to her, and just more awesome.

Well, who do you think got the girl at the end of the day? He did. They have been happily married for years and have some awesome children.

So the secret to standing out from the crowd and getting a girl to notice you, which is what makes her think about you all the time, is to add more value than anybody else.

If you do that then quite frankly there is no competition.

So is this making sense? He just made sure he had more to offer than anybody else and that’s what got the girl. And the tips I’m about to share with you are going to help you do just that. Sound exciting?

1 – Ask Her Out

Tip number one on how to get a woman to think about you non-stop is to ask her out. Okay, guys, I’ve mentioned before that I get hundreds and thousands of comments. And so often they are saying “Well, I don’t know if she likes me. Dude, ask her out.

Here’s something you need to know about women. Women need to be pursued. I’ve mentioned this before. Pursuing increases the attraction and makes her feel safe.

Basically what she needs is to see some initiative from you. She needs you to pursue her and show interest.

So stalking her on Facebook and texting her once a week, that’s not going to do it. At some point just ask her out.

If you are seeing the signs that she is interested in you then ask her out. 

And you know what that’s going to do? That is going to take the attraction level up dramatically. That is going to make her think about you all the time.

If you want to stand out from the crowd as we talked about earlier one of the best things you can do is make a move.

So many other guys aren’t making a move so if you’re one who does you’re going to stand out.

And what that says to a woman is “Oh, he likes me. He thinks I’m pretty and he wants to spend time with me.” That melts her heart, makes her more attracted to you, and makes her think about you non-stop.

If pursuing a woman makes you nervous be sure to check out this video as it will help you tons.

But dude, ask her out. That is going to make her think about you on repeat.

2 – Have a Growth Mindset

Our second tip on how to make a woman think about you all the time is to have a growth mindset.

What’s a growth mindset? A lot of people don’t know what that means, right?

Basically what that means is you believe that you can improve and you are willing to improve rather than feeling stuck and trapped where you are.

So many of us feel like whatever we’re born with is just how we stay, right? You have a certain appearance and certain skills and certain talents and that’s as good as it gets.

That’s what so many of us have been taught. It’s not fair to us and it’s not right. The truth is, we’re God’s children, we can improve, we can grow, we can progress.

Having a growth mindset is attractive.

There is nothing more boring or less interesting than someone who just stays where they are. She’s not looking for a partner who’s like that.

It’s very important to make sure you are becoming a more and more interesting person. This is insanely attractive. And to women, it’s a deal-breaker.

She wants a guy who has a purpose and drive and who is always working to improve himself. That right there is super, super hot. That is going to make sure you play on her mind on repeat.

Quick question before we keep going. Are you enjoying my videos on how to get a girl to think about you? If you are and you would like me to make more then be sure to comment “YES!” and I will know to do that for you.

3 – Don’t Be Too Eager

Now our next tip is to not be too eager. This can be hard to do especially when you’re infatuated, she’s really cute, and you want to get to know her better. But being too eager pushes people away.

Now again, if you’ve been watching my channel for a while you guys know I never teach you to play games. Ever. Quite frankly they do not work. Not if you are looking for a long-term relationship.

However, being too eager comes across as very desperate and it pushes her away.

Nobody wants to feel like they were just good enough or settled on, right? None of us want to feel like “Oh my goodness, I’m so desperate to find someone and I guess I’ll just take you and make it work with you.” 

Nobody wants to feel like that. We all want to feel special, important, treasured, and valued.

If you come across as too eager you’re either one, going to make her feel super lame because she’s like “Wait, he’s just settling on me?“, two, she’ll feel awkward because she won’t know what to do, or three, it’ll just creep her out and it’s over.

So be careful that you don’t send her millions of texts or nag her or hover around her or try and dominate her time. Being too eager is going to push her away.

One of the things that are going to help you with this is the growth mindset like we just talked about. A growth mindset is really about focusing more on you than desperately trying to get a relationship.

You’re so passionate about building who you are and becoming the person God wants you to be that you’re not obsessed with finding someone else. That is a very healthy place to be.

You’re looking for a relationship but you’re not obsessed.

Another thing that will help is building your confidence. Honestly, if I could only give you one tip it would be to increase your confidence. When you do that everything else falls into place.

This is actually why I teach my clients about confidence so extensively. Confidence is insanely powerful.

If you haven’t yet seen a video I did a couple of weeks ago on how to be confident be sure to check that one out.

So increasing your confidence is going to help you not be too eager. It’s also going to help you play on her mind on repeat because it’s very attractive to have someone pursue her but not be too eager.

4 – Learn From Others

Now I do have a bonus for you real fast. Have you heard that older men are attractive? If you have heard that, it is true.

Many women if not most women prefer men who are older than them.

Now that could be just a few years older than her or for some women, it’s more than that. But women are attracted to men who are older than them. 

Why is that? Well, as women we like to feel safe, we like to feel protected, we like someone very reliable. Women tend to mature earlier than men do and so she’s looking for someone she can count on.

There are some very, very attractive traits of older men. So let yourself be mature. Look to men who are older than you and see their positive traits and start incorporating them and turning those into habits.

Now I know I have a lot of followers on here who are and older and you guys are awesome, I love you, thank you for being here. And I know that sometimes you reach out to me with concerns that you think maybe that’s a weakness.

The truth is, there are things that maybe you’re self-conscious about that are your superpowers. Rock them. There are so many good traits about older men so use that and rock that.

I’m thinking about doing a video on tips and dating tips for men over 50. If that is something you would like me to do soon be sure to comment “OVER 50” and I will know to do that for you ASAP.

What’s Next?

And there you have some incredible tips guys that are backed by science. Can you see how by offering more than the next guy it makes a woman think about you non-stop, crush on you, and ultimately helps you get a girlfriend?

Now you have a couple of ways to do that, but I have an entire guide with ways. Guys, these things are what Christian women want most in a man. Which only stands to reason that if you have those traits you’re gonna be super, super hot.

Click here to check out that guide. It will ask you for your name and your email as soon as you enter that information I will send you this free guide right away.

Trust me, you’re not gonna want to miss it so check out that guide.

Thank you so much for reading my wonderful friend! I want to hear from you in the comments. Would you like more videos on this? If you would, be sure to let me know.

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