5 Hidden Signs a Girl Likes You (She’ll Say This!) Want to know how to know if a girl likes you? These hidden signs are key! Body language signs she likes you are very important to know but it’s just as helpful to know what she’ll say when she likes you. These signs she likes you can be much easier to read. They are a great way to answer the question “how to know if a girl likes me”. If you need to know how to tell if a woman is interested in you starting with what she says is a good move. Are you excited?! Let’s get started then with 5 Hidden Signs a Girl Likes You (She’ll Say This!).

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5 Hidden Signs a Girl Likes You (She’ll Say This!)

Today we’re going to talk about 5 hidden signs a girl likes you. We will be going specifically over certain things that if she says it’s because she likes you. Honestly just knowing these things is super helpful.

I have a bonus tip at the very end of the video that I think is going to surprise you. So make sure you pay close attention to that.

My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for Men and creator of the online course ‘How to Get a Girlfriend’. To get your dream girl the fastest, the quickest, the easiest, be sure to click here to learn more about that. Seriously it is going to blow your mind.

Now let’s talk about how to know if a girl likes you. You may have seen this video that I’ve already done which is 5 Hidden Signs a Girl Likes You, and that one focuses on body language.

And the truth is knowing how to tell if a girl likes you through body language, being able to read a woman’s body language, is super helpful.

Because honestly just knowing those things is one of the best skills you can learn when it comes to dating. However, it can be a little bit tricky at first. Especially if you’re new to trying to tell if a girl likes you.

This is why knowing some of the things women will say that reveal that they like you is super helpful. And it can be a lot easier than reading body language.

So with that in mind, I wanted to tell you some specific things that if a girl says it’s a really good way to tell if she likes you. Sound good? Okay, let’s get started.

1 – She Asks How You’re Still Single

Our first hidden sign that she likes you is if she says something to the effect of “Oh my goodness, how are you still single?

Maybe you do something nice for her or something that she thinks is cute. And if she says something to the effect of “Why are you still single? How in the world are you still single?” It’s because she’s not thinking about you as a friend, okay? She’s just not.

Honestly, that is a very very good sign that she likes you and she thinks you’re cute and she’s noticed you.

2 – She Says You Would Make The Perfect Boyfriend

Our second hidden sign that she likes you is if she says something like “You will make the perfect boyfriend.” or “You would be the perfect boyfriend.

If she says that it’s because she is thinking of you in terms of boyfriend material, okay? She’s thinking about you in terms of being a boyfriend.

And honestly, you don’t do that unless you like someone. So that is a very very good sign that she likes you.

Can you see how these are kind of hidden because they’re easy to overlook? So many guys overlook these things.

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3 – She Suggests Doing Things Together

Now let’s move on to our third a hidden sign that she likes you. And that is if she says something like “Hey we should do that sometime.”

Anytime she is suggesting that you guys do something together that’s her saying “Ask me out!” That’s basically what she’s saying, is she just wants you to ask her out.

So if you notice that she suggests that maybe the two of you should do something together it’s a very very good sign that she likes you, she’s interested, and she wants you to make a move.

4 – She Talks About You In Terms Of ‘We’ Or ‘Us’

Now our fourth hidden sign that she likes you kind of goes hand in hand with our third sign. And that is that she talks about you guys in terms of ‘we’ and ‘us’.

Like “Hey we’re so good at this.” Or “Hey we make the perfect team.” Or “We’ve got this.” Or “We would never do that.

If she’s talking about you guys like you’re a couple it’s because that’s what she wants you to be. She wants you to notice her that way and to see her that way.

And the truth is this is probably something she doesn’t even notice she’s doing. That’s normal. But if you notice that she refers to the two of you as ‘us’ and ‘we’ that’s a very good sign that yeah she likes you.

Again kind of subtle but if you pay attention to it, if she’s doing it, you’ll start noticing it and it’s a very good sign.

5 – She Compliments You

Now the fifth thing many girls say when they like you is any kind of compliment. If you feel like she complements you a lot or at least frequently that is a very good sign that she likes you.

Most of us don’t just like hand out compliments all the time. And so if she’s complimenting you it’s for a reason.

Now one of the reasons I classify this as a hidden sign is sometimes when we think of compliments we think of like obvious compliments, right? Like “Oh my goodness you’re so hot.

I don’t know that many people say that. But that’s kind of what we think when we when we think about compliments. “Oh my goodness you’re so attractive.

But if you pay attention you can pick up on more subtle compliments. Like “Wow you’re really smart.” Or “I always feel so amazing when I’m around you.” Or “You are so good at that.

If you notice these little compliments that is still an amazing sign that she likes you.

This is especially true if she doesn’t know you very well or if she’s shyer then she’s much more likely to leave you or to give you compliments that are much less obvious.

So pay attention because it’s a very good sign that she likes you.

Bonus – She May Not Say Anything

And we are to our bonus hidden sign that she likes you and that is that she may not say anything.

If you saw this video (6 Signs She Likes You) then this isn’t going to surprise you. If you haven’t seen it yet make sure you watch it.

But sometimes we feel like somebody doesn’t like us.

Have you ever been in a situation where you walk over to the girl you think is cute and she’s been laughing, teasing, and joking with people but as soon as you get close it’s like she doesn’t talk anymore, like at all?

If she does talk it’s not to you. And maybe she even kind of avoids eye contact a little bit.

Sometimes it’s easy to feel like “Whoa, does not like me at all.” Right? Have you ever felt that way?

The truth is though if she likes you it’s very common for her to freeze up and freak out. Just like you sometimes freak out when you’re standing in front of someone you think is cute, as women we do that all the time too.

And so when that really cute guy is approaching all of a sudden we forget how to talk and it’s embarrassing and we get nervous and our voice shakes and it’s painful.

So realize that if she doesn’t say anything that’s not necessarily a sign that she doesn’t like you. If she only does that with you it can be a really good sign that she does really like you.

Now if you notice that she’s like rude to you or tries to walk away well then yeah that’s probably not a sign.

But if she stays there and stays nearby, even if she doesn’t talk, that’s a very good sign that she does in fact like you.

So is this making sense? Those are some incredibly good hidden signs that a girl likes you, some things she will say if she is interested in you.

What’s Next?

Now the next question is what do you do next? What do you do when you feel like somebody is interested in you? How do you make the next move?

If you’re struggling with this you need to make sure you check out my course How to Get a Girlfriend.

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