How to Tell Your Crush You Like Them (Foolproof Method!) Need to know how to tell a girl you like her? You’ve come to the right place! If you are wanting to avoid disaster and embarrassment it’s important that you know how to tell your crush you like her the right way. One of the most helpful tools you can learn is how to know if a girl likes you and we’ll be touching on that here too. There are several ways to tell your crush you like them but they aren’t all effective. What you learn here will teach you exactly how to tell your crush you like them which will ultimately help you get a girlfriend. Sound exciting? Let’s get started!

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How to Tell Your Crush You Like Them (Foolproof Method!)

Today’s video and article are on how to tell your crush you like them (foolproof method) I have some steps for you that are seriously crazy effective.

If you’ve been stressing about it and frankly just feel like you have no idea how to tell your crush you like them you need this video.

I also have a bonus tip at the end that you have to know. It’s going to save you so much embarrassment. So make sure you pay close attention to that.

My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men and the creator of the course How to Get a Girlfriend. If you want to make finding your dream girl fast and easy then you want to make sure you check out that course.

Alright so you have this gorgeous gal that you’re crushing on and frankly, you want to tell her that you like her and you’re hoping she likes you too. What do you do?

It can feel kind of paralyzing but don’t worry. One of my favorite sayings ever is “If you are prepared you will not fear.” So by knowing these things you’re not going to have to stress out about it.

I am going to be telling you what to say but we need to start at the beginning. And that comes long before you tell your crush you like them.

There’s a little bit of prep work. So we’re going to do this in three steps. 

That is why I call this my foolproof method because you have to do it in the right steps and then it becomes easy and so much less stressful and a lot more fun.

Step 1 – Make Sure You’re Going Out With Her

So step number one is to make sure you’re going out with her.

I think this kind of started back in school where we just started feeling like anytime we were attracted to someone then we’ve got to tell them we like them.

Oh my goodness you’re crushing on her. Go tell her you like her.” That’s not the first step at all guys.

The first step is to ask her out and get to know her better.

If you just walk up to someone you barely know or someone you’re not dating and say “Hey, I like you.” that is going to set you up to be very vulnerable, it’s going to be embarrassing and awkward.

So make sure that you are going out with her frequently. At this point, you’ve already shown interest by asking her out and she has already shown that she is also interested.

So she knows you’re interested, you know she’s interested, and this helps so much.

Step 2 – Pay Attention To Her Body Language

Step number two is to pay attention to her body language.

I’ve done tons of videos for you guys on how to know if a girl likes you. If you haven’t seen them yet be sure to at least watch this one (6 Signs She Likes You) and this one (Signs a Girl Wants You To Notice Her).

But basically, if you’re not familiar with body language, as humans, when we feel something it is shown in our bodies. It’s something we don’t intend to do it just happens.

Kind of like when you’re nervous you kind of act nervous or when you’re angry people can tell you’re angry. That’s how we react.

By reading the signs that she likes you her body is telling you that she likes you.

So as you are going out with her and getting to know her better look for those signs and pay attention throughout the dating process.

If she is getting more and more interested in you and liking you more and more as you go on these dates you are going to see those body language signs become more obvious, more frequent, and she’ll probably start to show a larger variety of signs.

But if you start to notice that those signs are happening less and less and she’s starting to lose interest, well then that’s a good sign that it’s not going to work, it’s nothing personal, and it’s time to just move on and find someone who is interested.

So basically make sure that you are looking for the signs that she is interested in you. Is that making sense?

If you are seeing those signs that she’s interested and feel pretty confident that she likes you too well then telling her you like her is very natural and very easy.

So now that we’ve kind of set the stage let’s talk about how and what to say.

But before we do that I want to hear from you in the comments. Would you like more videos on asking girls out and how to tell how interested she is in you?

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So you want to make sure you know what is in that guide. Click the link above, it’s free, be sure to check it out.

Step 3 – Tell Her You Like Her

All right so now we are to step three which is where you get to tell your crush you like them.

You’ve already shown interest, you already feel that she’s showing interest, so now stress levels are much lower.

One question I get asked all the time is “How do I know if she’s my girlfriend?” And the honest answer is if you have to ask that question then she is not your girlfriend.

Honestly, if you don’t feel comfortable having that conversation with her, “Hey are we a couple?” then you’re not a couple yet, you’re just dating and getting to know each other.

So make sure you’ve been going out frequently enough and getting to know her well enough to feel comfortable having this conversation.

That does not mean that you’re not gonna be a little bit nervous and have some butterflies and all that stuff, that’s completely normal.

But don’t rush this process guys I cannot stress that enough. Do not rush this process. Take your time and make sure that there’s mutual interest. At that point don’t overthink it.

The truth is all you’re doing is letting her know that you like her and you kind of already know she likes you. So please do not overthink this step.

Each couple is going to be a little bit different in how you want to tell her. So I’m not gonna give you like “Oh here’s the perfect date and the perfect way to do this.”

Because again that’s something you should just kind of know. You should have been dating her long enough at this point to know that.

But if you wanted you could prepare like a really special date that you know will mean a lot to her.

Or if you just feel like the moment just feels right, like her heart is in her eyes so to speak, then you can do it then.

Or even if when you drop her off when you’re taking her home. There isn’t necessarily a perfect moment so do not overthink it.

At that point, it’s quite simple. Just say something like “Wow, I like you and I don’t want to date anyone else. How would you feel about that? What are your thoughts on that?

It’s as simple as that. What just happened to her is “Oh my goodness he just said that he likes me. And he’s pursuing me by saying this, by taking this initiative.

And that is going to mean the world to her.

So it doesn’t have to be super flowery and super complicated just “Hey I like you a lot and I don’t want to date anybody else. What are your thoughts on that?

And then that leaves the door open for her to say “Yeah I’m crushing on you too. I would love that.

And at that point then you’re boyfriend and girlfriend.

Recapping How to Tell Your Crush You Like Them

So does that make sense? I’m just gonna go over the steps for you again really fast.

Step number one is to ask her out and be going on dates with her frequently.

Step number two is to look for the signs that she is interested in you.

As you continue to go out if her attraction for you and her interest in you increases then you’ll see those signs more and more.

And then third make sure you’ve been doing that for a while and then just simply tell her.

Bonus Step – Never Ask Her If She Likes You

And with that are you ready for your bonus tip? This is one of the biggest mistakes that a lot of guys make so please please avoid ever doing this.

Never ask her if she likes you. Always start by telling her that you like her.

Especially when you do all the steps I’ve shared with you this is how you have success.

I mentioned this in past videos. Women need to feel pursued. And when a man pursues her the attraction grows and she crushes on him like crazy.

But if he just comes up to her and says “Hey do you like me?” then it kind of feels like she’s in like kindergarten again and it just doesn’t leave a good impression.

She wants you to pursue and to step out as the man and tell her “I like you.” And then that leaves her open to say “Oh my goodness I like you too.

So promise me right now you will never ask her, that you will always tell her first.

What’s Next?

Quick question for you. Would you like to know how to make dating and relationships super easy and frankly super fun?

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Thank you so much again my amazing friend and have an amazing day.

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