10 Psychological Tricks To Get Her To Like You! “How to Make a Girl Attracted to Me?” Have you been wondering how to get a girl to like you? These tips are what you need! The truth is it’s not hard to get a girl to like you as long as you know what to do. I call these psychological tricks but they really aren’t tricks at all. This is how to get a girl to like you based on science. That is why it works! Now knowing how to attract a girl and how to make a girl attracted to you is easy. Ready to get started? Here we go with 10 Psychological Tricks to Get Her to Like YOU!

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10 Psychological Tricks To Get Her To Like You

Today’s article is on 10 psychological tricks to get her to like you.

If you’ve been asking how to make a girl attracted to you then this article is your answer. So get ready to be surprised by just how simple it is.

Honestly, I think the last tip I have for you is the most important so pay close attention to that.

My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men and creator of the course How to Get a Girlfriend. If you would like to get your dream girl the easiest and the fastest be sure to check out that course.

Now as I mentioned the topic of this video is ten psychological tricks to get her to like you.

If you’ve been following my channel for a while you guys know that I do not teach you tricks. I teach you science.

The reason I use the word tricks in this case though is that it kind of feels like a trick because it’s so simple and so crazy effective.

It’s not a trick, it’s based on science, it just works, but it’s so crazy effective that it does kind of feel like a trick.

The reason being when you know the right things and when you know how to do it the right way, dating and relationships and attraction are easy and are simple.

Does that make sense? That’s kind of why I decided to use the word trick even though it’s a little uncharacteristic.

The good news is it’s way better than a trick because it’s just based on science and works. With that are you ready to get started?

Trick 1 – Do Nice Things For Her

Number one is to do nice things for her.

Now I know what a lot of you are thinking. “Nice guys always finish last.” That is not true.

If that is something you have felt or experienced or been taught you need to make sure you watch this video (What Women Really Want). It will help you understand why and what you can do to fix that.

The truth is if you want to get the girl you need to stand out from the crowd. And one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd is to be nice to her.

Especially in a world where so many guys play aloof and hard-to-get and all that stuff.

As humans, we like to be treated nicely, right? That’s attractive.

Especially because if you are trying to attract a Christian woman she is ultimately looking for a husband. And so she’s asking herself “Would I want to spend my life with this man?

And if he’s kind then the answer is a total yes. So just do nice things for her.

I don’t mean to let her walk on you. Toxic women do that, that’s a whole other story, we’re not getting into that with this video.

But doing nice things for a woman is one way to make her fall crazy in love with you, to stand out from the crowd, and just melt her heart.

Just like you like it when people do nice things for you she likes it when cute guys do nice things for her.

Trick 2 – Flirt With Her

Number two is to flirt with her. Flirting is one of the best skills you can learn. It makes dating so fun, am I right? It makes it so much more enjoyable and more exciting.

When you flirt it makes her feel really good and really feminine and really attractive. Which naturally attracts her to you more.

Now a lot of people feel awkward or out of their element when it comes to flirting. And the reason is they simply haven’t been taught how to flirt the right way.

When you know the right way to flirt flirting is super easy and super fun.

If you feel awkward flirting that is something I cover with my course so be sure to check out this link to learn more about that.

Trick 3 – Look Into Her Eyes

Number three is to look into her eyes. Seriously there’s so much research that shows and proves that there’s something special about making eye contact with someone. It builds attraction dramatically.

Seriously if you want to stand out from the crowd and attract her make eye contact. Look into her eyes.

Trick 4 – Wear The Color Red

Number four might surprise you a little bit. It sounds kind of random but it’s crazy effective.

Number four is to wear the color red. For whatever reason women are drawn to and attracted to men who wear red.

Now some of you are probably thinking “What if I don’t look good in red?” This is something that everybody faces, okay? You are not the only one.

Everyone depending on your skin tone etc, we all have certain shades that look good on us and certain shades that don’t.

For instance, I have one red shirt that I can put on and feel incredibly attractive in. I have another one that I bought online. I tried it on, I looked in the mirror and I was like “I look terrible.”

And I thought maybe it was just me so I put it away for a few days, tried it on again later and I was like “Yeah I still look terrible.

So I gave the shirt away. Put the other red shirt on and bam I feel super confident and attractive.

So if you feel like maybe you don’t look good in red just try different shades of red. That is key.

Trick 5 – Be Assertive

Number five is to be assertive.

Would you like to wow her? If you would then learn how to be assertive. That is how you stand out from the crowd.

The truth is someone assertive is very hard to find these days, but it is so powerful that’s why I stress it so much with my clients.

If you want her to see you as masculine and attractive, if you want her to feel safe with you, make sure you are assertive.

This will make her see you as a man which is obviously what you want, right? But not only that you will feel amazing which you deserve.

Quick question before we move on to number six. Would you like more videos with tips on how to get a girl to like you? If you would be sure to comment “YES!” in the comments below.

And I wanted to mention real fast if you haven’t yet downloaded my guide 17 Traits Christian Women Want Most in a Man, guys you need to know what’s in that guide. It’s an incredible resource.

Check out that link and I will send you this free guide.

Trick 6 – Ask Her Questions About Herself

Number six is to ask her questions about herself. This sounds so simple but it’s insanely powerful guys. This is a really good way to make her feel relaxed.

When people ask us questions about ourselves we know the answers to them, right? We just do.

It also makes her feel important and needed, it makes her feel interesting, which we all want. We want to be with people who make us feel that way.

So asking her questions about herself is an amazing tool and an amazing trick.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions that may feel a little bit random. As long as they’re like light-hearted and fun it’s going to be cute to her and fun for her.

Trick 7 – Be Charming

Number seven is to be charming. We have all heard of Prince Charming, right? Most girls grew up wanting her very own Prince Charming. That hasn’t gone away.

Even as an adult deep down she still wants Prince Charming.

Being a charming person is one of the best ways to be what I like to call attractive by default. It makes you a magnet for the type of woman you are wanting.

When you are charming your default setting is attractive.

Trick 8 – Have Hobbies And Interests

Number eight is to have hobbies and interests.

Boring people are boring. It makes sense, right? They’re not interesting, they’re not attractive.

Someone however who has interests and who is driven and who has passions and who’s adding to the world, that kind of person is fascinating. They are irresistible. People want to be around people like that.

So making sure that you have interests and hobbies and things you are proactively doing that is an amazing way to be incredibly attractive.

To women in particular this is a trait that is a deal-breaker. It will make you unforgettable and irresistible.

Trick 9 – Show Your Interest

Number nine is to show your interest.

As women, we need to be pursued. Period, end of discussion. I don’t care what anybody says about the time and age we live in.

Guys, God created women to need to be pursued.

So if you want to stand out from the crowd, if you want to be her hero, if you want her to see you as a man, you need to man up and you need to pursue her.

I have a lot of you ask “Okay how in the world do I pursue her?” Because you need to make sure you do it the right way or it will not go well, right?

That is something I cover in my course How to Get a Girlfriend. Again check out that link guys.

If you want her to see you as a man you need to act like one. And one of the main ways you do that is by pursuing her.

So show her that you are interested in her. Pursue her. That right there sets you apart from the crowd and builds attraction like you would not believe.

Trick 10 – Confidence

Now, this tip is maybe the most powerful and the most important so make sure you pay close attention.

Confidence. One of the best things you can do is to be confident.

If you came to me and you said “Okay what is the one thing I can do that will help me get my dream girl the very quickest?” I would walk you through how to become confident.

This is why I spend so much time teaching about confidence and the easy ways to become confident in my course. Confidence is another trait that is attractive by default.

Think about the people who you admire the most and who you enjoy being with the most. They’re probably confident people. As humans, we are just drawn to those people.

And as a woman when she meets a man who’s confident he’s irresistible. He just is. Confidence is something every woman wants in her man.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be hard. Again once you know the right things and you have the right strategy it becomes very very simple.

So again be sure to check out my course How to Get a Girlfriend.

The truth is I used to really struggle with confidence and as soon as I cracked the code I had to share it with everyone because I know the pain of not feeling confident.

So be sure to check out that link. Seriously it is going to help you get the girl of your dreams so much faster.

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