How To Know If A Girl Likes You Or Is Just Being Nice! Is she flirting or just being nice? Knowing the answer will save you some REAL embarrassment, right? Knowing the hidden signs a girl likes you is key but there is actually much more than that. Knowing how to tell if a girl likes you is easy though once you know the tips I teach you in this video. Another exciting thing to point out is knowing how to get a girlfriend becomes much easier when you know if a girl likes you or is just friendly. Does that make sense? Let’s get started with How to Know if a Girl Likes You (OR is Just Being Nice)!

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How To Know If A Girl Likes You Or If She’s Just Being Nice

Today’s video and article are on how to know if a girl likes you or if she’s just being nice.

You probably agree that being able to tell if she likes you or if she’s just being nice is the difference between being super embarrassed and super heartbroken and getting the girl of your dreams, right?

The last thing you want is for her to be interested and for you not to know, so to completely miss out on getting to know her better or to think she’s interested and have her not be.

Don’t worry I have five tips for you today that are going to teach you exactly how to know if she is interested or if she is just being friendly or nice.

I also have a bonus tip at the end that is a huge lifesaver. Seriously it’s going to save you so much heartache so make sure you watch to the end.

My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men and creator of the program How to Get a Girlfriend. My specialty is helping amazing men get the girl of your dreams.

A couple of days ago I asked you guys on social media what you find most confusing about women.

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Honestly thank you guys for answering that. It helps me as I’m getting ready to create more content.

And by far the question you guys asked the very most is: how do you know if she likes you? How do you know she’s interested? How do you know she’s just being nice? How do you know if you should make a move?

So that is why I created this video today. As soon as you know these things the whole process becomes so much easier and a lot more fun.

Are you ready to know how to tell if a girl likes you or if she’s just being nice? Let’s get started.

Tip 1 – Read Her Body language

Tip number one is to read her body language.

Body language is one of the best tools you can get when it comes to dating and relationships. The reason that being able to read somebody’s body language is so effective is that our bodies don’t lie.

Even if she is trying to hide that she is interested or if she’s shy or maybe if you’re in a work environment and she’s trying to play it cool our bodies don’t lie.

And so because she doesn’t know she’s doing it when you know how to read those signs they tell you loud and clear if she is interested.

You may have seen this video (5 Hidden Signs A Girl Likes You). The truth is just knowing these little signs, these little things we do with our bodies, are a huge huge lifesaver that helps you know if she’s interested.

Her body doesn’t lie. So if you’re paying attention that is one of the key things you can do to know if she likes you.

Tip 2 – Are You The Exception?

Tip number two. Once you know some of the signs that she’s interested in you, some of the body language signs to look out for, pay close attention to how she interacts with other men as well.

Are you the exception? That is the question you need to ask yourself. Does she only show those signs to you or does she show them to many men or all men?

This is one of the main ways to know if she is interested in you or if she’s just a friendly person or if she’s just a flirty person.

Let’s say for instance you have learned to read the sign that she will lock eyes with you and look away and down. That is a very good sign that she’s interested.

But you happen to notice that she does that with all guys. Well, then that’s not necessarily a sign she’s interested in you. She may just be a flirt who likes attention or it may just be a habit that she has.

But if instead, you notice she only does that with you well then yes that’s a very good sign that she is interested in you.

A Quick Question

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Tip 3 – Notice A Lot Of Signs

Tip number three is to notice a lot of signs. Guys, you can’t just learn a handful of signs and think “Hey I saw one of them, she loves me.” You have to make sure you’re seeing many signs.

This is a really good way to make sure that she is interested. Each woman is a little bit different. Not every woman does every sign. So it’s important to know a lot of signs and look for a lot of signs.

That way instead of it just being “Hey I saw a sign or two, I’m just gonna risk it.” it’s “Wow I’m seeing a lot of signs and I can feel confident that she is interested.

The more you know, the better, and look for as many signs as you can see.

Tip 4 – Notice How Frequently You See Her Signs

Tip number four is to notice how frequently you see the signs.

Again with the example above where she may lock eyes with you and look down and away if you only see that once then that’s not a good sign that she’s interested. It may have just happened.

But if instead, you notice that she does it all the time when you’re around, and again especially if you’re the only one she does that with, yes that is a very good sign that you are seeing a sign that she is interested in you.

The more frequently you see signs the more confident you can feel that she is interested.

Tip 5 – Increase Your Confidence

Now we are to tip number five. And guys this is the one I want to stress the most. This is the one that most guys miss.

And just missing this one thing is literally what keeps so many guys from being with the girl who’s interested in them, from being with their dream girl. So pay close attention.

Increase your confidence.

One of the main things I see keep awesome guys from getting that dream girl is not having the confidence to see that she’s interested in you.

So she can be showing signs all day long that she’s interested, and this happens a lot, but the guy isn’t confident enough to see it as a sign.

And so he instead keeps putting it off and putting it off and putting it off and “I just don’t know if she’s interested. I don’t know if I should ask her out.

And you know what? She moves on. Because that’s what women do. She thinks “Wow he’s not interested in me.” And then she’s hurt and she moves on.

So it’s very important to increase your confidence and be able to pursue her be able to see “Yes she is interested in me.” and be willing to make a move. Because if you never make a move she’s going to move on.

Increasing your confidence is key to getting the girl of your dreams.

Bonus Tip – Learn What To Do Next

Now to our bonus tip. And this honestly is one thing that is going to increase your confidence so pay very close attention.

Learn what to do next. Learn the strategy to get the girl of your dreams that works.

One of the best ways to increase your confidence is to increase your competence.

When you know exactly what to say, exactly how to approach her, exactly how to handle the entire dating process, well then you’re confident.

Because when you’re when you are prepared you have no reason to fear, right? You just know what to do. You don’t feel awkward, you don’t feel nervous.

So one of the best things you can do to get the girl of your dreams and to be able to tell if she’s interested in you and make a move is to have the strategy that works.

Now as I mentioned I teach you that strategy in my program How to Get a Girlfriend. And you can sign up for a free preview and get three paid lessons totally for free.

The truth is you just deserve to know exactly how to do this. And if you have been struggling to notice if she likes you and been struggling to get her then everything you need is in that program.

Honestly, I have seen it do so many incredible things for other men. I would love for you to be next. So check out that link above.

Thank you so much again for reading my wonderful friend! I want to hear from you in the comments. Which of these tips did you find the most helpful?

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If we’re not yet friends on social media check out the links for that in the description below. Thank you so much again my amazing friend and have an amazing day.

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