5 Signs She Wants You To Talk To Her (Do Not Miss This!) This Is Exactly When To Approach Girls. If you want to know how to get a girlfriend you need to know how to talk to girls, how to flirt with a girl and when to approach a girl. In this video I’ll be showing you signs a girl wants you to approach and what to do when a girl looks at you. As an added bonus these are also body language signs a girl likes you. Honestly, when you see these signs THIS is exactly when to approach girls. Pretty powerful stuff to know, right? Let’s get started with 5 Signs She Wants You to Talk to Her!

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5 Signs She Wants You To Talk To Her

Today’s video is on 5 signs she wants you to talk to her. Do not miss these guys. Seriously this is exactly when to approach girls.

Knowing this and knowing these signs is the difference between approaching a girl and having it go well and nailing it or tanking and having it be super awkward, embarrassing, and hurtful.

Let’s face it rejection hurts, right? In this article, I’m going to be going over what you need to know to avoid that because avoiding that is good, right?

And the last sign I’m going to be sharing with you is the most powerful. This one seriously is insanely powerful but so many men struggle reading this sign so pay very close attention to it. Because like I said it’s crazy effective.

My name is Melannie. I’m a Christian dating coach for men and creator of the program How to Get a Girlfriend.

Have you ever noticed that some guys just seem amazing with women? They just always seem to impress them.

And have you ever felt like maybe you’re the exception and wondered “What in the world is wrong with me? Why do these guys have it and I just don’t?

A really good way to look at it is kind of like a magic trick. The whole point of a magic trick is we feel like one thing is going on but actually, another thing is going on altogether, right?

A magician is very good at getting you to look at one thing when in reality they’re doing something else entirely. This is actually what it’s like with the guys who are good with girls.

These guys may look like “Oh maybe they’re just rockstars and maybe I’m just not.” That’s not what’s going on though.

What’s going on is these guys know how to read women’s body language. A woman will tell you what she wants from you if you know how to read the signs. And the truth is she doesn’t even know she’s doing this.

That’s the thing about body language is it’s something we just do without even meaning to.

But the guys who know how to read that are the guys who get the girl. The guys who don’t know how to read them are the guys who get rejected.

And that is the power of knowing these things so you can avoid all of that rejection. Is this making sense?

So the truth is it’s no magic trick it’s just the power of women’s body language and being able to read it.

So with that let’s get started with five signs she wants you to talk to her. Are you excited? I’m excited.

Sign 1 – She Looks At You While Doing Something Else

Sign number one is that she looks at you while talking to other people or doing other things.

The truth is if you notice she’s looking at you a lot that’s honestly just a pretty good sign but especially if she’s doing something else but is looking at you.

For instance, as a woman, I can be talking to my friends over here and keep glancing at you. And I can be working on something or doing something and keep glancing at you.

What that means is yeah she’s talking and she’s doing important things but she’s thinking about you because she wants you to talk to her.

This is especially true if she’s doing something like talking to her friends. That’s a pretty important thing. Her friends are important to her. They matter to her.

So if you are so important that you’re distracting her attention from her friends that’s because she’s thinking about you and wants you to talk to her.

Sign 2 – How She Looks At You

Now our second sign is very similar to the first one. And this is how she looks at you.

When a woman is interested in you there’s this thing that we just do as women, it’s just the way God made us. She will look at you, catch your eye, and look away and do like a little chin tuck.

It’s just what we do and it’s like “Oh wow he’s really cute.” Some women will hold your gaze for a while and then do the chin tuck.

Some women, especially if she’s shyer or doesn’t know you very well, she’ll just go straight into the chin tuck.

Especially if she’s smiling guys that is a huge sign that “Oh wow he’s really cute and I want him to talk to me.

Especially if you noticed this three to five times in the same setting she is like begging you to come over and talk to her. She is interested and she wants to get to know you better.

A Quick Question

Quick question before we move on to sign number three. Would you like more videos on how to talk to women and how to approach women? If you would be sure to comment “YES!” so I know to do that for you.

I also wanted to mention real fast guys I’ve already told you that these signs are incredibly important and I think you can see the value in them, right?

However, it is equally as important if not more important to know what to do next.

The truth is if you see these signs that she wants to talk to you, all that means is she’s interested and wants to get to know you better.

It does not mean she loves you and it does not mean she wants to be your girlfriend yet.

There’s the potential for that. But here’s the critical part so pay close attention. You can still mess it up at this point, okay? This happens all the time.

It is completely possible to read these signs, to walk up to her and approach her and start talking to her and have it go terrible and have it completely tank.

This happens all the time. And here’s why: if you’ve been following my channel for a while you know I always teach from a Christian perspective, backed by science.

And the science is as humans we are programmed, God made us this way, we are programmed to avoid pain.

And talking to someone when the approach is bad and it feels awkward, that’s painful to her.

She feels bad for you, she feels awkward, she doesn’t know what to say, she doesn’t know what to do, she panics, and she gets out of it because we are programmed to avoid pain.

So if your approach isn’t right and if you don’t know how to talk to her the right way, you don’t know how to flirt with her the right way, it’s going to tank. It just is.

This is why it is so important to have the right strategy, to have the strategy that works, to know how to approach her, to know how to talk to her, to know how to flirt with her.

This is exactly what I teach in my program How to Get a Girlfriend. This is your step by step guide to getting the girl of your dreams.

This may sound a little bit crazy but I’m giving you three paid lessons totally for free guys. No credit card required.

This is a fabulous way to have a sneak peek at my paid content and to be able to learn the skills you need to get the girl of your dreams. So click the link above to take this for a test drive.

This is how you avoid settling and avoid heartache and avoid rejection and instead get the girl of your dreams. So check out that link. Honestly, it is going to rock your world.

Sign 3 – She Will Conveniently Be Where You Are

And are you ready for sign number three that she wants to talk to you? This is that she will conveniently find ways to be where you are.

If a girl wants to talk to you then she is going to try and find ways to make it as easy as possible for you to talk to her, for you to approach her.

Because as women, this is the way God made us, we need to be pursued. And as a man, you need to do the pursuing.

That’s what a healthy relationship is. It does things for you, it does things for her.

So if she’s a real woman and if she respects you as a man she is going to allow you the opportunity to pursue her. But she’s going to make it as easy as possible for you to do that.

So she’ll just happen to be where you are. Let’s say you’re at the snack table getting a cookie. She’ll just conveniently be like right there and you know be making that eye contact if she can work up the courage to.

Or maybe if she’ll be at the water cooler when you’re at the water cooler. Whatever it is, if you happen to notice she’s like always there, well yeah that’s because she wants to talk to you.

Sign 4 – She Preens When You Are Around

Our fourth sign that she wants you to talk to her is that you notice she does a lot of preening when you are around.

Even potentially while she’s like looking at you and looking away.

She may play with her hair a lot when you are around, she may be fixing her hair a lot, she may play with her jewelry a little bit, her necklace, earrings, whatever it is.

If you notice that she’s always trying to look super nice well there’s a reason she wants to look super nice.

And again this is especially true if you notice she does this while looking at you or glancing at you or doing the little chin tuck.

Sign 5 – Notice Her Feet

Now we are to our fifth sign and like I mentioned guys this one is probably the most powerful. But it can be hard to notice so pay close attention.

A person’s feet tell us what is on their mind. I know that sounds weird but it is true.

Again the whole point of body language and what makes body language so powerful is we don’t know we’re doing it. And our feet tend to point where we want to go.

So if we’re like talking to someone we don’t want to talk to our feet will be pointing away from them and our body will be pointing away from them.

The same thing is true is if we need to go in a certain direction but we’re in the middle of a conversation, our body will be pointed at where we need to go.

This means if her mind is on you her body and her feet are going to be pointed at you.

So again let’s say she’s talking to her friends but you happen to notice her feet are pointed at you. Or maybe even her whole body is towards you and only her head is pointed at her friends.

That is an incredibly good indicator that she is thinking about you, her attention is on you because she wants you to approach her, she wants you to talk to her.

Even if someone is trying to not be obvious about their interest, they’re trying to kind of play it cool and not be super obvious, our bodies don’t lie and so she will still be pointed at you.

Now, this is especially true of our dominant foot. Sometimes our non-dominant foot will not be pointed at someone but our dominant foot will be.

But it’s hard to know what her dominant foot is, right? Well here’s the hack, here is the secret.

Usually, our dominant foot is the same as our dominant hand. So it’s pretty safe to assume that it is her right foot. Again pay attention to her right foot.

Unless you happen to know that she’s left-handed then in that case it’s pretty safe to assume it is her left foot.

So especially if you notice her right foot is pointed at you that’s a huge indicator that her mind is on you, she wants you to approach her, she wants you to talk to her.

What’s Next?

There you have the most important signs to be able to tell if she wants you to approach her.

But like I said earlier guys being able to nail it after that is critical. Otherwise, you read those signs and then messed it up.

Seriously this happens all the time simply because good guys don’t know the right strategy.

And the truth is if you have struggled knowing if you should approach a woman in the past well then your approach needs some work too.

I give you all this and so much more in my program How to Get a Girlfriend.

Seriously I created this course so you could avoid heartache. I created this course so you could stop being rejected, so you don’t have to settle, and so that you just knew exactly what works.

The Christian-based and science-backed ways to get that dream girl and to have that special someone.

Again you can get three paid lessons totally for free, no credit card required, and test it out and get a sneak peek at what my paid content is.

Check out that link and take it for a test drive right now.

I have guys tell me every single day that because of what I teach they now have a girlfriend, that they see results, that dating is now fun. And honestly, I would love it if you were next. So check out that link right now.

Thank you so much again for watching my amazing friend! Do you have a friend who struggles approaching women and struggles to know if she is interested and wants him to talk to her?

If you do share this with him. Sharing is caring. Friends do not let friends struggle in relationships so be sure to give it a share.

I would like to hear from you in the comments. Would you like more videos like this one? If you would be sure to let me know.

Honestly, it helps me so much to know what you guys would like to see and I do my best to make those videos as quickly as I can.

If we are not yet friends on social media we need to be. Check out the links for that above this article. I share some incredible tips over there that I know you’re going to love.

Thank you so much again my amazing friend and have an amazing day!

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